6 Best Aklot Ukuleles 2024

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So you want an Aklot ukulele. I don’t blame you. While they’ve only been making ukes since 2012, they make many beautiful pieces.

Below we’re going to showcase their best. So go ahead, check out the best Aklot ukuleles and take your pick.

Concert Ukulele AKC23 Best Overall

Concert Ukulele AKC23

First up is the Aklot AKC23 Concert Ukulele (Check the price on Amazon). The Aklot AKC23 is a fantastic ukulele for beginners players. Its solid mahogany design gives it a warm, clean, and pure sound that will only improve as the wood ages.

This 23-inch concert ukulele has well-spaced, smooth frets making it easy to use for any beginner or child. The smooth frets also offer protection against scratches when changing notes. This ukulele features strings crafted from Italian nylon, and it’s made with 18:1 copper gear tuning pegs to provide the cleanest tuning experience so you can find that perfect sound.

This ukulele doesn’t lack comfort, either. Its solid wood design allows the body to have smooth rounded edges, making the whole experience comfortable. This ukulele gives the user a high-end instrument experience for an affordable beginner package price.

This ukulele comes with everything needed to start playing today, including:

  • Two guitar picks
  • One Aklot tuner
  • An extra set of strings
  • One over-the-shoulder strap
  • One how-to-use manual for beginners
  • One free online lesson
  • One gig bag
  • One AKC23 Concert Ukulele

The AKC23 also comes in soprano and tenor sizes.

Solid Acacia Ukulele – Premium Option

Solid Acacia Ukulele

Another beautiful beginner ukulele is Aklot’s Solid Acacia Ukulele (Check the price on Amazon). This ukulele is crafted from solid acacia wood, giving it a stunning wood grain appearance and a beautiful, high-toned sound.

This ukulele features a similar design to the mahogany and bamboo styles. However, this ukulele features carbon strings instead of Aquila. And this ukulele does not have the same copper gear tuning the other two have. This ukulele has 18:1 sealed tuner pegs and a low-action string design.

The solid acacia ukulele also features rounded sides for more comfortable playing and no-scratch smooth frets. This ukulele also has a bull bone nut & saddle to provide the most natural sounds possible.

This ukulele also comes with a few accessories, including:

  • One humidifier
  • One Aklot ukulele tuner
  • 3 picks
  • One over-the-Shoulder strap
  • One padded gig bag
  • One Solid Acacia Ukulele

Solid Bamboo Concert Ukulele AKBC23

Solid Bamboo Concert Ukulele AKBC23

If you’re interested in a more eco-friendly instrument design, you may want to consider Aklot’s AKBC23 Solid Bamboo Ukulele (Check the price on Amazon). This ukulele is very similar to Aklot’s solid mahogany concert ukulele. However, this version comes crafted in a beautiful solid bamboo design instead of mahogany.

Like its mahogany brother, this ukulele is 23-inches and features an 18:1 copper gear tuning system. This ukulele features a low-action design to make playing the most comfortable experience possible.

This ukulele also features a bull bone nut & saddle and Aquila strings, meant to give it the best possible sound.

The bamboo design allows for a cleaner, brighter sound when playing this ukulele. Bamboo is also much sturdier than most woods, guaranteeing you years of enjoyment from this affordable beginner ukulele.

This ukulele also comes with a few accessories, including:

  • One Aklot ukulele tuner
  • One over-the-shoulder strap
  • Five picks
  • One padded gig bag
  • One Solid Bamboo Ukulele

The solid bamboo ukulele also comes in a 26-inch tenor size.

Tenor 8-String Ukulele

Tenor 8-String Ukulele

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, you might try looking at the Aklot Tenor 8-String Ukulele (Check the price on Amazon). This ukulele may be better for advanced players because of its 8-string design. Beginners may find it more challenging to learn. Tenor ukuleles are also slightly larger than concert ukuleles measuring 26 inches instead of 23.

The double string design aims to make the note play more clearly and give the instrument an overall better sound. Its body is beautifully crafted from walnut wood and includes Aquila strings for that all-natural sound we love. Tenor ukuleles will have a warmer and richer sound than concerts.

It features 18:1 copper gear tuning pegs to help achieve the perfect tuning sound. This ukulele also features a smooth fret and rounded edge design like other Aklot ukuleles to provide the user with a scratch-free and comfortable playing experience.

This ukulele also features an adjustable action level. Just use the included Allen wrench. You can also adjust the bend of the neck to your liking this way. Turn it clockwise to tilt the neck back and counter-clockwise to tilt it forward.

This ukulele also comes with accessories, including:

  • Five picks
  • One Allen Wrench
  • One over-the-shoulder strap
  • An extra set of strings
  • One padded gig bag
  • One Tenor 8-String Ukulele

Tenor Acoustic-Electric Ukulele AKET26

Tenor Acoustic-Electric Ukulele AKET26

If you’d like to plug into an amp while you play, you may want to consider Aklot’s AKET26 Tenor Acoustic-Electric Ukulele (Check the price on Amazon). This ukulele features a triple band (bass, middle, treble) preamp installation allowing the user to plug into any amp with a mono audio cable.

