Bruddah Iz – A Look At Ukulele Player Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

Bruddah Iz

Bruddah Iz is one of the most iconic ukulele musicians who provided a resurgence in this unique instrument’s sound and influence in modern music. He was a famous Hawaiian singer, songwriter, musician, and Hawaiian sovereignty activist.

Bruddah Iz is famous for his fantastic performances of Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World. He is one of Hawaii’s most famous icons. His unique style included his beloved ukulele for playing Hawaiian music, folk, and traditional themes, which are still heard all around the world today. In addition, Iz dabbled in reggae, jazz, and even country as he incorporated his ukulele skills beyond the borders.

Although you can find five variations of the ukulele today, including soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and bass, Bruddah Iz favored his Martin T1 Tenor ukulele. Some have said that he cradled his beloved instrument the day he died.

Iz included the Low-G tuning in his music while enabling him to use an extra five bass notes. Because this instrument only has four strings, this unique tuning provides an additional sound that is not available otherwise. 

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19 Best Female Ukulele Players

Best Female Ukulele Players Ever

Far from being the cliched instrument you hear upon stepping off any plane to Hawaii, the ukulele has been enjoying a surge in popularity over the past few decades. Artists get their music out to the world through digital platforms, so we know many of the best female ukulele players.

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Tyler Joseph Ukulele Musician Profile; 10 Best Songs, About & More

Tyler Joseph Ukulele

Tyler Robert Joseph is best known as the front man of Grammy Award winning (they were nominated for six and won one) musical duo Twenty One Pilots. Joseph was born in Columbus, Ohio on December 1, 1988.

Before the formation of Twenty One Pilots, Joseph recorded and self-released No Phun Intended. It was recorded in his basement during his senior year of high school. His solo work formed the foundation of the music of Twenty One Pilots, which takes influence from a variety of genres and artists mentioned throughout this guide.

Here we will profile Tyler Joseph the ukulele player, covering everything from the exact ukulele he plays, some of the best Twenty One Pilot songs (and covers) to play on the ukulele, Joseph’s early life, who Joseph is married to and more.

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13 Best Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs [With Chords]

Best Eddie Vedder Ukulele Songs With Chords

Oh boy are you in for a treat, today we’re look at the best Eddie Vedder ukulele songs ever made! You probably know Eddie Vedder as the front man of alt-rock and grunge band, Pearl Jam.

Like him or hate him, it wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that he influenced an entire generation of singers like Scott Stapp, Chad Kroeger, Tyler Connolly, and others.

Vedder, however, also has some great songs as a solo artist, and contributed his talents to the likes of Temple Of The Dog as well. Mostly importantly, he also plays ukulele and released an entire album of ukulele music.

Here we will look at some of the best Vedder songs to learn on the ukulele!

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21 Famous Ukulele Players

Famous Ukulele Players

The ukulele is a beautiful sounding instrument. But without the talented men and women that play the uke, these sounds would never be achieved.

So let’s take a moment to explore some of the best, and most famous ukulele players in the world.

Let’s find you your new favorite. 🙂

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