8 Best Luna Ukuleles 2024

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Looking for a Luna Ukulele but aren’t sure which to pick? That’s not surprising, as they’ve so many great models to choose from.

Our uke experts have picked the best Luna overall, top premium option, and best budget option so you can choose based on requirements. We’ve also showcased some other top Luna ukes in case you feel like something else.

Luna Tattoo Concert Ukulele – Best Overall

Luna Tattoo Concert Ukulele

The Luna Tattoo Concert Ukulele (compare price Sweetwater, Amazon, Guitar Center) provides players of all skill levels with the tools they need to take their playing to the next level. With the Tattoo model, Luna gives musicians everything they need to sound their best and nothing they don’t.

The back, top, sides, and neck are all crafted from solid mahogany, and a walnut fingerboard with geometric inlays completes the build. The neck profile is ideal for a concert uke and allows players of all sizes and skill levels to play the instrument easily. Open-geared tuners with Pearloid buttons ensure you’re always in tune.

The standout feature of this model is the gorgeous laser-etched graphics on the top of the instrument. The beautiful tribal graphics are inspired by the honu, or turtle, and draw inspiration from the ocean, fish, birds, and sun. The beautifully executed graphics enhance the instrument’s beauty without being showy or over the top.

This ukulele is also available at an affordable price, which is one reason why it’s our top choice as the best overall Luna ukulele. With its solid mahogany construction, this uke sounds as good as models costing three times as much. The Luna Tattoo is an excellent choice whether you’re a beginner or an aspiring pro.

  • Material: Mahogany body and neck, walnut fretboard
  • Type: Concert
  • Electric: No

Luna Vista Bear Concert Ukulele – Best Premium Option

Luna Vista Bear Concert Ukulele

If you’re looking to step up to a premium uke, the Luna Vista Bear Concert Ukulele (compare price Sweetwater, Amazon, Guitar Center) could be the most attractive option on the market. The instrument’s natural beauty is matched only by its sweet singing tone.

The first thing you notice about this instrument is the incredibly striking graphics. The guitar top features a realistic nature scene complete with trees and a bear, and it’s all done with different exotic tonewoods to make up the other colors in the background. Quilted and spalted maple, padauk, ebony, ovangkol, and koa come together to make up this stately guitar top.

With so many tonewoods used, this guitar offers a unique tone that’s entirely unique to the Vista series instruments, which is available with wolf, deer, eagle, and stallion artwork in addition to the bear version.

The back and sides of the Vista are ovangkol, with a striking maple binding throughout. The neck is mahogany with an exotic black walnut fretboard appointed with inlay markers that display the moon’s phases. Completing the guitar are open gear tuners with attractive black tuning keys.

This ukulele is also stage-ready and equipped with a Fishman Kula preamp and pickup. The preamp offers a three-band EQ and a chromatic tuner, so you can shape your tone and ensure you’re ideally in tune at all times.

  • Material: Quilted maple, spalted maple, ovangkol, koa, and padauk top, ovangkol back and sides, mahogany neck, black walnut fretboard
  • Type: Concert
  • Electric: Yes

Luna Vintage Spruce Soprano Ukulele – Best Budget Option

Luna Vintage Spruce Soprano Ukulele

This sweet-sounding Luna Vintage Spruce Soprano Ukulele (compare price Amazon, Guitar Center) delivers beautiful looks and excellent tone at an unbeatable price. Many of the ukuleles in this price range look, feel, and sound like toys, which makes this Luna uke all the more impressive.

This soprano model features a mahogany back and sides with a spruce top that brings out all the beautiful top ends of the instrument. The rosette features a laser-etched sun graphic that adds some style to the instrument, finishing off with a mahogany neck, a rosewood fretboard, and Luna’s signature geometric inlays.

Since it’s a soprano, this instrument may be a little challenging to play for first-timers who have large hands, but experienced players are sure to feel right at home. This model offers a smooth soft-C neck profile that’s highly playable and comfortable.

