13 Best Ukulele Straps 2024

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Chances are, you either thought you didn’t need a strap when purchasing your uke, or you’re upgrading your tattered looking one. Either way, you’re on the market for a new ukulele strap and want to know what’s out there.

Below we show the best of the best, the best of the cheapest, and more. Pick your next uke strap today.

Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” Ukulele Strap – Best Artsy Strap

Van Gogh's Starry Night Ukulele Strap

If you love art and own a soprano, concert, tenor, or baritone ukulele, the Van Gogh “Starry Night” Ukulele Strap (Amazon) is the best choice for you. The ukulele strap has Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting, giving the wearer a unique style.

“Starry Night” is a beautiful painting, and the design of this ukulele strap is sure to set you apart as an artist. However, it is just as sturdy and efficient as any other strap. Top-quality polyester and adjustability ensure you will be as comfortable as possible while playing.

Perri’s 1.5″ Pro Ukulele Strap Black – Best Basic

Perri's 1.5 Pro Ukulele Strap Black

The Perri’s Pro Ukulele Strap (compare price on Amazon and Guitar Center) is a simple, classic ukulele strap. It comes in a sleek black color that will match everything.

The strap is easy to use, high quality, and reasonably priced. It comes in several colors, but black is the standard. This item is adjustable, ensuring that it will fit regardless of your height and type of ukulele. Delivery is free if you buy from Guitar Center.

If you are looking for a frill-free product that does the job without any fancy features, this polyester ukulele strap will do the trick.

Levy’s Leathers 1/2″ Jacquard Weave Ukulele Strap – Best Premium Option

Levy's Leathers 1 2 Jacquard Weave Ukulele Strap

Not everyone wants a thick strap. Some people find ¾ or 1-inch straps to be clunky and distracting. A ½-inch ukulele strap provides a much more elegant look, especially with a Levy’s Leathers ½” Jacquard Weave (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon).

The ukulele is small and lightweight, so this graceful strap will have no issue preventing falls. Remember that the weave is stiff and sturdy to accommodate the thin design, so it may not be as comfortable on your neck as cotton products.

This item is also suitable for mandolins. The versatility makes this ukulele strap a worthwhile investment if you can play multiple string instruments.

Kala Sonoma Coast Ukulele Strap – Best Rugged Look

Kala Sonoma Coast Ukulele Strap

The Kala Sonoma Coast Ukulele Strap (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon) is perfect for musicians who prefer a rugged and more refined look. Since the strap is adjustable, you can stay comfortable and stylish simultaneously.

The strap itself consists of Chambray Fabric. The Goat Rock Gray color creates a denim look that contributes to the stark feel. The leather ends are vital, ensuring that your ukulele will not fall from around your neck.

The size ranges from 30 to 57 inches, so you can use it for any ukulele. The strap width is 1 ½ inch, meaning it will be sturdy, even when you are not hanging onto it. There will be very little distracting swaying while you move.

HOT SEAL Linen-Style Adjustable Ukulele Strap – Best Budget

HOT SEAL Linen-Style Adjustable Ukulele Strap

This HOT SEAL Linen-Style Adjustable Ukulele Strap (Amazon) is a good buy for those on a budget. It is one of the cheapest straps on Amazon, but it does not sacrifice quality. The material of the strap is cotton, nylon, and genuine leather.

The product comes with a metal hook, a button, and an extra pick to get the most bang for your buck. It works for any size ukulele, from soprano to bass.

If you are looking for something simple, this is a perfect choice. It comes in light linen brown, a classy color that does not distract the audience while you play. The brand offers more eccentric colors for a slightly higher price.

On-Stage Ukulele Strap Blue – Best For Stage Performances

On-Stage Ukulele Strap Blue

Musicians who play multiple instruments on stage use straps for their ukuleles. It allows them to keep their hands free while still having easy access to the uke. The On-Stage Ukulele Strap (Guitar Center) is perfect for multi-talented professionals.