This solid mahogany electric ukulele features Aklot’s unique 18:1 copper gear tuning system with Aquila strings to lock in that natural sound even when connected to an amp. This ukulele also features a lower-action string design to provide the cleanest sound while plugged in. And you should have no problems with buzzing or scratching due to its smooth fret design.

The tenor electric ukulele is a fantastic beginner instrument for those who want an acoustic and electric experience. You can play this ukulele without headphones or an amp and still achieve that beautiful natural sound.

This ukulele comes with quite a few accessories to help get you started, including:

  • Two guitar picks
  • One Aklot tuner
  • An extra set of strings
  • One over-the-shoulder Strap
  • One how-to-use manual for beginners
  • One free online lesson
  • One gig bag
  • One Tenor Acoustic-Electric ukulele

The acoustic-electric ukulele also comes in soprano and concert sizes.

Fretless Electric Bass Ukulele

Fretless Electric Bass Ukulele

If you want something a little different from the standard ukulele, you might want to consider looking at Alkot’s Electric Bass Ukulele (Check the price on Amazon). This beautiful blackwood bass ukulele features a built-in equalizer and volume control, intended to help you adjust between bass, middle, and treble easily.

Unlike the other ukuleles we’ve discussed, this one features a unique fretless fingerboard design. The fretless fingerboard aims to give you more control over the notes while playing without any worries of scratches.

This ukulele has a naturally lower-action string design. However, like the 8-string, the neck is adjustable with the included Allen wrench. You can adjust the action this way as well. The low-action should not be a problem, though. The fretless design of this ukulele ensures you should hear no buzzing and have no scratching.

Adding bass to your songs can create another dimension of sound when played with other instruments or in a band. This bass ukulele is a fantastic way to add some low tones to your musical journey.

This ukulele also comes with a couple of accessories, including:

  • 1 over-the-shoulder strap
  • 1 Allen wrench
  • 1 padded gig bag
  • 1 Electric Bass Ukulele

The electric bass ukulele also comes in a fretted and double-necked version.

What To Look For In An Aklot Ukulele

There are a few things to consider when searching for a new Aklot ukulele. For the ukulele, there are just a few things that really make a difference in the quality of your experiences, such as its size, price, quality of the material, and the action setup.


Ukuleles come in four different size options: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. Why does this matter? Each size instrument sounds a little bit different. Each one will sound warmer and lighter than the previous one.

The size also affects the comfort level of the player. Concert and Tenor ukuleles will have longer scale lengths, meaning the frets will be farther apart, making them easier to use for beginners. Frets on a soprano may feel a bit cramped for some players starting out or those with larger hands.

Size does not matter too much, though. The main difference is in the way they sound. Sopranos tend to be a little softer, with high tones. Concerts and tenors have a warmer, louder sound.

Price Of The Aklot Uke

A good rule for most purchases is you get what you pay for. The same can apply to buying a ukulele. Overall, cheap instruments most likely will not have good sound quality. Ukuleles have the advantage of being fairly affordable instruments already.

A low price point budget for your first ukulele should be around $50-100. This range allows for some fantastic options in solid wood or laminated wood ukuleles. The more you are willing to spend, the better your ukulele will sound.

If you’re willing to spend even more for a high-end ukulele, you’ll get a much more natural and warm-sounding instrument that will last for years.


There are various ways to craft a ukulele. Standard ukuleles are either made of solid wood or laminated wood. These can also be combined to produce a more affordable, quality-sounding ukulele. Most cheaper ukuleles are made from laminated wood, while solid wood ukuleles tend to be more high-end.

The difference is that solid wood ukuleles produce warmer, more natural sounds than laminated wood. Solid wood ukuleles will also develop richer sounds as the wood ages, whereas laminated wood ukuleles will sound the same forever.

Additionally, laminated wood ukuleles can be a little sturdier when put through distress than solid wood. Solid wood has the chance to chip or crack in colder climates and warp with humidity.

There are tons of variations of woods that can make good quality ukuleles. Some commonly used woods for ukuleles include:

  • Mahogany
  • Cedar
  • Maple
  • Koa


Action refers to how high the strings sit off the fretboard. This height determines how hard you must press to hit the right notes. Action also controls the way the notes will sound.

Low-action is when the strings sit closer to the fretboard. Low-action strings mean you won’t need as much pressure to hit the right notes. However, low-action setups often create a buzzing sound when the strings vibrate against the fretboard. This buzzing sound will make your tone sound muffled.

High-action means that the strings are sitting up high off the fretboard. With a high-action setup, you have to push on the strings harder to get the note correct. However, you should not hear any buzzing, and your note will sound much louder.

It’s important to note that the action can change with humidity. Aklot tunes each ukulele before shipping to withstand the temperature changes. The pre-tune is so your ukulele is ready to use when you receive it.

Top Aklot Ukuleles, Final Thoughts

Ukuleles are a fun and bright addition to the guitar family. They are super easy to learn for all ages and make fantastic music. Aklot has several outstanding options for beginner and advanced ukulele players.

Choose from soprano, concert, or tenor sized ukuleles. Aklot has something unique for every ukulele player. They love experimenting with materials to craft their unique ukuleles. Each ukulele gets tested and tuned for perfection before being shipped to you.

So, no matter which size or sound you choose, you can bet that you’ll love any of these. Don’t just take my word for it. Check these out for yourself.