Lohanu Ukulele Review 2024

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Lohanu is a popular name within many ukulele circles. But which is the best of their models?

This is what we explore today. Read on to compare Lohanu ukuleles, what to look for in them and more.

Lohanu Ukulele Soprano (LU-S)

Lohanu Ukulele Soprano

The Lohanu Ukulele Soprano LU-S (check the latest price here) is a great introductory instrument for beginners looking to learn how to play. It’s made from Sapele wood, a hardwood with a medium tone, and is very strong. The body and neck are made of one piece of wood, so it’s easier to maintain than other ukuleles with separate pieces.

This ukulele is perfect for anyone who wants an inexpensive instrument that they can use while learning how to play without having any trouble with it. It has excellent sound quality and is easy on your wallet for its price range.

Most customers have given positive reviews about this product. Some customers wrote that it was easy to tune and play with, while others said the tuners were not very good quality but still worked well enough for them to enjoy playing their new instrument.

Lohanu Ukulele Tenor (LU-T)

Lohanu Ukulele Tenor

The Lohanu Ukulele Tenor LU-T (check the latest price here) is a great choice for those who are looking for a quality instrument at a low price. It also features a Sapele top and back with a matte finish. The body is large and has an overall weight of around three pounds.

The sound is bright and clear, with plenty of volume for smaller venues or even recording situations. It also comes with high-quality Aquila strings, which help to keep your tone consistent when playing different notes or chords.

Some ukulele players felt they were missing out on features by not having pickups or an EQ system installed into the instrument. Also, some people have reported issues with tuning stability.

Lohanu Ukulele Concert (LU-C)

Lohanu Ukulele Concert

This Lohanu Ukulele Concert LU-C (check the latest price here) is great for beginners. It is also made from solid Sapele and has a matte finish, so it will not get damaged easily.

The instrument does not have a pickup and EQ either, so it will not be able to record or amplify the sound of your playing. However, in terms of sound quality, this instrument sounds great when played acoustically without any amplification.

The additional features of this ukulele include the following:

  • A rosewood fingerboard enhances tone response
  • 20 frets for easy playing
  • Aquila strings for smooth action
  • Silver-plated tuners for reliable tuning

The Lohanu Ukulele is a great choice for anyone who wants to play the ukulele without breaking the bank.

Lohanu Ukulele Baritone (LU-B)

Lohanu Ukulele Baritone

The Lohanu Ukulele Baritone LU-B (check the latest price here) is a full-size baritone ukulele with a matte finish. A matte finish looks new longer than a gloss finish, which tends to show scratches and wear more easily. This finish can be especially beneficial for instruments like ukuleles, which are often carried around in bags and handled frequently.

The LU-B also does not come with a pickup or EQ system, so it’s best suited for live performances where you will use an amplifier or mixing board. However, if you’re looking for something great for recording on your computer or practicing in your room at home without an amp, we recommend checking out our full range of pickups and accessories.

This instrument’s rich tone sounds great for strumming and fingerpicking play styles. The ukulele also has an adjustable truss rod, which allows you to adjust the neck if needed.

The Lohanu Ukulele Baritone LU-B is an excellent choice for those who want to get into playing the ukulele or adding another instrument to their collection. It is also a great choice for anyone looking for a basic baritone uke that can be played solo or with others.

Ukulele from Lohanu Cutaway Electric (Concert Size)

Ukulele from Lohanu Cutaway Electric

The Lohanu Cutaway Electric Ukulele in Concert Size (check the latest price here) is a concert-sized ukulele with a matte finish and a Sapele wood body. It comes with an onboard pickup and EQ so that you can plug it into an amp or other sound system for a more amplified sound.

The instrument features a cutaway body for easy access to the higher frets and a standard concert scale length. The body is made from premium Sapele, which produces warm tones perfect for creating classical Hawaiian music and more modern styles like country or reggae.

The Lohanu Cutaway Electric Ukulele is an amazing value. For under $100, you get a gorgeous ukulele perfect for beginners and experts alike. The sound is rich, full, and lively.

This ukulele is incredibly versatile. You can use it for everything from pop songs to jazz standards to classical music. The Lohanu Cutaway Electric Ukulele will make you want to pick up your instrument daily.

