How To Strum a Ukulele: The Ultimate Guide

How To Strum a Ukulele

Ukuleles can be fun yet challenging instruments to learn. One of the most important part of learning to play the ukulele is getting the unique strumming pattern down. From there, all it takes is patience and practice.

Strumming a ukulele is a unique motion that certainly takes practice to get down, but with a few detailed, specific motions, correctly strumming a ukulele can become second nature. Read on to discover the proper way to strum the ukulele, some of the strumming notations, and a few ways to develop your abilities.

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7 Best Kala UBASS Ukuleles 2021 – Expert Opinion

Best Kala UBASS Ukuleles

If you’re looking for a UBASS, you’ve obviously got a special taste in instruments.

These are fun little basses that are highly portable, and easy to bring with you anywhere you go.

If you like playing rhythmically and adding harmony to songs, or if you aspire to play like Davie504 or Charles Berthoud one day, I admit, the UBASS is a unique and fun way to start!

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the best Kala UBASS ukuleles.

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The Strings on a Ukulele Ordered and Named

The Strings on a Ukulele Ordered and Named

Whether you plan to learn the ukulele on your own or attend a class, knowing the order of strings and their names is among the first things you should remember. This information is also useful for advanced players because they need it to tune their ukulele correctly. Besides, you’ll be better equipped to play scales, among other things.

However, if you have zero knowledge about the ukulele, the instrument can be quite intimidating. But don’t fret (pun intended). We’ve provided a comprehensive guide on ukulele strings. Find out their names, their order, and more in this article.

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15 Best Ukulele Strings 2021 – Brands Compared

Best Ukulele Strings

In order to be used to its full potential, a ukulele must be outfitted with the proper strings. It can be difficult to know what ukulele strings are the best to purchase for your specific purposes. Different types of strings can change the tone and visual characteristics of your ukulele.

Keep reading to find out more about the best ukulele strings and how to select strings that will truly give you both the best sound and look for your ukulele.

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29 Best Ukulele Christmas Songs 2021 For Those Happy Holidays!

Best Ukulele Christmas Songs

Christmas may only come around once a year, but it always seems to come a little earlier than the year before.

As businesses prepare for the biggest retail quarter of the year, the sound of Christmas music begins to take over the airwaves, warming hearts, evoking a sense of nostalgia, and preparing us for a time of celebration and holiday cheer.

In short, Christmas music is essential, and it should be a part of every ukulele player’s repertoire!

In this guide, we’ll look at the best ukulele Christmas Songs for the holidays.

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How to Make a Ukulele, a Beginner’s Guide

How to Make a Ukulele

Ever wanted to make your own ukulele? Or just curious on the process? Great, in this article we’ll show you the steps to doing just that.

Please take this guide as a starting point more than anything; unless you’ve experience with woodwork, chances are you’ll need more through instruction. That said, if you’re

Below, we’ll cover all the steps required to build your very own ukulele so you can be strumming along in no time! You can also see video instructions on how to make a ukulele at the bottom of this article.

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8 Best Ukulele Picks 2021 – Various Materials & Shapes Compared

Best Ukulele Picks

The best ukulele pick depends on who is using it, and everyone has their own style. Thankfully, there’s plenty of ukulele picks out there to choose from. Whether you’re trying to avoid tender or calloused fingers or just get the right sound, we could help you choose the pick you need.

Keep reading, and we will help get you on the right track to playing tunes the way you want to hear them!

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How To Play Ukulele For Beginners 2021 – Easy Step By Step Guide

How To Play the Ukulele For Beginners

Playing the ukulele is becoming a popular pastime among people all around the world. However, it might seem daunting to try to learn how to play this brand-new instrument. There are not very many simplified guides online that can help you out.

This guide will provide you with an easy step-by-step manual to help you learn how to play this wonderful instrument. Though it will still take a lot of practice, the steps listed here should be an excellent kicking-off point to get you started on your ukulele journey.

So let’s learn how to play ukulele!

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Ukulele Sizes, Types, & Differences – Soprano vs Concert vs Tenor vs Baritone

Ukulele Sizes Compared

Not all ukuleles are made equal. In fact, there is a huge amount of difference between many models. They come in many shapes, sizes, and types; soprano, concert and tenor to name a few.

But what do these differences mean? This is what we help you learn in this article. By knowing this, you’ll be able to make a much more informed decision on which ukulele is right for you.

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