7 Best Left-Handed Ukuleles 2024

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For left-handed musicians, the music world can feel very one-sided. Stringed instruments, for example, are typically designed for right-handed people.

Even a notoriously user-friendly instrument like the ukulele can be cumbersome to learn for left-handers. Luckily, there are ukuleles for lefties that make the process much simpler.

Below you will find our top left-handed ukuleles, along with some helpful info on what to look for in a left-handed ukulele. I’ve also included a list of friendly brands for left-handed players.

Oscar Schmidt OU2LH – Best Overall

Oscar Schmidt OU2LH

The top pick in our list of the best left-handed ukuleles goes to the Oscar Schmidt OU2 model (check the price: Amazon).

This popular uke boasts a mahogany body and neck. Every instrument is inspected and adjusted by a skilled technician in the USA for quality assurance.

The OU2 has a beautiful satin finish that highlights the lovely wood grain and features a full-sized body. This design produces a warm tone you’ll love at an affordable price.

Oscar Schmidt ukuleles also come with an impressive lifetime warranty.

It has no body bindings and open-back tuners that are sure to please. The fingerboard is bound in authentic white rosewood, and the ukulele has perfect seams with no sharp edges.

You will find the instrument to have precise alignments and easy playability. It also boasts unexpectedly powerful projection and an authentic ukulele sound.

Martin Konter Left-Handed – Premium Option

Martin Konter Left-Handed

For those who want a ukulele with incredible playability and a jaw-dropping aesthetic, the Martin Konder soprano left-handed (check the price: Sweetwater) is a perfect candidate. That is, only if you’re willing to spend more of your hard-earned money on a new instrument.

The original Martin Konter ukulele can be found in the Martin Museum in Pennsylvania, but Martin Guitars released a special edition ukulele to celebrate the instrument’s place in American music history.

In 1926, Richard Konter took his ukulele to the North Pole on a famous expedition. It was smuggled under his airplane seat and became the first musical instrument brought to the North Pole.

Martin’s Konter ukulele is a replica of the original with lots of vintage charm and specific detail that mirror the famous original. It is crafted from modern tonewoods and set up specifically to Martin’s exacting standards.

It also produces a clean, clear sound with superb intonation and pleasing playability. Plus the instrument is a great conversation starter for anyone who loves American musical history.

Ranch Left-Handed Concert – Best Budget Option

Ranch Left-Handed Concert

For those on a tight budget who still want to purchase one of the best left-handed ukuleles, look no further than the Ranch left-handed concert ukulele (check the price: Amazon).

The price tag is very impressive when you consider the fine design details like an Okoume neck and headstock, along with an elegant Rosewood bridge and fingerboard.

The ukulele’s arched back gives it a strong resonant power and it even comes with a padded 10mm gig bag for traveling. The sleek Sapele top and backside pair well with the reliable Aquila strings for a stunning aesthetic.

It’s light, well-built, and designed especially with left-handed musicians in mind. The construction is sturdy and spacious with a smooth touch that makes playing easier than ever.

You’ll be amazed at all the value and style you get when you see this bargain ukulele for yourself.

Lefty Luna Mahogany Tattoo

Lefty Luna Mahogany Tattoo

Inspired by traditional Hawaiian skin ornamentation, the Luna Mahogany Tattoo ukulele (check the price: Amazon) features geometric patterns with many shapes and symbols representing the natural world once enjoyed by Hawaiian natives.

It has delightful fret markers shaped like a shark’s teeth, and the instrument sounds just as amazing as it looks.

The mahogany body produces a fuller tone and a walnut fingerboard provides impressive response and playability.

The ukulele gets etched with lasers on an open pore finish to achieve the unique tattoo effect. It allows the player to feel the design as they play.

Bondi Ripple Koa

Bondi Ripple Koa

Traditionally, Koa is one of the most popular woods used to make Hawaiian ukuleles.

Koa is considered by some as the best material to make ukes out of. So it’s no surprise that this Bondi ukulele (check the price: Amazon) made of beautiful koa wood ended up on a list of the best left-handed ukuleles.

The ukulele also has a mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard and bridge. All the wood receives a high gloss, and you will stand in awe of the elegant blue pearl bindings.

These features blend beautifully with the Koa wood. Aside from the lovely aesthetic, Koa provides an emphasized mid-tone.