While this instrument is devoid of the bells and whistles you find on the higher-priced ukes on our list, it does provide everything you’ll need to fall in love with the instrument. Most importantly, this inexpensive uke sounds as good as many high-end models we’ll continue to look at below.

  • Material: Mahogany back, sides, and neck, spruce top, rosewood fretboard
  • Type: Soprano
  • Electric: No

Luna High Tide Koa Concert Ukulele

Luna High Tide Koa Concert Ukulele

The Luna High Tide Koa Concert Ukulele (compare price Sweetwater, Amazon) is the ideal instrument for musicians looking for a sweet-sounding uke that will turn heads on stage. Not only does this model sound beautiful, but it’s loaded with premium features that send the look and sound of this instrument to the next level.

The High Tide koa model is made from choice tonewoods, starting with an exotic koa back, top, and sides. The neck is mahogany, and it’s finished with a beautiful walnut fretboard and a walnut bridge, which provides excellent sustain and resonance and helps this instrument.

The High Tide model is loaded with luxurious appointments, such as multi-ply maple and walnut binding, abalone details around the rosette, and gorgeous abalone wave inlays, which pop against the dark walnut fretboard.

Another standout feature of this uke is its single cutaway, which allows unrestricted access to the instrument’s upper register. The High Tide is also stage-ready, with a custom piezo under bridge pickup and a Luna preamp, which offers a two-band equalizer to help you perfectly contour your tone on stage.

  • Material: Koa body, mahogany neck, walnut fretboard
  • Type: Concert
  • Electric: Yes

Luna High Tide Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Luna High Tide Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Musicians who love the High Tide Koa model are sure to love the Luna High Tide Mahogany Soprano Ukulele (compare price Sweetwater, Amazon), which delivers nearly identical features at an even more attractive price.

The High Tide mahogany model offers the same cosmetic flourishes, like an abalone rosette, inlays, and breathtaking multi-ply wood binding. The primary difference between this model and the koa option above is that this model features beautifully-figured mahogany instead of exotic koa.

Tonally, the mahogany offers a darker sonic profile than the High Tide koa, and it has a unique sound compared to the other ukes on our list. If you’re considering this model, be sure to play it in person before buying to ensure that it provides the tone you’re hoping to capture. You’ll also want to consider that this one does not include a pickup, unlike other High Tide models.

  • Material: Flamed mahogany top, back, and sides, mahogany neck, walnut fretboard
  • Type: Concert
  • Electric: No

Luna 15th Anniversary Concert Ukulele

Luna 15th Anniversary Concert Ukulele

The gorgeous Luna 15th Anniversary Concert Ukulele (compare price Amazon) is arguably the most beautiful ukulele you’ll ever find, and it’s appointed with everything you’d expect from an instrument that commemorates a prestigious anniversary.

This concert uke features a highly figured quilted mahogany side and top, with a mahogany and maple back. The instrument is finished in a beautiful tobacco burst, which accentuates the natural beauty of the wood, and the headstock matches the finish of the rest of the instrument.

The rosewood bridge provides plenty of resonance and sustain, and the solid maple rosette adds contrast, making the instrument look even more striking on stage. Speaking of the stage, this instrument is loaded with a Fishman Kula preamp and piezo pickup, allowing you to dial in the perfect tone on stage. The preamp also includes an onboard chromatic tuner.

Rounding out this gorgeous uke from Luna is a custom faux leather hardshell case embossed with a floral motif. If you’re looking for an instrument that’s fit for a king, look no further than Luna’s 15th Anniversary Model concert ukulele.

  • Material: Quilted mahogany top, back and sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard
  • Type: Concert
  • Electric: Yes

Luna Fauna Series Dolphin Concert Ukulele

Luna Fauna Series Dolphin Concert Ukulele

The Luna Fauna Series Dolphin Concert Ukulele (compare price Sweetwater, Amazon) serves up serious ocean vibes and a sweet tone that will turn heads. Not only is this instrument beautiful, it plays like a dream, and it sounds even better.