Customers rave about its ability to keep their ukulele comfortably against their chest while they perform. The buckles allow for various playing positions, making it a versatile piece to accommodate your style.

The bright blue color will make you stand out onstage. Gigs can be a sea of black and brown ukulele straps, but this bright blue color is pleasing to the eye and easy to distinguish.

Levy’s Leathers MX23ALL-002 1″ Wide Cork Strap – Best Cork Strap

Levy's Leathers MX23ALL-002 1 Wide Cork Strap

The Levy’s Leathers MX23ALL-002 1” Wide Cork Strap (compare price on Sweetwater and Amazon) is a sturdy strap with a beautiful geometric design. Cork is a unique material for a guitar strap that brings an element of taste to your style. A chic garment leather covers the backside of the all-natural cork, which is characteristic of the company.

The strap has a range of 29 to 49-inches, and every inch has a gorgeous cream, red, orange, and blue chevron pattern. The adjustability ensures that you will look stylish regardless of your ukulele’s size. It has a width of 1-inch, which is not too thin or thick.

Rinastore Cute Neck Ukulele Strap – Best for Children

Rinastore Cute Neck Ukulele Strap

Kids will love this zoo-themed Rinastore Ukulele Strap (Amazon). It is adjustable between 21 to 30 inches, making it ideal for younger players with smaller uke models. However, it will also fit adult animal lovers just fine. The product has adorable drawings of wildcats, bears, pandas, rabbits, crabs, and more.

This item is perfect for children because it is easy to adjust and attach. It is a clip-on strap that does not require drilling to stay secure around a child’s neck. The product is sturdy enough to prevent the ukulele from falling and acquiring chips, dents, and cracks. All your child has to worry about is playing music.

Levy’s Leathers 2″ Sublimation Strap – Best Sublimated Design

Levy's Leathers 2 Sublimation Strap

There is no need to get a fancy ukulele strap, but an eye-catching accessory for your instrument never hurts. This Levy’s Leathers 2” Sublimation Strap (compare price on Amazon and Guitar Center) comes with an artist’s original work as a sublimated pattern. The design shows a fish, Japanese characters, and a wave in the style of “the Great Wave.”

This strap looks great on a ukulele, but it is also practical. In addition to being comfortable and sturdy, the polyester material is wrinkle-resistant. Even if you bunch it up in your ukulele case, it will still look fresh when you strap it onto your uke.

Rock Steady RSP02 Poly With Nylon Ends Guitar Strap Black – Sturdiest Strap

Rock Steady RSP02 Poly With Nylon Ends Guitar Strap Black

With 2-inches wide of woven polyester and nylon, the Rock Steady RSP02 Strap (Guitar Center) is one of the sturdiest ukulele straps on the market. It lives up to its “Rock Steady” name, allowing musicians to keep it close to their chest and worry about nothing more than their fingers on the strings.

The strap is adjustable, so anyone with any size uke can reap the benefits of the very sturdy accessory. It is a simple black color for those who do not need bells and whistles. It is also easy to attach and comfortable, which are good qualities in any instrument strap.

Fender SuperSoft Guitar Strap – Softest Strap

Fender SuperSoft Guitar Strap

No one wants to be uncomfortable while making music. Many musicians complain about how some materials feel on their necks. If you have sensitive skin, try the Fender SuperSoft Guitar Strap (compare price on Sweetwater, Amazon, and Guitar Center).

This strap comes from Fender, so it is naturally made for guitars. However, it is adjustable and can fit a ukulele.

Fender products are known for their stellar quality. This product is 2-inches wide, so you can be sure that it will rest securely around your neck while playing. The spun polyester is shock-absorbing for maximum comfort.

Neotech Mandolin/Ukulele Padded Strap – Best for Comfort

Neotech Mandolin Ukulele Padded Strap

Padded straps are very comfortable for the wearer. The Neotech Mandolin/Ukulele Padded Strap (Amazon) is a prime example.

