Em Ukulele Chord – How To Play E Minor

Em Ukulele Chord – How To Play E Minor

The Em chord is an essential, especially if you’re playing songs in the keys of Em and G.

But how do you play it? For beginners it can be a little confusing.

Don’t worry because you’ve landed yourself in the right place. In this guide, we show you exactly how to play the Em ukulele chord, the easy way.

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Dm Ukulele Chord – How To Play D Minor

Dm Ukulele Chord

Learning chords is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to become a better ukulele player and learn more songs.

While some beginners and students find chords easy to pick up, it can take a little longer for. There’s no right or wrong – practice is par for the course, no matter how developed your instinct may be.

In this guide, we’ll be looking specifically at the D minor chord and how to play it. You should have it mastered by the end of this guide if you put in the work.

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Cm Ukulele Chord – How To Play C Minor

Cm Ukulele Chord

If it’s time for you to learn the Cm chord, it probably means you’ve come across the chord and didn’t know how to play it, or the song you’re currently learning utilizes the chord and you’re not sure how to approach it.

Either way, it will be necessary to pick up most chords at some point. Cm isn’t the easiest chord of the bunch, but not the hardest either. Of course, there are some things you should know as you look to learn how to play it.

In this guide, we cover how to play C minor on the ukulele.

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Bm Ukulele Chord – How To Play B Minor

Bm Ukulele Chord

Some chords are harder than others.

The Bm chord is one that can prove a little challenging, especially if you’re only used to playing open chords and have no experience with barre chords yet.

Don’t worry, though, because in this guide, we’ll show you how to play Bm on ukulele.

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Tenor Ukulele Tuning, A How To Tutorial

Tenor Ukulele Tuning

A tenor ukulele has tuning pegs. As such, tuning plays an important role in playing the uke. Did you expect any less? Well, we know that it can be a bit of a challenging process figuring out how to tune your instrument. That’s why we prepared this guide. Here’s a how-to tutorial on how to … Read more

Baritone Ukulele Tuning, A How To Tutorial

Baritone Ukulele Tuning

Looking to get your baritone uke tuned up? Until you have some experience under your belt, this can be a little confusing and frustrating. Don’t worry, though, because we’re here to help. And long-term, it only gets easier. You might even have everything you need to ensure perfect tuning by the time you reach the … Read more

Bruddah Iz – A Look At Ukulele Player Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

Bruddah Iz

Bruddah Iz is one of the most iconic ukulele musicians who provided a resurgence in this unique instrument’s sound and influence in modern music. He was a famous Hawaiian singer, songwriter, musician, and Hawaiian sovereignty activist.

Bruddah Iz is famous for his fantastic performances of Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World. He is one of Hawaii’s most famous icons. His unique style included his beloved ukulele for playing Hawaiian music, folk, and traditional themes, which are still heard all around the world today. In addition, Iz dabbled in reggae, jazz, and even country as he incorporated his ukulele skills beyond the borders.

Although you can find five variations of the ukulele today, including soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and bass, Bruddah Iz favored his Martin T1 Tenor ukulele. Some have said that he cradled his beloved instrument the day he died.

Iz included the Low-G tuning in his music while enabling him to use an extra five bass notes. Because this instrument only has four strings, this unique tuning provides an additional sound that is not available otherwise. 

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5 Best Hawaiian Ukulele Makers

Best Hawaiian Ukulele Makers

The ukulele is a small instrument with a long history. You might not know it, but the Hawaiian word “ukulele” translates to “jumping flea.”

If you’ve played or heard the instrument, you probably understand how it got this name. Your fingers move quickly over the strings, jumping around to play a song. The four strings create a bright, happy sound when you pluck them.

If the idea of a flea puts you off, there’s another theory about this instrument’s name. In Hawaiian, “uku” translates to “gift,” and “lele” means “to come.” Put together, the word means “the gift that came here.”

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Where Was the Ukulele Invented? & Other Ukulele Facts

Where Was the Ukulele Invented?

No other instrument sounds, or looks, quite like the ukulele. This tiny member of the lute family has made a big impact on music worldwide, enchanting players and listeners alike.

As you might expect from such a unique instrument, the history of the ukulele is a one-of-a-kind, globe-spanning tale with a note of mystery. Let’s take a closer look at how the instrument we love so much came to be.

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