Best of all, Bondi is known for their excellent customer service. So, not only will you enjoy an enviably lovely instrument, but you can also rest assured that Bondi has your back if anything goes wrong.



This magnificent concert ukulele from Kala (check the price: Amazon) has a gorgeous Pacific walnut body for a resonant tone that you won’t soon forget. Whether on the beach or under a bright spotlight, this uke is stage-ready and sure to blow your audience away.

Its sonic beauty is surpassed only by its eye-catching design, which incorporates a dark brown patterned grain for a touch of added class. The Kala concert ukulele’s satin finish and black bindings tie the stylish look together, alongside a rosewood fingerboard and a mahogany neck.

This amazing ukulele has unbelievable resonance and tone, thanks to the GraphTech NuBone saddle and nut.

The ukulele’s tone is clear, crisp, and focused. Its aesthetic is as unique as it is beautiful. This Kala model looks and sounds like a luxury splurge, but it’s a surprisingly affordable model.

Ortega Guitars RU5MM-L

Ortega Guitars RU5MM-L

The Ortega Bonfire Series concert ukulele (compare prices: Amazon, Guitar Center) has chrome-plated frets, a mahogany neck, a walnut fretboard and bridge, and a tortoise-style ABS binding.

You’ll find a charming “Butterfly and Grass” laser engraving along with diecast turning machines and a smooth, satin finish.

Not only does it look like a million bucks, but the RU5MM-L sounds incredible too!

You’ll hear an unmistakable bright, strong mid-range tone and find the modern design makes it an easy instrument to operate. Its design allows for impressive durability and precise tuning adjustments.

This concert-size model combines complete tonal development and sharp string articulation for that classic ukulele sound you want to hear.

What To Look for in a Left-Handed Ukulele

Even though we’ve provided a great list of the best left-handed ukuleles available, it will benefit you to know a little more about the instrument before committing to a purchase.

Consider this a buyer’s guide to assist you in finding the perfect left-handed ukulele.

No matter if you’ve just started playing or if you have been strumming for a long time, there are some key takeaways every prospective ukulele buyer should keep in mind.


Everyone knows that the most pivotal components of a great ukulele are sound quality and tonality. You always want that classic ukulele sound.

Even the best left-handed ukuleles need tuning to sound perfect, but there is still a way to test out how a potential ukulele might sound. Many retailers opt to post video-recording of their ukuleles online.

The videos let prospective customers hear how the ukuleles sound before buying.

Youtube is a great place to find videos like these when researching ukuleles.

Remember that tuning a ukulele is a little different than tuning a guitar. If you are unfamiliar with the instrument, it is best to learn how it should sound and how to adjust the uke properly.


When it comes to ukuleles, there are four sizes you can commonly buy. In order of size, the smallest is the soprano ukulele, then the concert ukulele, followed by the tenor ukulele, and the baritone.

The soprano ukulele averages about 21 inches in length. That is the ukulele size most familiar to the general public. The soprano ukulele works well for traveling musicians thanks to its compact size.

The concert ukulele measures 23 inches, and the larger size produces a deeper sound than a soprano.

Once you get to tenor ukuleles at 26 inches, the sound profile begins to change a bit. These ukuleles sound richer in tone, more like a regular guitar than the classic ukulele tone.

Finally, you have the baritone, which is 30 inches. It sounds even more like a guitar than a tenor ukulele. The tuning on a baritone ukulele is also quite different from the other three sizes.


Thankfully most left-handed ukuleles aren’t any more expensive than their right-handed counterparts. So you don’t have to worry about a southpaw upcharge when buying your beloved new instrument.

Both kinds of ukuleles are available for a small price tag. Some are as low as $50, some even lower.

Moderately priced ukuleles average in at around $2000-$300. Professional quality ukuleles can range much higher.

No matter how much you love ukuleles or want to learn how to play them, you should always consider your budget before making an expensive purchase.

When you buy a left-handed ukulele, be sure it has all the features you want so you get your money’s worth if you buy a more expensive model.


The majority of mid-level ukuleles are made from Mahogany. It is one of the most widely used woods because it is very cost-efficient and makes an amazing product.

Though many ukuleles are made from Mahogany, they might also feature accent woods like rosewood or ebony. There are solid wood ukuleles for musicians with a bigger budget, though some have laminated sides while others are made entirely from solid wood.

