Best Ukulele Case in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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If you are a ukulele player, then you should have a ukulele case to protect your instrument. A lot of beginners think that because they got affordable ukuleles, then it is not that important to get a case and that it only matters if your instrument is expensive. 

The truth is, if you have an inexpensive instrument, it should be more of a reason why you ought to buy a hard ukulele case because chances are, your ukulele breaks a lot easier than other ukuleles that have higher qualities. 

On the other hand, if you already have an expensive instrument, then you shouldn’t risk breaking it. All of this leaves us with one conclusion: Every player should own a case to protect their instrument. 

In this guide, we will talk to you about the best ukulele cases around and the features of each. We also made sure to mention some good yet affordable options for all the players who are on a tight budget. 

So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into things. 

List of the Best Ukulele Cases:

Our Top Picks:

CaseMaterialUkulele sizeColor
Knox GearFoam with nylon covering and molded plastic handleSoprano, Concert, Tenor, and BaritoneBlack
Gealux CasePolyfoamConcertBlack
CloudMusicCotton with metal zippersTenorBlue
Carrion C-1640Multi-ply wood core with black tolex exterior and chrome plated brass hardware lockable latchesSopranoBlack
Hot Seal SpongeKnitted fabric with cotton sponge handle and a double metal zipperSoprano, Concert, and tenorBohemia No.2
TosnailCotton with metal zipperTenorNot specified
Gator DeluxePlywood with black Telex PVCSoprano, Concert, and tenorBlack
Gator Gig BagNylonTenorBlack
CrossrockAnti-Scratch ABS FiberglassWoodSoprano, Concert, and tenorNine different colors
Gator JourneymanPebble Weave burlapSoprano, Concert, and tenorBeige and Espresso

The 10 Best Ukulele Cases

Knox Gear Ukulele Padded Protective Carrying Case 

Knox Gear Ukulele

One of its best features is that it is waterproof on the outside. On the inside, you can see the usual black plush padding. 

The case does a decent job when it comes to storage because there is a large pocket on the front, which makes it easy for you to store your accessories. 

Also, there is a smaller pocket on the inside. Usually, hard cases come with a tiny pocket on the inside. However, the pocket on the inside of the Knox Gear Case is big enough for you to store your small accessories. You can easily keep your tuners or even a harmonica inside the pocket.

You can find this case in soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sizes. 

The only concern is that the case happens to be a bit bulkier than the hard-shell cases. However, it is still easy to carry. 


  • Light 
  • Waterproof 
  • Excellent storage space
  • Available for all the different ukulele sizes


  • A little bulky

Final Verdict 

Knox Gear padded case is one of the best waterproof ukuleles you can find. It is lightweight with two pockets, and it comes with a shoulder strap in addition to the plastic handle. 

Gearlux Concert Ukulele Case 

Gearlux Concert

Gearlux made a pretty compelling case that will pamper your instrument as long as it’s in the case. 

Just like the Knox case we talked about earlier, this one is all black with a padded interior. It is made of sturdy polyfoam, and the inside is lush to ensure that your ukulele won’t be scratched. 

You could be sure that your instrument will be as good as new if you kept it in this case. 

It comes with two carrying handles and a shoulder strap, which makes it super convenient. 

Also, there is an exterior pocket for you to find space for your extras while you are traveling around. 

There’s a single drawback, which is the absence of holding straps to prevent the instrument from moving around inside the case while carrying it. However, since the inside is too soft and the outside is pretty hard, you’re instrument will be safe inside.

Last but not least, the case is super affordable and costs less than $40. 


  • The case has two handles and comes with a shoulder strap
  • Sturdy polyfoam construction
  • There is an external pocket for holding your accessories 
  • Affordable


  • No straps to hold the ukulele down

Final Verdict 

Gearlux Concert case is both good looking and high quality. It has what it takes to protect your instrument, and yet it’s pretty affordable. 

CloudMusic National Hawaiian Ukulele Case (Varying Designs)

CloudMusic National Hawaiian

This case has Hawaiian vibes with a beautiful Hawaiian print in a blue shade (though designs vary). It is aesthetic and matches the ukulele’s spirit. 

It makes a great alternative to any hard-shell case. The soft gig bag is made of cotton with an internal 10mm padding, which is thick enough to protect your instrument and keep it unscratched. 

It is one of the most convenient ukulele cases because the straps come in a backpack style. This makes it more comfortable to carry without straining your shoulders.

There is an exterior accessory pocket for your little extras. 


  • Sufficient padding 
  • Variety of colors are available
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty purposes

Final Verdict

CloudMusic makes the best cheap ukulele cases. If you don’t travel a lot, but you play in a band, and you want a case that will make moving with your uke all over your town easier for you, then this soft case is the way to go. 

Hot Seal Sponge Padding Ukulele Case

Hot Seal Sponge Padding

Hot Seal is one of the best ukulele cases that you will instantly adore. The design of the case is cheerful and sweet, with bright colors and patterns that will remind you of Hawaii every time your eyes catch it. 

