Best Left-Handed Ukuleles in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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If you are a lefty who wants to play the ukulele and you thought there aren’t any good options for you, let me correct you because there is more than just one great option. 

Some left-handed people try to adapt to the standard ukulele; however, even if they succeed, it won’t be as good as using a left-handed ukulele. 

In this guide, we will talk to you about why it is better not to go with a standard uke if you are a lefty, and we will let you in on the best left-handed ukuleles you can find on the market. 

So, without further ado, let’s get right to it. 

Our Favorite Picks:

Left-Handed UkuleleBodyTunersStringsSize
Oscar Schmidt OU7TSpalted MangoDeluxe Grover tuners with ebony buttonsAquilaConcert
Bondi Ripple UkuleleKoaBondi Plush NickelAquilaConcert
Luna Acoustic Electric Tattoo LeftyMahoganyDie-cast open gear tunersAquilaConcert
Caramel CB500LRosewoodClosed geared tunersTruss RodBaritone
Caramel CB204LSolid AcaciaClosed geared tunersTruss RodBaritone
Oscar Schmidt OU2LHMahoganyChrome-closed gear set of tuners

Aquila Nylgut 7U StringsConcert

The 6 Best Left Handed Ukuleles

1. Oscar Schmidt OU7T 

Oscar Schmidt OU7T

Oscar Schmidt OU7T is the best left-handed ukulele on our list. It will offer you a great sound, attractive appearance, and excellent overall quality. 

The ukulele is made of spalted mango wood and has a glossy finish. Besides, it features deluxe Grover tuners with ebony buttons. The nut and the saddle of the uke are made with synthetic bone, whereas the binding and rosette are made of shimmering abalone. The included strings are Aquila.

When it comes to the sound, Oscar Schmidt OU7T has everything you would expect from a high-quality ukulele. You will get a beautiful and resonant voice that is clearer than the sound of most of the other competitors. 

Although it is more expensive than most entry-level ukuleles, it is definitely more durable, and you should expect it to last a lifetime if you take good care of it. 


  • Excellent quality 
  • Clear sound 
  • The tuners are durable and stay in tune for prolonged periods 
  • Attractive appearance 


  • Priced higher than most entry-level ukes 
  • The glossy finish picks up fingerprints 

Final Verdict 

Oscar Schmidt OU7T has the whole package, and even though it is a little expensive when compared to other ukuleles, it is not an expensive musical instrument. 

2. Bondi Ripple Koa Left-Handed Concert Ukulele

Bondi Ripple Koa Left-Handed Concert Ukulele

Nothing beats the traditional sound of a Hawaiian ukulele made from Koa. The fretboard and bridge of the instrument are made from walnut with a beautiful blue pearl design that compliments the soundhole.

The instrument belongs to the Arcadia series that is known to have a brilliant sound and an excellent build quality.

One of the things you will love about the instrument is that it comes with a bundle of accessories, but unlike other kits, the accessories included are of good quality, and you can use them for years before needing to upgrade. 

Unfortunately, this all comes at a price, and this is the most expensive ukulele on our list. However, if you are an intermediate who is looking to upgrade their instrument, then this is a great choice. Also, it is an excellent choice for those who are struggling with entry-level models and want something that sounds better. 


  • Excellent construction
  • Pack includes 15 accessories 
  • Sounds amazing 
  • High-quality gig bag 


  • Expensive 

Final Verdict

Bondi Ripple Koa Left-Handed Concert Ukulele is an impressive instrument that is more suitable for someone who has a little experience with ukuleles or guitars. It has a beautiful sound that will instantly take you to Hawaii. 

3. Luna Acoustic-Electric Concert Tattoo Lefty 

Luna Acoustic-Electric Concert Tattoo Lefty

As the name implies, the Luna Acoustic is a concert size ukulele. The top, sides, and back of the instrument are made of mahogany wood. It has a natural glossy finish with a cool tattoo design that gives it its unique appearance. 

It’s no surprise that the uke has an acoustic concert sound. Luna sells the instrument as a part of a package that includes a spare set of the Aquila strings together with a clip-on tuner, a pickup, an onboard preamp, a protective gig bag with a front pocket, and a polishing cloth. 

You may expect a package like this to be a bit expensive, but surprisingly, it’s really affordable. 


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Amazing concert sound
  • Unique design 
  • Package includes a lot of extras that you will need 


  • The quality of the electronics is somewhat disappointing 
  • Gig bag is of an intermediate quality 

Final Verdict

Luna Acoustic is a great left-handed concert ukulele. It is suitable for beginners who are on a budget. It has a concert sound that will make your songs sound cool and an attractive design.

4. Caramel CB500L 

Caramel CB500L

Caramel offers an acoustic-electric baritone ukulele that’s made of rosewood. The instrument has a dark brown color with a matt finish. 

The saddle and the nut are made of authentic buffalo bone, whereas the fretboard and the bridge are made of walnut. 

One thing that makes this ukulele unique is the sound holes that are located on the upper edge of the top. Besides, the onboard electronics and the built-in tuner allow you to play plugged in or acoustically. 

Caramel CB500L has a beautiful and rich sound that any player will enjoy. 

And finally, it is on the list of affordable ukuleles to buy.


  • Unique design with a beautiful appearance 
  • Affordable 


  • Electronics could be improved 

Final Verdict

Caramel CB500L is an impressive ukulele with an attractive sound. It is a perfect choice for lefties who are on a budget and want to start learning how to play the ukulele. 

