67 Easy Ukulele Songs For Beginners 2024 With Tabs

Most ukulele students begin their journey learning from boring method books.

Now, it’s good to learn the fundamentals. But did you know that, even as a beginner, you can pick up a lot of popular songs – even your favorites – relatively quickly?

For the most part, all you need are a handful of easy ukulele chords, and working on songs honestly makes for great practice too.

Here, we’ll look at a number of easy ukulele songs for kids. They include tabs in multiple genres; pop, rock, punk rock, alternative rock, grunge, country, folk, roots, reggae, and more!

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“I’m Yours” By Jason Mraz

The laid-back, happy beach vibe “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz couldn’t be more perfect for the tropically evocative ukulele.

The entire song uses just five easy chords (Am, C, D7, F, and G), and for the most part, only uses four.

There are even easier songs on this list, to be fair, but this Jason Mraz song would be a good one for all beginners to give a go.

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“Save Tonight” By Eagle-Eye Cherry

“Save Tonight” is a late 90s favorite, and the perfect song to play at backyard parties or campfires (speaking from experience). This song is easy to sing along to, and it’s just four chords repeating (Am, F, C, G) throughout the whole song start to finish.

Chords: Tabs 4 Ukulele

“Mr. Jones” By Counting Crows

There’s less to this early 90s hit than you might think – because you can play it with just five chords (Am, C, Dm, F, and G).

The hardest chord for a uke player is going to be Dm, but I promise with practice is gets better, so don’t give up on this one.

Ukulele Chords: UkuTabs

“With Or Without You” By U2

If “With Or Without You” wasn’t a big hit upon its release (hint: it was – it became the group’s most successful single at the time), the TV sitcom Friends certainly immortalized it.

But when you want to make a statement emotionally, simple is often best, and this song only features 4 chords repeating (D, A, Bm, G). Bm can take some getting used to, to be fair, so be patient with yourself.

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“The One I Love” By R.E.M.

R.E.M.’s moody and mellow alt-rock vibes were all the rage in the 80s and 90s. “The One I Love” is a radio favorite to this day, and while it features five chords total (Em, D, G, Am, C), you can play much of the song with just two, so no difficult strumming patterns to master.

Ukulele Tab: Ukulele Tabs and Chords

“Wonderful Tonight” By Eric Clapton

If you’re in a romantic mood, or want to dedicate a song to your girlfriend, God’s “Wonderful Tonight” is sure to impress (“God” being one of Clapton’s nicknames). But isn’t Slowhand’s songs a little hard to play?

Well, while emulating his lead guitar might prove an uphill battle for a beginner, the underlying structure of “Wonderful Tonight” is just five easy chords (C, D, Em, G, and G7).

D and Em can take a little getting used to, though, so hang in there!

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“Stay With Me” By Sam Smith

“Stay With Me” is a Sam Smith’s original that was in no way inspired by Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.”

Pointed humor aside, it’s understandable that you might want to cover this sentimental tune. Besides, you could even create a medley of the two songs.

“Stay With Me” is built on a few chords for perfectly easy for kids – Am, C, F, and G.

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“Free Fallin’” By Tom Petty

Speaking of Tom Petty, it’s hard to forget this late 80s hit that seemingly transcends time.

Although there are four chords in the song (G, C, C/B, and D), you can technically play it with just three. The C/B is a transitionary chord more than anything, but it can add some color to your playing.

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“Wonderwall” By Oasis

Maybe it’s overplayed, but it still stands one of Oasis’ most recognizable tunes. And most acoustic guitarists and uke players will attempt it at some point.

“Wonderwall” isn’t too difficult to learn for adults. There are some small nuances that can make it a little challenging, but chord wise, you just need A, B, D, E, and Gbm.

B and E can take some getting used to though.

Ukulele Tab: UkuTabs

“Kryptonite” By 3 Doors Down

Remember when post-grunge was starting to grow in popularity? If so, this is one of those easy uke songs you’ll want to pick up! Bands like 3 Doors Down and oodles of others (like Nickelback, Creed, Hinder, Seether, Staind, and so on) started churning out identical sounding content.

I jest a little, but “Kryptonite” kind of stands out because it’s a cool Superman-themed tune.

You can play “Kryptonite” with just three chords: A, Bm, and G6. Its “serious” sound comes from that Bm.

Chords: UkuTabs

“Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” By Bob Dylan

When I think of all-time, late-night bar crowd singalongs, it’s hard not to think of Bob Dylan’s cowboy themed “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

You can play the entire song with just four chords (Am7, C, D, and G) and its tempo is quite slow, so that makes it easy to play along with too.

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Beginner Ukulele Songs, “End Of The Line” By Travelling Wilburys

Supergroup Travelling Wilburys became known for their simple songs executed to perfection.

“End Of The Line” is a three-chord wonder (A, D, G), but if you think it’s “easy,” try strumming along with the precision-perfect strumming in the original, especially while singing. It’s harder than it seems.

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“3AM” By Matchbox Twenty, A Popular Ukulele Song For Newbies

Here’s another fun to play 90s tune suited to fireside singalongs.

You just need four easy chords (G, Cadd9, D, and Em) to play along with this one, and you can play most of it without the Em.

Don’t be intimidated by the Cadd9. You can work it out!

Ukulele Tab: Ukulele Tabs and Chords

“Closing Time” By Semisonic

Semisonic wrote the ultimate bar gig send off tune in the form of “Closing Time.” I could be wrong, but it might be the only song in said category.

There are some nuances in this song that can make it a little tricky, but you only need five chords total (Am, Bb, C, D, and G) to play it, and you can get through most of the song without the Bb.

Chords: UkuTabs

“Yellow” By Coldplay, An Easy Ukulele Song

Who can resist Coldplay’s trademark, the ever romantic, “Yellow?”

This song uses minor chord Am, C, F, G, and Gm, but you can play most of the it with just C, G, and F.

Ukulele Chords: UkuTabs

“…Baby One More Time” By Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ breakout hit “…Baby One More Time” is a little tricky chord wise, but you only need four to be able to play it – Bm, D, Em, and Gb. Take your time with these!

Tab: UkuTabs

“Genie In A Bottle” By Christina Aguilera

We couldn’t push Britney on the playlist without following it up with Christina. And in some ways, “Genie In A Bottle” is easier than “…Baby One More Time.”

You just need Am, Gm, F, and E7 to play it.

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