You do not have to worry about constantly moving the strap on your shoulder to be more comfortable when you wear a padded strap. There will be no more painful red marks and bruises on your skin after playing.

The black neoprene of this product keeps the uke well-balanced while you practice or perform. It is adjustable, easy to attach, and more lightweight than most other products. You will barely notice this product while you wear it, making it easier to focus on your music.

D’Addario Planet Waves Ukulele Strap – Most Eco-Friendly

D'Addario Planet Waves Ukulele Strap

The D’Addario Planet Waves Ukulele Strap (Guitar Center) is an eco-friendly product. They use plastic water bottles to construct the entire adjustable strap with a sound hole attachment.

This strap is a fabulous product to add to your ensemble if you are an eco-conscious ukulele player. Other straps use materials that can harm the environment, but D’Addario’s straps capitalize on modern technology to make the music industry more environmentally friendly.

Not to mention, it is just as sturdy and comfortable as any other standard strap.

What To Look For in Ukulele Straps

When you decide to get a new ukulele strap, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Not everyone is in the market for products of the same material, price, or durability.

Below, find a list of factors you should consider when purchasing a new ukulele strap to ensure you buy the best choice for your personal needs.


Of course, you need to consider the price of the ukulele strap. You do not have to blow the bank on a new ukulele strap, especially if you are little more than a hobbyist. Of course, if you prefer your instruments’ accessories to be a little more luxurious, you can choose to buy a higher-end ukulele strap.

Ukulele straps range in price from $4 to $30 on average, but some luxury brands will offer fine pieces for upwards of $200.

Opt for a cheaper product if you just want a uke strap that will do nothing more than secure the ukulele around your neck. If you would prefer to use an ornate product with special padding and top-level material, check out some more expensive ukulele straps.

Drill or No Drill

A drawback for many ukulele players is that some straps require you to drill small holes in the instrument. These holes, known as pilot holes, are where you will put the buttons to keep the ukulele strap secure. Pilot holes become permanent fixtures on the ukulele.

Some musicians are uncomfortable creating permanent holes in their ukuleles, especially since they do not need a strap. These players may opt for straps that use glue or adhesive connections, but even these products can cause damage to the instrument’s body.

Luckily, brands are popularizing straps that act like leashes. They do not require drilling or adhesives to attach to the ukulele. You can remove them easily without any lasting damage.

If you prefer something more long-term, feel free to purchase a strap that requires drilling. You can easily install the straps at home with the help of an online instructional video. If you want to try a ukulele strap for a gig or two, start with a leash or an adhesive product.


Even if you do not tend to use your ukulele strap too often, you want to be sure that it will last. The last thing you want is for your ukulele strap to break in the middle of a performance, leaving you without a stable connection to your instrument and potentially causing damage. A broken ukulele strap can be annoying, especially in routines with movement.

Durability is key. Read the reviews on every product to ensure that it has held up for other users. Inspect it for loose threads and rickety buckles before committing. The item should at least last you a few trips to and from lessons.


Consider the material you want for your ukulele strap. Every common material on the market is sturdy enough to hold your ukulele, but you will not always like the feel. You will most often find ukulele straps of the following materials:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Suede

Beginners tend to opt for nylon since it is the most accessible material and does the job just fine. As you advance, you may want to venture into more exciting materials that fit your style.

Some companies produce ukulele straps using cork for a more rustic feel. Others use chambray fabric that they treat to resemble denim. If you like the idea of eco-friendly ukulele accessories, check out one of the many companies that make comfortable straps from recycled materials like water bottles.

You may find that you do not like how certain materials feel against your skin. If this is the case, look for padded or soft ukulele straps.

Adjustability and Versatility

A ukulele strap needs to be adjustable. A good range of adjustability accommodates players and instruments of any size.

Typically, adjustable straps will range from 20 to 50 inches. The range of adjustability creates versatility for musicians of multiple instruments. Most ukulele straps will fit mandolins and other small strings. Longer ranges are great for taller people and larger string instruments like guitars.

