Bm Ukulele Chord – How To Play B Minor

Bm Ukulele Chord

Some chords are harder than others.

The Bm chord is one that can prove a little challenging, especially if you’re only used to playing open chords and have no experience with barre chords yet.

Don’t worry, though, because in this guide, we’ll show you how to play Bm on ukulele.

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8 Best Ukulele Chord Progressions Ever

Ukulele Chord Progressions

Chord progressions form the foundation of every song you can think of! And while songs can take many forms, and some are little more than single note melodies, chords nevertheless end up being outlined and implied in the music, because of the song’s key signature and instrumentation. What does that …

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How to Read Ukulele Chord Diagrams for Beginners

How to Read Ukulele Chord Diagrams for Beginners

There comes a point where each beginner ukulele player realizes they need to learn to read chord diagrams. Afterall, these can help you play some of the most beautiful songs you can imagine. So how can you read ukulele chord diagrams?

When you are first starting, imagine the chord chart as the front of your ukulele. When facing it, you will notice that the diagram outlines a shape similar to the fretboard. From there, you can start to infer what certain notations may be and where your fingers should be placed.

It is no secret that musical notation can be complicated, especially if you are a beginner. Even with an initial, base understanding of what you are looking at, you may still find yourself a little lost. What does a ukulele diagram really notate? Where do your fingers go? We will break down each part of the diagram and how to read it so you can learn with ease.

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