The case has a 10 mm padding, which is enough to protect your ukulele from knocks. Also, it is waterproof so, accidental spills won’t ruin your instrument. 

The brand makes cases for different ukulele sizes, including soprano, concert, and tenor. 

Finally, we should mention that this case has a backpack carrying straps, in addition to the convenient carrying handle. This makes it much easier to carry your instrument and adds to the reasons why you will love this case. 


  • Attractive Hawaiian design 
  • Waterproof 
  • Backpack carrying style 
  • Affordable


  • Padding is a little thin

Final Verdict 

Hot Seal cases are just adorable, but most importantly, they are too decent for their price range. We think this is a perfect choice for anyone who is on a tight budget and wants to get an artistic case. Even though a lot of people who review the case wish it had thicker padding, they all agree it is sufficient to protect your ukulele.

Tosnail Heavy Duty Ukulele Case

Tosnail Heavy Duty

Tosnail Heavy Duty is one of the best gig bags you can find out there. It is for tenor ukuleles and comes in a lovely pattern print that everyone finds attractive. 

Being a soft gig bag, it is pretty expected that it is made of cotton. However, you will be happy to know that this case is made of high-quality cotton, and the zipper is of high quality, which makes the case suitable for heavy duties. 

Interiorly, the padding is quite plush, and there’s a reinforced pad for the headstock of the ukulele. 

There are two carrying handles, one of which is a shoulder strap, so it is convenient for anyone to lug this over their shoulders. 

You will find an accessory pocket on the case for your music sheets, tuners, and other stuff. 

All in all, this tenor gig bag has the full package. 


  • Attractive appearance
  • Plush padding with a reinforced pad for the headstock 


  • The pocket gets a bit too tight when the instrument is inside 

Final Verdict 

Tosnail is an attractive and affordable tenor ukulele case. It is sturdy enough for the best protection of your instrument. Meanwhile, it is convenient to carry around.

Gator Deluxe Hard-Shell Wood Case

Gator Deluxe Hard-Shell Wood Case

Gator Cases Deluxe Hardshell is a dependable case for all the artists who move around a lot. 

Gator offers different sizes of cases for different ukuleles sizes, including soprano, concert, and tenor. 

It is made of plywood with a black Telex PVC covering. The interior of the case is padded to ensure that your instrument stays safe and protects the ukulele from any sudden impact. 

The case has an ergonomic handle that you can use to carry it around. Also, you will find a small pocket under the neck of the case where you can store your tuner, straps, spare strings, and other accessories. 


  • Solid construction
  • A comfortable handle
  • Spacious on the inside 
  • Well-padded interior to resist impact


  • Locks’ material isn’t the best 

Final Verdict

Gator Cases Deluxe is pretty nifty. They are super sturdy and unexpectedly affordable. Consider these cases if you travel a lot, you won’t regret it. 

Gator Cases Gig Bag Tenor Style Ukuleles Case

Gator Cases Gig Bag Tenor Style

Since we talked about Gator, we had to mention this gig bag. It is a great tenor ukulele case that’s a little bit more special than the previous case.

Of course, this model has excellent construction as well, with plenty of internal space to easily fit your tenor ukulele. 

One difference between this case and the previous one is that the interior padding is reinforced at the headstock to keep your instrument in the best condition possible. 

Also, the model comes with backpack straps, which are more convenient and make the case more portable. 

Lastly, just like the previous model, this one comes with an external pocket to store your essentials, which, more often than not, comes in handy. 


  • Excellent construction
  • Reinforced headstock 
  • Backpack style straps 


  • Not the best for heavy-duty protection 

Final Verdict

Gator makes amazing gig bags. If you have a tenor ukulele and you are looking for a soft case, then this should be on the top of your list. 

Crossrock Ukulele Hard-Shell Case 

Crossrock Ukulele Hard-Shell

This is one of the best hard-shell ukulele cases that are highly resistant to impact. One of the things that make this case really special is the fact there are nine different colors for you to choose from and three different materials for the outer side as well. 

All three materials are great and hard enough to provide an impressive level of protection against any sudden knows with a plush lining to make sure to avoid any scratches.

There is an internal storage box for you to keep your accessories safe. 

One downside that some customers complained about is having a hard time keeping the case open. The reason is that the straps are quite short, so it’s not easy to open the case enough to be putting the instrument in or getting it out comfortably. 


  • Highly resistant to impact
  • Available in nine different colors 
  • Plenty of space for accessory storage 
  •  Latches are durable 


  • Hard to keep the case open 

Final Verdict 

If you are looking for a case with a beautiful and stylish color that can keep your precious instrument safe and scratch-free, then you just found it. 

Gator Journeyman Series Deluxe Wood Case 

Gator Journeyman Series Deluxe Wood Case

This is another excellent case from Gator that looks rather stylish and luxurious. The case has a lovely espresso finish, and it is only available in that one color. It is made of wood and pebble weave burlap. Also, it features high-quality brass latches with a soft velvet interior. 