A few luxury ukulele straps are not adjustable so as not to wear out the expensive material. If you fall in love with a non-adjustable item, check the measurements before you purchase it. If it is not functional and comfortable, try an adjustable item instead. There are plenty of high-quality options available that prioritize comfort.

Adjustability directly affects a ukulele strap’s versatility, another valuable factor to consider. Versatility is necessary, especially for professional performers.

Some straps have adjustable buckles to allow for a range of playing positions. Some players like to loop it around their neck, others like it to wrap around their neck and under their armpit, and some prefer to keep it on one shoulder.

It can be difficult to size up a strap when purchasing it online. A wide range is the safest bet for first-time strap buyers.


Few things are more important than style. Some individuals like their musical accessories to indicate their sense of style, while others just want a strap to keep their ukulele off the ground.

Many players opt for a sleek black look, but this grace comes in many forms. Polyester and nylon are common and simple pieces that do not distract from the music. They are often the most affordable. However, sleek black leather provides a more refined look.

You may prefer a slightly more unique style. Neutral colors like brown, tan, and grey will keep your look subdued and classy while straying from the standard black.

Those in the market for a pop of color can find straps in any shade on the color spectrum. There is also an infinite amount of artwork on ukulele straps for both children and adults.

When it comes to style, there is something out there for everyone. You can even purchase multiple straps to match different outfits.

Assembly Materials

Most ukulele straps do not come with a drill, hook, or button. You normally have to purchase these items separately. However, if you are lucky, you can find a set with a strap and the necessary assembly materials for a reasonable price.

The good news is that you can start your ukulele strap collection as soon as you find an assembly kit. You only need to drill the holes for buttons once. Afterward, you can attach any strap to those buttons.

Best Ukulele Strap Brands

When it comes to buying your first ukulele strap, it helps to know exactly what brands to look out for. Read below to learn about some of the leading brands in ukulele straps.

Levy’s Leather

Levy’s Leather remains one of the most trusted brands in musical instrument accessories. It is currently the leading guitar strap manufacturer in the world, and it does not slack on the quality of the ukulele straps, either.

They use high-quality materials, including authentic leather, vinyl, fabric, faux fur, cork, and more. There is a reason iconic stars like Ozzy Osbourne use Levy’s Leather products. You can trust this brand for form, function, and fashion.

Perri’s Leathers Ltd.

Perri’s Leathers Ltd. is an Ontario-based company that helps you connect with your art. The company uses grade-A materials to straps from a variety of materials. The straps are all adjustable and come in plain colors and interesting designs.

The founding member, Lou Perri, has been involved in the music industry since he was a young boy. In the 1980s, he worked as a music teacher. He and his descendants are committed to creating quality products for the industry he has been a part of his whole life.


Fender is one of the biggest names in the music industry, known for its guitars in particular. They grew into an international influence from Southern California in the 1940s.

With all the care they put into their guitars, they are extra conscientious when producing guitar straps. They apply the exact same science to the ukulele straps.

Hot Seal

Hot Seal sells a variety of products, including musical accessories. They may not specialize in ukulele straps, but they have a reputation for satisfying their customers with solid products. They primarily sell their musical gear on Amazon.

Top Ukulele Straps, Final Thoughts

If you care about your ukulele, you should invest in every possible accessory to keep it safe from damage. Ukulele straps are great to make sure the instrument never hits the ground. Plus, they make playing while standing, moving around, or juggling other instruments easier.

If you want a basic strap that does the job without any fancy extras, check out Perri’s Pro 1.5-inch ukulele strap. If you prefer something higher-end with cool designs, browse through Levy’s Leathers’ massive selection of straps.

Remember to consider material, durability, price, style, adjustability, and assembly when looking for a new strap. These essential factors will guide you in the right direction, likely toward one of the leading brands like Levy’s Leathers, Perri’s Leathers Ltd., or Fender.

There are so many options out there, you are sure to find something that suits your needs and personality.