9 Best Ukuleles Under $200 2023

Best Ukuleles Under $200

Your budget is no more than $200. Thankfully, you can get a great sounding, great looking ukulele at that price.

Below I share some of the best ukes within that budget; some which will leave you with plenty of change, others that will max out every cent.

So read on for the best ukuleles you can buy for under $200.

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Concert Vs Tenor Ukuleles, What’s the Difference?

Concert Vs Tenor Ukuleles, What’s the Difference

For those new to the world of ukuleles, the idea of different types of ukuleles can seem like a complete mystery. With several sizes, keys, and strings thrown at you, it can be challenging to figure out.

This quick guide will cover concert and tenor ukuleles and the primary differences between the two types. We will also answer a few frequently asked questions regarding these two instruments and how they get played.

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6 Best Aklot Ukuleles 2023

Best Aklot Ukuleles

So you want an Aklot ukulele. I don’t blame you. While they’ve only been making ukes since 2012, they make many beautiful pieces.

Below we’re going to showcase their best. So go ahead, check out the best Aklot ukuleles and take your pick.

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9 Best Cheap Ukuleles 2023

Best Cheap Ukuleles

Want a ukulele but on a budget? Well great news, ukuleles are much cheaper than most other stringed instruments.

Cheap doesn’t have to mean poor quality though. While you won’t get the same build quality as on the more expensive ukuleles, you’ll still find plenty of good ukuleles in this price range.

Below we round up the best cheap ukuleles out there.

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7 Best Left-Handed Ukuleles 2023

Best Left-Handed Ukuleles

For left-handed musicians, the music world can feel very one-sided. Stringed instruments, for example, are typically designed for right-handed people.

Even a notoriously user-friendly instrument like the ukulele can be cumbersome to learn for left-handers. Luckily, there are ukuleles for lefties that make the process much simpler.

Below you will find our top left-handed ukuleles, along with some helpful info on what to look for in a left-handed ukulele. I’ve also included a list of friendly brands for left-handed players.

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Lohanu Ukulele Review 2023

Lohanu Ukulele Review

Lohanu is a popular name within many ukulele circles. But which is the best of their models?

This is what we explore today. Read on to compare Lohanu ukuleles, what to look for in them and more.

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19 Best Ukulele Apps 2023

Best Ukulele Apps

Apps have enhanced many aspects of our lives, including the way we learn and play ukulele. As you’re no doubt aware, there are many uke based apps for both Apple and Android devices.

But are they any good?

We’ve scoured the market and tried a bunch, to bring to you the best ukulele apps out there! From tuners, to study materials, to tabs; we’ve got them all. You’ll likely want to download and try a few to see which you enjoy the most.

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9 Best Ukulele Brands 2023

Best Ukulele Brands

While many brands create great ukuleles, there are some brands that just stand out more than others. Sometimes it’s because the sheer amount of good quality ukes they make. Other times it’s because they create a ukulele so far superior to their competitors.

In this article, you will learn what differentiates the top ukulele brands, which ones to avoid, and what models are best for you.

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