Ukulele from Lohanu Cutaway Electric (Tenor Size)

Ukulele from Lohanu Cutaway Electric (Tenor Size)

The Lohanu Cutaway Electric Ukulele in Tenor Size (check the latest price here) is a beautiful instrument with a Sapele body and a matte finish. This tenor ukulele by Lohanu has an incredibly beautiful sound, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced players. It features an oval-shaped body with a cutaway design, which allows you to play higher notes without straining your hands or fingers.

The ukulele also has a pickup system and EQ, amplifying your sound easily. The built-in pickup system also allows you to record or perform live shows without additional equipment aside from your amp or mixer, making it very convenient for beginner musicians who want something simple yet high-quality.

The Lohanu Cutaway Electric Tenor Size Ukulele also comes equipped with an EQ knob near its neck so that you can adjust its volume or tone depending on what kind of music genre you’re playing or learning from this instrument.      

If you’re looking for a great ukulele to start learning, the Lohanu Cutaway Electric Tenor Size Ukulele is a great choice. It is available in a beginner-friendly bundle. This package contains everything you’ll need to get started playing the ukulele.

Ukulele From Lohanu Spalted Maple With Armrest Glossy Finish (Concert Size) With 3 Band EQ & Pickup, All Accessories, and Lifetime Warranty

Ukulele From Lohanu Spalted Maple With Armrest Glossy Finish (Concert Size) With 3 Band EQ & Pickup, All Accessories, and Lifetime Warranty

This concert size Ukulele from Lohuna with armrest glossy finish (check the latest price here) is made from spalted maple, which gives the instrument a unique and beautiful grain pattern.

It comes complete with all accessories and a hard case. The armrest allows for more playing comfort as it supports your left elbow while you play.

The ukulele’s 3-band equalizer allows for finer tuning and provides extensive tonal customization. The EQ is used to adjust the volume levels on the instrument so that you can play quietly or loudly depending on your needs at any given time.

In addition to these features, this ukulele comes with a pickup system, making it easy to amplify your music without having to plug anything into your computer or another device.

The sound quality of the ukulele is excellent for this price range, with a deep tone and clear highs. The intonation is also spot on, and there is virtually no buzzing when playing chords. The action is low enough for easy playing but high enough for good sound quality.

The Lohanu Ukulele has a concert-length neck which makes it great for people who want to learn how to play ukulele but don’t have much room in their homes or apartments, such as college students.

Ukulele From Lohanu Spalted Maple With Armrest Glossy Finish (Tenor Size) With 3 Band EQ & Pickup, All Accessories, and Lifetime Warranty

Ukulele From Lohanu Spalted Maple With Armrest Glossy Finish (Tenor Size) With 3 Band EQ & Pickup, All Accessories, and Lifetime Warranty

This tenor size Ukulele from Lohuna with armrest glossy finish (check the latest price here) is also made from spalted maple, which is a beautiful wood that has a gorgeous grain pattern on it. The gloss finish brings out the beauty of this wood even more. The armrest on this ukulele adds to the overall look of this instrument.

The Lohanu Ukulele has a pickup system that allows you to play your ukulele through an amp or Bluetooth speaker wirelessly. It also has an equalizer to fine-tune your sound before you play it through your amp or Bluetooth speaker.

The Lohanu ukulele is an excellent choice for players looking for a high-quality instrument. The ukulele comes with all of the accessories you need to get started playing, including a tuner, strap, picks, and a chord chart.

As far as ukuleles go, the Lohanu Amazing Looking Spalted Maple models are a little more expensive than other Lohanu models. However, this option is great if you’re looking for a high-quality instrument that can stand up to the rigors of your playing.

The glossy finish on this ukulele makes it look amazing and easy to clean. It also helps protect the wood from damage if you drop it.

Customers have been giving this ukulele great reviews, saying that they love everything about it: how well it plays, how much fun they have with it, and how durable it is. Therefore, this model may be the one you’ve been looking for if you want a ukulele that can withstand intense performance and still sound fantastic.