As expected, there is a storage box for all the accessories. You can carry the case using the molded handle, or you can use the shoulder strap; however, some have some difficulties with the straps because the clasp comes loose easily. 


  • Durable material that’s highly resistant to impact 
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Easy to carry around 


  • Strap Clasp can come loose easily 

Final Verdict 

Gator Journeyman is a snug fit ukulele case that will keep your instrument sitting tightly inside and resist all shocks and sudden drops. If you like the light beige espresso color match, then it is an excellent option for you. 

Carrion C-1640 Hard-Shell Soprano Ukulele Case 

Carrion C-1640 Hard-Shell Soprano

Carrion is one of the popular and trusted brands for making high-quality cases. Its cases aren’t only for ukuleles, but also, you will find cases for mandolins, banjos, dreadnought guitars, and more. Actually, they make cases for all kinds of fretted instruments. 

The C-1640 soprano is a hard-shell case that doesn’t only look good, but it is sturdy and solid in construction. The case is made of multi-ply and chrome-plated locks, which makes it durable and usable for a long time. It will stay solid for years after your first purchase; you might not need to replace it, ever. 

The case is excellent for regular use as well as traveling, so; it can’t be a wrong choice in any way. 

Of course, the interior part of the case is padded to keep your instrument safe and protected. Also, there is an accessory storage space for your extras. 


  • Sturdy construction 
  • High-quality locks 
  • Accessory storage space 
  • Durable 


  • Not easy to control 

Final Verdict 

Carrion C-1640 is a classy, solid, and beautiful case. You can rest assured that your ukulele is in good hands. It is worth much more than its actual price.

Why Do You Need a Ukulele Case?

The obvious answer to this question is: to protect your instrument. However, a lot of times, people don’t really understand what they are protecting their instrument from, so they think that it is not really important to get a case if they have an expensive high-quality ukulele. 

Also, there is another important reason why you need to buy a ukulele case. So, let’s take a deeper look at things. 

The first thing we would like to point out is that hazards that might affect your ukulele are not only drops and knocks. 

You should protect your instrument from environmental hazards as well, like dust and humidity. Besides, spills might ruin your instrument and spoil the wood that makes it up.  

To avoid this, you should make sure to clean your instrument regularly and maybe oil it every now and then. 

However, you should keep your instrument in a safe place isolated from these hazardous environmental factors, especially if you don’t practice regularly or you are traveling without taking the instrument with you.

It’s not never a good idea to just leave your ukulele beside the wall for the dust to eat. 

Another important reason why you might need to buy a ukulele case is to travel or move around with the instrument easily. This is why the cases usually have handles and carrying straps. 

Instead of just walking around with your instrument in your hand, you can get a case with backpack style straps and have your hands free all through your traveling journey. 

How to Pick a Ukulele Case

There are a lot of cases on the market, and as you can see, most of them have the same features. Are you wondering how to get to buy the right one? Let us just walk you through it. 

1. Decide the Type of Case You Need

There are three different types of cases: hard cases, soft shell cases, and soft cases.

They offer different levels of protection and come at different price ranges. 

Hard Cases 

As the name suggests, these cases are completely solid, and they provide the highest level of protection. Now, there’s one thing to bear in mind; a cheap hard case will be worse than a well-padded case. 

What you want to do is to stay on the higher end of the spectrum. The best hard cases are made of ABS or polycarbonate or aluminum. 

On the cheaper end, you will find cases made of Vinyl or Rolex covered plywood. Some hard cases are top-notch with secure small accessory champers and humidification systems. These are the ultimate best to withstand knocks, environmental hazards, and crushes. 

Soft Shell Cases 

Soft-shell cases are halfway between hard cases and soft cases. They are usually made of padded nylon with rigid sides. The sides provide extra protection to avoid smashes. 

The cases are great for those who pack their instrument a lot and would need to put other light luggage on top of the ukulele. Most of the soft shell cases are cheaper than the high-quality hard vases. However, they are more expensive than low-quality hard cases. 

Also, soft cases usually come with more extras than hard-shell cases such as accessory pockets and shoulder straps. 

Soft Cases

These are nothing more than a gig bag for transportation. They are lighter, cheaper than soft-shell and hard-shell case. You should keep in mind that they offer no rigidity at all, even the padded ones, because they have the least amount of padding. 

2. Choose the Right Size 

As you already know, ukuleles have four different sizes. Not only that but also, they have different shapes and cuts. To make sure that you are buying a good case that’s right for your ukulele, you should make sure that the ukulele fits into the case and can be securely held inside. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right ukulele case isn’t too hard if you know exactly what to look for. You only need to figure out the hazards you subject your instrument to so that you can figure out what you need to protect it from them. 

Also, if you play on the beach or a yacht, then a waterproof case would be a perfect choice for you. We hope we managed to help you figure out the best ukulele case that fits your instrument. Happy strumming! 

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