7 Best Left-Handed Ukuleles 2024

Best Left-Handed Ukuleles

For left-handed musicians, the music world can feel very one-sided. Stringed instruments, for example, are typically designed for right-handed people.

Even a notoriously user-friendly instrument like the ukulele can be cumbersome to learn for left-handers. Luckily, there are ukuleles for lefties that make the process much simpler.

Below you will find our top left-handed ukuleles, along with some helpful info on what to look for in a left-handed ukulele. I’ve also included a list of friendly brands for left-handed players.

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Lohanu Ukulele Review 2024

Lohanu Ukulele Review

Lohanu is a popular name within many ukulele circles. But which is the best of their models?

This is what we explore today. Read on to compare Lohanu ukuleles, what to look for in them and more.

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19 Best Ukulele Apps 2024

Best Ukulele Apps

Apps have enhanced many aspects of our lives, including the way we learn and play ukulele. As you’re no doubt aware, there are many uke based apps for both Apple and Android devices.

But are they any good?

We’ve scoured the market and tried a bunch, to bring to you the best ukulele apps out there! From tuners, to study materials, to tabs; we’ve got them all. You’ll likely want to download and try a few to see which you enjoy the most.

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9 Best Ukulele Brands 2024

Best Ukulele Brands

While many brands create great ukuleles, there are some brands that just stand out more than others. Sometimes it’s because the sheer amount of good quality ukes they make. Other times it’s because they create a ukulele so far superior to their competitors.

In this article, you will learn what differentiates the top ukulele brands, which ones to avoid, and what models are best for you.

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How To Read Ukulele Tabs For Beginners

A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Ukulele Tabs

A tablature is essentially: “a form of music sheets for stringed instruments,” like the ukulele. For short, they are commonly called tabs. Ukulele tabs are significantly more straightforward to read than other types of music sheets because they’re more descriptive on where you should put your fingers and what you should do in each step. … Read more

Kala KA-15S Review 2024 – Is It Worth Buying?

Kala KA-15S Review

The Kala KA-15S (compare price on Sweetwater, Amazon) is a soprano ukulele made of mahogany wood. It’s a budget-friendly, entry-level ukulele that has drawn praise for its simple design and inexpensive price.

Unlike other ukuleles in its price range, the Kala KA-15S does not sound cheap nor quick to wear down. Most enthusiasts appreciate its warm, woody tone. While it is not perfect, it is hard to beat this sound quality. This Kala Ka 15S review will take a closer look at its features, its pros and cons, and reveal who it’s most suited to.

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How To Choose A Ukulele Pick

How To Choose A Ukulele Pick

It’s not something that new ukuleleists tend to think about, until it comes to them wanting to try a pick out. How do you choose one? Surely one pick can do just as well as the next?

Well not quite. Surprisingly, there are a number of different styles of pick, and which you choose will depend on the sound you want, your budget and more.

So today we’ll look into how to choose a ukulele pick that’s right for you.

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9 Best Ukulele Books 2024

Best Ukulele Books

Youtube videos, in person ukulele lessons and courses are all great. But sometimes you just want to pick up a book and learn like that.

Well we’ve got you! This article is a list of the best ukulele books out there, so you can choose the one that’s right for your skill level.

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Tuning Your Ukulele to Low G

Tuning Your Ukulele to Low G

Tuning your ukulele to low G allows you to take a deeper dive into the ukulele’s potential. It gives a significantly different sound from a standard high G tuning and it seems to become more and more popular by the day. Tuning to low G is not a complicated process in the slightest. Without further … Read more