What to Look For in a Ukulele

Taking the time to research and find a quality ukulele is worth it. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose which ukulele is right for you. Here is a guide on what to look for in a ukulele to assist you in making a more informed decision when purchasing.

Type of Wood

When shopping for a ukulele, it’s important to consider the wood that makes up the instrument, which will give you an idea of its quality and durability. The most common types of wood used to make ukuleles are koa, mahogany, and rosewood.

Koa is a Hawaiian wood known for its rich sound and beautiful grain patterns. Mahogany is also popular because it produces a rich tone and is easy to work with. Guitar makers have used rosewood since ancient times due to its durability and ability to produce beautiful tones.

Some manufacturers use exotic woods such as walnut or Bubinga, which are not commonly found in ukuleles but offer unique tonal qualities thanks to their density and hardness. It can result in brighter tones than those produced by softer woods like mahogany or koa, which tend towards warmer sounds when played acoustically.

Bridge Type

The traditional and geared styles are the two main types of bridges.

  • Traditional bridge: Most common bridge found on ukuleles. It’s simple and lightweight, but it can be more difficult to adjust than a geared bridge.
  • Geared bridge: It makes tuning your ukulele and adjusting your string action easier. However, it tends to be pricier and heavier than traditional bridges.

When deciding between these two types of bridges, you must also decide whether you want an adjustable or non-adjustable model. Adjustable bridges allow you to adjust the height of each string to ensure that they are all in tune. Non-adjustable bridges have fixed heights for each string and cannot be adjusted individually, although some models do.

Fretboard Material

When choosing between the two fretboard materials, wood or plastic, consider how much you’ll be playing your ukulele before deciding. If you plan on practicing daily, you may want to invest in a high-quality wooden fretboard that will last much longer and sound better over time.

Wooden fretboards are traditional and produce a warm, rich tone. Wood is also more durable than plastic, which means that if you’re rough with your instrument or don’t take good care of it, wooden fretboards will last longer. However, some people find wooden fretboards harder to play with because they need to be well-oiled to prevent buzzing.

Plastic fretboards are easier to play and don’t require much maintenance. They tend to be brighter than wooden ones and can produce more volume with less effort. Plastic is also more resistant to temperature changes than wood, so it won’t warp as easily when left out in the sun or cold weather.

String Type

The string type is one of the most important factors in choosing your ukulele. String type depends on the material used to make the strings and how they are attached to the instrument.


Nylon is a great string type for beginners because they’re easy on your fingers and stay in tune better than metal. They also provide a mellow tone that’s less harsh than metal strings.


Metal strings have a brighter sound that can cut through other instruments, so they’re ideal for playing with others. Metal strings are more comfortable for people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome because they don’t cut into their fingertips like nylon strings.


Gut strings, made from animal intestines, have a rich, full tone ideal for jazz or classical music. In addition, gut strings are durable and tend not to break as easily as other strings.

However, they can be difficult to play if you’re new to ukulele playing because of their stiffness–they require more effort than either nylon or metal strings require to make them vibrate properly.

String Action

The string action is one of the most important aspects when choosing a ukulele. The best ukuleles have a low string action, meaning that the strings are closer to the fretboard and require less pressure from your fingertips to play.

This feature makes playing easier without feeling like stretching your fingers out too far, making them sore after a long practice session or performance.

A high-string action can also cause buzzing sounds when you play chords or notes on higher frets, so it’s even more important to choose a uke with low action if you plan on playing with an accompaniment or singing along with your instrument.

String action is a measurement of how much the strings are off of the fretboard. The action is measured in millimeters.

You will want to look for a ukulele with a low-string action, meaning that the strings are close to the fretboard and will be easier to play. You may also want to find one with a higher action if you have large fingers or hands, making it easier for you to reach up and play them.

Lohanu Ukulele Review, Final Thoughts

Before buying a ukulele, you should confirm it has all the features you want. In addition, you must ensure your ukulele is well-made and made from high-quality materials if you want it to be more than a novelty. You should also look at how much sound the instrument produces, how easy it is to play, and whether or not there are any extra features.

This Lohanu ukulele review shows that many models out there will work for virtually anyone. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned ukulele player.