5 Best Ukulele Stands 2024

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The following article is a review of five of the best ukulele stands on the market. It also includes a small buyer’s guide near the end to help you make the best decision on which stand to purchase.

I won’t waste your time, let’s get into it my uke buddy. 🙂

Stagg SUVM-A100BK

Stagg SUVM-A100BK

The most highly reviewed ukulele stand on this list is the Stagg SUVM-A100BK. This foldable stand is made from solid steel with soft rubber covering the hooks. The steel makes the stand sturdy and long lasting, while the rubber prevents your instrument from getting scratched.

The stand has the following features:

  • It rests on the floor in an “A” shape, with two hooks to hold the body of the instrument
  • It has a backrest to help support the instrument and keep it upright
  • It folds easily for simple storage and travel and has a locking mechanism to stand safely without collapsing.

The only disadvantage of this stand is that it doesn’t have a third part to hold the neck of the ukulele like a tripod stand does. As a result, it can get knocked over easily if someone runs into it, but it’ll hold your ukulele safely if it’s left alone.

Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger

Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger

The Ukulele Wall Mount Hanger is a little different from the other stands on this list because, as the name suggests, it fastens the ukulele to the wall. It can serve as something functional to store your ukulele, and as a decoration to show it off.

Wall mounts are typically made from wood with heavy-duty plastic in the hook that holds the instrument. They are very easy to install and can hold up to fifty pounds, so they can hold any ukulele you have.

The only disadvantage of the wall stand is that you’ll have to get your own materials to mount it from the hardware store. Screws or drywall mounts should do just fine, but it is considered when purchasing this wall mount.

Kala Mahogany Ukulele Stand

Kala Mahogany Ukulele Stand

The Kala Mahogany Ukulele Stand is the smallest stand on this list, but its small size doesn’t make it less effective. The simplistic design is made out of strong mahogany wood with black felt on the edges to protect the instrument.

This stand has the following features:

  • Its “X” shape makes it easy for the instrument to lean against it and be supported
  • It has two curved hooks on the front help keep the ukulele steady
  • It folds up easily so you can put it in your instrument’s bag and carry it with you anywhere.

The thing that makes it stand out from the other stands is how easy it is to assemble. All you have to do is slide the two pieces together and set it up wherever you want it.

On Stage XCG4

On Stage XCG4

The next stand on the list is the On Stage XCG4. It’s a tripod stand that has an additional extendable limb to hold the neck of the ukulele. It’s designed to hold your instrument while on stage during a performance, but it works just as well as a stand in your music room or anywhere else.

The tripod stand is made from sleek black stainless steel for durability and includes rubber coverings to protect your instrument. The rubber coverings on the hooks near the bottom of the stand and on the neck limb prevent the instrument from slipping or getting scratched.

A common complaint about this tripod stand is that you have to make sure the instrument is set in completely straight. Otherwise, it might tip to one side and fall out. But as long as the instrument is straight in the stand, it will stay put.

LC Prime Ukulele Stand

LC Prime Ukulele Stand

Last but not least, the LC Prime Ukulele Stand is the second smallest stand on this list. It’s slightly bigger than the previous stand but is still fairly minimalistic.

It’s made from durable stainless steel with cushioned silicone on the hooks. The stand has an extendable neck limb, but the stand, in its entirety, is very small. It can also fold up easily so you can place it into your instrument’s bag and take it with you anywhere.

One thing to be aware of with this stand is that its small size makes it easy to knock over. If you place it somewhere it won’t get knocked over, such as on a desk or table, then you don’t have to worry too much about it. But if it’s on the floor, knocking over the stand potentially means damaging your instrument. As long as you’re careful, then this stand will keep your instrument steady.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Ukulele Stand?

The brief product reviews above should give you a good idea of some of the best stands on the market. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but they still might not work for every musician’s needs. The next few sections are a short explanation of what to look for when you’re buying your ukulele stand.

Knowing what to look for, especially if it’s your first time buying a stand, will help you make the best decision for your instrument’s needs. 

The Size of Your Ukulele

The first thing to look for when purchasing a ukulele stand is the size and design of your ukulele. All ukuleles are the same size, usually about 50-60 centimeters long. The size of the ukulele depends on the number of strings it has. The most common sizes of ukuleles include:

  • 53 centimeters for a soprano ukulele
  • 58 centimeters for a concert ukulele
  • 66 centimeters for a tenor ukulele

Knowing the size of your ukulele is important because you want to buy a stand that will fit it snugly. If the stand is too large, it will cause your ukulele to slip out and possibly get damaged. If the stand is too small, you won’t fit your ukulele in and it can fall out. Your stand should fit your ukulele perfectly to prevent any slipping or falling.

How Portable The Stand Is

A stand’s portability is either extremely important or not that important, depending on the type of musician you are. If you are more of a stay at home musician or play the ukulele as a hobby, then having a larger stand isn’t a bad idea. It’ll keep your ukulele safe from damage just as well as a shorter stand.

If you’re more of an on the go musician and are constantly transporting from performance to performance, then a smaller stand is the better option. A smaller stand will be easier to carry around from performance to performance, and it can fit into your music bag easier. If the stand is foldable, that will make everything even easier.

Floor Stands Vs. Wall Mounts

The two most common types of ukulele stands are floor stands and wall mounts. Floor stands are the more portable of the two since they don’t install into anything and are lightweight, making them easy to carry. The main disadvantage of them is that they can get knocked over easily, making your ukulele fall over.

Wall stands, on the other hand, are the sturdier of the two. They install directly into the wall and will prevent your ukulele from being knocked over and damaged. The only downside to them is that you can’t take them anywhere, since they are fastened securely to the wall.  Both stands are good for ukuleles, but you’ll have to decide which one is the best for your musician lifestyle. You can have either the wall mount or the floor stand, or you can have both. One can be for display, and the other for convenience. Just be sure to consider the pros and cons of each one before deciding which one to get.

Top Ukulele Stands, Final Thoughts

Whether you’re going for a wall stand or a floor stand, the above models are a good choice. While not the biggest purchase when talking about ukulele equipment, getting a good stand will make the simple job of holding your ukulele something you don’t have to think about. So get one of the above so you can get back to playing your uke. 🙂