Many people believe that the best ukuleles are made from Koa or spruce wood because they create the truest tones. Other suitable ukulele woods include elm, lacewood, black limba, cocobolo, maple, walnut, and myrtle.

There are many different materials used to make the ukulele strings, and they vary from brand to brand, even product to product.

You can find strings made of steel, fluorocarbon, nylon, and more. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages and some are more expensive than others.


Though they are in the minority, the best left-handed ukuleles are not made of inferior material.

Nor do they have a second-rate design.

Cheaper ukuleles will always be low quality, regardless of whether they are for left or right-handers. It has nothing to do with the orientation of your strumming hand and everything to do with the quality you are willing to pay for.

The more visually appealing a ukulele is, the more it will cost. If aesthetics are an important part of a ukulele to you, then you’ll want high-quality materials that look stylish and expressive.

Some say only wooden ukuleles are worthy, but others swear that laminates can be just as good.

Laminate ukuleles certainly are more durable than their wooden counterparts, but every ukulele on this list is made out of wood.

Best Left-Handed Ukulele Brands

There are lots of different brands out there that specialize in stringed instruments like the ukulele. Not all of them are created equal, however.

For left-handed ukulele enthusiasts, it’s important to note that not all brands are lefty friendly. Some only design right-handed ukes because demand for right-handed ones is so much higher.

Then other brands embrace designing the best left-handed ukuleles on the market. Of those brands, some stick out better than most as industry leaders and move makers.

Below you will find the most left-hand-friendly brands that help pair lefties with the southpaw ukes of their wildest dreams.

Oscar Schmidt

Founded in 1871, the Oscar Schmidt company would go on to incorporate in 1911. By then the company boasted several European factories as well as a factory in Jersey City.

From the start, the company specialized in all sorts of string instruments. Banjos, mandolins, guitars, zithers, and of course ukuleles.

It did well into the early 20s as more salesmen delivered Oscar Schmidt instruments nationwide.

In Appalachia and the American south, the company did quite well. Their products were inexpensive, well made and they sounded heavenly. Fast forward to the present day and the Oscar Schmidt company is still selling finely crafted instruments for a fair price.

They use quality hardware and premium wood but still keep their prices reasonable. Their world-famous ukuleles are always carefully inspected by a skilled technician. This ensures they are up to snuff.

The company is unrivaled in its capacity to create an easy, quality instrument for all musicians everywhere, even left-handed ones.


Ortega guitars started back in 1994. Back then the company was pushing the envelope with inspiration from German guitar designs.

Ortega is an innovative, progressive company that strives to improve on customers’ expectations with all their acoustic instruments.

It might have begun as a guitar manufacturer, but they make many more instruments now. This hasn’t changed the company’s founding ideals, however. The beginning of Ortega saw the company aiming to create devices everyone can play with and afford, not just wealthy people.

For 25 years Ortega has extended their product range time and time again, using its expertise to make more and more quality musical instruments.

One heartwarming thing about this company is that they introduced many smaller-sized ukuleles for younger children to help them discover their love of music with ease.


Martin Guitars was founded long ago in 1833. Their history of crafting quality instruments stretches back many generations, even soldiers in the American Civil War.

This era helped shape much of the modern music we hear today, and so Martin holds a place in music history.

Household names like Neil Young, Elvis Presley, and Bob Dylan used Martin instruments, and even today popular acts like Ed Sheeran and John Mayer play on them.

The company has been and will continue to operate as a family-owned and operated business. Through the years Martin Guitars has prioritized high-quality standards, dedication to craftsmanship, and even protecting the environment.


Ohana means family in Hawaiian, and so Ohana Music was born. As a  company, they strive to represent the spirit of family and a love of music.

This small, local ukulele company is a stickler for quality. They make sure every instrument they sell is closely inspected before shipping it out to their international dealers worldwide.

They want to make ukuleles for musicians of all skill levels so they prioritize usability and functionality.

Ohana Music has its headquarters in Long Beach California and its motto is Quality, Playability, and Value. They were founded 16 years ago and show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Top Left-Handed Ukuleles, Final Thoughts

No matter how annoying, left-handed people are in the minority in society.

Though playing music left-handed can be a unique challenge, you can find some of the best left-handed ukuleles to get you started on your new musical journey.

Or if you are an accomplished left-handed musician looking for a more lefty-friendly instrument, the ukulele is a great choice.

So now that you’ve got your recommendations, what are you waiting for? Go on, get to strumming southpaw!