Kala KA-15S Review

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Ukuleles come in different sizes; the soprano, concert, and tenor, with the tenor being the largest. Kala is an infamous brand in the world of ukuleles, offering something for everyone, from the beginner to the expert. The brand made a huge spike when they first invented the Kala KA-15S ukulele, for many reasons that are to be discussed in this review. 

Just to cover the essentials, the Kala KA-15S is a soprano ukulele, which is the smallest in size, and travel-friendly! Soprano ukuleles cost less than larger sized ukes, and the cost is a vital aspect to look at, especially if you’re a beginner.

Generally speaking, if you’re a beginner, this model would be an excellent investment that you can keep for quite a long time without having to make another purchase. 

Are you attracted yet? Let’s discuss the Kala KA-15S in-depth and analyze its features one-by-one, to know more about the hype is all about and why this particular ukulele has become a classic.

At a Glance

The Kala KA-15S is an excellent value for beginners; both its quality and price are a perfect fit for those who are starting to learn the uke without wanting to break their wallets. 

Both its neck and body are made of mahogany, while the bridge and fretboard are rosewood. Accordingly, although it comes at a reasonable price, the mahogany construction allows it to deliver a warmer tone, a beautiful accent, and a louder voice.


● Durable material for the body, neck, bridge, and fretboard

● Great strings

● Elegant design

● Reasonably priced

● Loud in comparison to its size

● Comes with a gig bag and tuner


● The tuner is fragile

● Might need a proper set up upon arrival

Kala KA-15S Full Review


The most common problem with ukuleles is a high-action fret. High fret action means that the strings are too high off the neck, which makes the instrument harder to play and leads to the instrument going out of tune more often.

This problem usually comes with inexpensive ukuleles and entry-level ones, but the Kala KA-15S model has a surprisingly low fret action, making it easier to play, especially for beginners.

With the Kala KA-15S, it is unlikely to hear any buzzing noises or high frets, since the action is not only low but also even.


With regards to build, the Kala KA-15S model is designed elegantly with mahogany, which gives it a classic look and substantial building in comparison to its price. The neck is also mahogany, which features 12 silver nickel frets on a rosewood fretboard.

As for size, being a soprano ukulele, the Kala KA-15S has a full-body length of 21 inches, so it’s practically perfect for those with small hands.

The saddles are Graphtech NuBone on a nut with the same material. It is different from other budget instruments that use cheap plastic. The NuBone is known to produce a very consistent sound due to its hard and dense material. 

Kala ukuleles, in general, are accompanied by basic open-gear tuners, but they tend to be more fragile and go out of tune more often, so a replacement is preferable.

Last but not least, the strings! The Kala KA-15S arrives with a set of Aquila Super Nylgut strings that are set flawlessly on the instrument. You wouldn’t want to change them for a long time since they are among the best-sounding in the market.


Since size affects the momentum of the sound that could be produced from any instrument, it’s a given that the Kala KS-15S doesn’t have the best of sounds on the market. However, it offers balance in its range. The mahogany body allows it to produce that warm, happy sound we all yearn for from ukuleles.

Soprano ukuleles tend to have a more “tinkly” tone than larger ukes. That doesn’t mean that they sound “bad,” they’re just different. As mentioned, the Kala KA-15S has an excellent tone for a budget uke. If you’re after more bass, sustain, and volume, however, opt for a larger uke like a concert or a tenor.

Design Finish

A light matte finish produces the beautiful natural look that the Kala KA-15S has. It also enables the ukulele to resonate more freely, which helps with the clarity of the sound.

The laser-engraved rosette around the soundhole is another nice touch, giving it a simple yet elegant finish for a budget uke.

What’s Included In The Box:

● Ukulele

● Gig Bag

● Strap

● Kala Tuner

● Aquila Bionylon Strings

Users’ Reviews on Amazon

Those who have already bought the Kala KA-15S admire that it comes with a whole set of extras that includes a gig bag and a tuner. They’re also happy with the sound as it’s loud, clear, and bright without buzzing, spikes, or muddy lows.

In addition, it is perceived as a significant value for the price, and its high-quality craftsmanship is praised often. Many are also very appreciative of its lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around!

On the other hand, its body is was reviewed as being too tiny for those with relatively larger hands and fingers, and common complaints were directed towards the tuners, claiming that the ukulele goes out of tune more often than not, particularly at the beginning.

Final Thoughts On The Kala KA-15S

As you may have gathered, the Kala KA-15S is ideal for beginners, yet also suitable for intermediate and seasonal players. There’s a reason why a clear crowd favorite, due to all the reasons mentioned in this review!

Beginners would have a hard time finding a better choice than this Kala model to choose. The built, durability, playability, and tone are better than most of the other budget ukuleles offered to those at the entry-level phase. Great overall value is the distinguishing factor of this ukulele!

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