5. Caramel CB204L

Caramel CB204L

Another left-handed baritone model on our list is the Caramel CB204L. This model has an Acacia body, which is the reason behind its beautiful sound. 

The Fretboard and the bridge are made of walnut with a buffalo bone nut and saddle. 

When you buy this uke, it comes with two set sets of strings, an installed set, which is (D-G-B-E), and an additional (G-C-E-A) set. This makes it more flexible to tune the uke the way you like. 

You can only get the ukulele, or if you want, you can get the bonus kit as well. The kit includes a gig bag, a tuner, the extra strings, a wall hanger, the extra strings, and other accessories like a strap and an EQ cable, etc. 

The quality of the accessories isn’t the best, but it’s good enough considering the price of the package. 

For a beginner, the sound of the instrument will be more than satisfying; however, it is not the best option if you are looking to upgrade your instrument. 


  • Has a solid body made of Acacia 
  • Comes with two sets one for uke and one baritone
  • Great value for money 
  • You can get a gig bag and an accessory kit 


  • The accessories included in the package are not of the best quality 

Final Verdict 

Caramel CB204L is another great left-handed ukulele for beginners. It is affordable and has an excellent solid body, which makes it more durable than other options. 

6. Oscar Schmidt OU2LH Left-Handed Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OU2LH Left-Handed Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Oscar Schmidt OU2LH is a beautiful mahogany ukulele with a rosewood bridge. The fretboard is made of rosewood as well, with an overall satin finish. 

It has a chrome-closed gear set of tuners that keeps the strings in proper tuning. The saddle and the nut are made of plastic. 

A lot of players recommend you change the set that comes with the instrument as soon as you get it; however, even if you keep them for a while, your instrument will sound dramatically better as soon as you change the strings. Oscar Schmidt OU2LH Left-Handed Mahogany Concert Ukulele


  • Excellent sound 
  • Beautiful design 


  • The included strings aren’t of high quality 

Final Verdict 

Oscar Schmidt OU2LH Left-Handed Mahogany Concert Ukulele is one of the best choices for beginners. It has a sweet mellow sound that is beyond its price and better than most entry-level ukuleles. 

Do You Need a Left-handed Ukulele

It is a question that a lot of lefties might ask. I mean, you probably heard from someone that you don’t need a left-handed ukulele, and you can work around things. 

A lot of lefties play the ukulele right-handed, so first, you should try to play right-handed. If things worked out, then this is great; if not, you can try to restring a right-handed uke for a southpaw. Some people even try to flip the instrument and leave the strings. 

While some of these options will help you get a better sound, if you’re not comfortable with playing a right-handed ukulele, then instead of trying this, why don’t you try something that you know for sure that it will work? Simply get a left-handed ukulele and focus your efforts on learning new techniques. 

How to Pick a Left-Handed Ukulele

Now that you have a background on the best left-handed ukuleles you can find, let’s talk about how to decide which one is better for you

1. Price

You don’t need to get an expensive instrument if you are still a beginner. A uke that has a good construction with a good sound that will cost you a maximum of $150 is a great entry-level option. 

2. Material and Composition 

As you may already know, solid wood or laminated wood can be used to make the instrument. Once you decide what your budget is, you should start looking into the best available model that you can get for this budget. 

The least expensive wood that is most commonly used in beginners’ models is mahogany. You might find an instrument that is entirely made of mahogany, but others might have rosewood parts as well. 

As your budget increases, you will be able to get a solid wood instrument, maybe with laminated sides first, then full solid wood ukuleles that are even more expensive. Lastly, the best ukuleles are those made of spruce or even the traditional Koa, which is the best ukulele sound you can get.  

3. Size 

Ukuleles are made in four sizes; soprano is the smallest, followed by a concert, then tenor, and finally, baritone. You should decide which one you want, keeping in mind that sopranos are too small for some people and baritones sound a lot like guitars. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can a Left-Handed Person Play a Right-Handed Ukulele? 

Yes, as mentioned above, a lot of lefties write with their left hand but use their right hand for strumming while playing the ukulele. There is no right way to do things; just try and see what feels more natural.

Can a Right-Handed Person Play a Left-Handed Ukulele? 

It’s a learning curve, so one can’t say that a right-handed person “can’t” play a left-handed ukulele. However, it would be hard to follow the instructional materials. 

Everyone should first try to play the right-handed ukulele and resort to the left-handed option only in 3 cases. 

The first is that they are lefties who are not comfortable playing with the right-handed instrument. The second is if they have a physical disability or arthritis, and their only option is to strum with their left hand. The last option is if you already started playing a left-handed ukulele, and you are making progress. 

Final Verdict 

There are a lot of great options for left-handed ukulele. Oscar Schmidt OU7T and Oscar Schmidt OU2LH are the best left-handed ukulele for beginners

The only concern is that they are a little expensive. If that’s not an issue for you and you care about getting the best, then you should buy any of them with your eyes closed. 

If you are looking for something that’s a little pocket-friendly, then there are better options for you, like Luna Acoustic-Electric Concert Tattoo Lefty, Caramel CB500L, and Caramel CB204L.

Bondi Ripple Koa Left-Handed Concert Ukulele is an excellent option for those who are already familiar with the basics and have been playing the ukulele for a while. If you want to upgrade your instrument, then it is the way to go. It is a little expensive, but it is worth your money.

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