This instrument features solid mahogany back and sides with a beautifully figured flame maple top. The neck is also mahogany, with a flat radius walnut fretboard. The headstock features a matching flame maple veneer to match the top wood, and the instrument is finished in a gorgeous ocean blue transparent stain that brings out the natural beauty of the wood.

While most Luna instruments with exotic finishes have a natural satin finish on the neck, Luna goes the extra mile with this uke, providing a matching finish on the neck and throughout the entire guitar.

The beautiful rosette features a trio of abalone dolphins that appear to dance across the guitar top. Other cosmetic features include multi-ply cream binding on the neck and body and Pearloid tuner buttons.

When it’s time to hit the stage, this model is equipped with a Luna piezo pickup and preamp, which features a 2-band EQ for shaping your sound on stage. The Dolphin uke also features a single cutaway, providing unrestricted access to the entire fretboard.

  • Material: Flame maple top, mahogany back, sides, and neck, walnut fretboard
  • Type: Concert
  • Electric: Yes

Luna Tattoo Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

Luna Tattoo Mahogany Tenor Ukulele

The Luna Tattoo Mahogany Tenor Ukulele (compare price Sweetwater, Amazon) is an ideal tool for musicians looking to enter the world of tenor ukes. This model offers incredible value and features you rarely find on ukes in this price range, especially for a tenor.

This instrument features all mahogany construction with a pau ferro fretboard. The darkness of the mahogany offers the perfect complement to the tone of the tenor ukulele, and this model truly sings. The rosette and top feature beautiful ornamental etching inspired by traditional Hawaiian tattoos.

The standout feature of this model is the Luna UK-T2 preamp and piezo pickup. Typically, you don’t see electronics on instruments in this price range, especially not one as full-featured or responsive as the UK-T2. The preamp features an active 2-band EQ and an onboard chromatic tuner.

With stage-ready looks and a pro-quality preamp system, the Luna Tattoo tenor uke is an ideal choice for ukulele players looking to get their hands on a tenor-sized instrument.

  • Material: Mahogany top, back, sides, and neck, pau ferro fretboard
  • Type: Tenor
  • Electric: Yes

What To Look For in Your Luna Ukulele

After you check out the best Luna ukuleles on the market, you’ll quickly realize that each one is an excellent choice. So, how do you narrow down the list to select the ideal instrument for you? Consider these tips below, and you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect uke.

Body Type

Ukuleles come in four different types or sizes, profoundly impacting how the instrument plays and sounds. Depending on the type of sound you’re looking to capture and the size of your hands, you’ll find one or two of these body types to be better for you than others.

Ukulele TypeScale LengthTuning
Soprano (Standard)13”G4-C4-E4-A4


A soprano ukulele is considered the standard size and the smallest of the four. These instruments are about 21” in length and have between 12-15 frets. The soprano produces the brightest tone of the four, and it’s the sound that most people associate with the instrument.

Soprano ukuleles are an excellent choice for kids because their tiny scale length suits their smaller fingers. For adults, soprano ukuleles are the most difficult to play, especially for those with large fingers, because the frets are closely spaced.


Concert ukuleles are the next size larger, with a scale length of 15” and an overall length of around 23”. These ukes have 15-18 frets, and their longer scale length provides more space between the frets, making it easier for adults to play.

Another benefit of a concert uke is its larger size allows for greater resonance and more volume. While this type isn’t as bright as a soprano model, its additional volume is worth the trade-off for many players.


Tenor ukuleles are still larger, and their tone and playability are quite different from a soprano or concert ukulele. Tenor models are 26” long with a 17” scale length. The larger size allows tenors to support a greater range of tunings, and the instrument offers a deeper sound compared to the two smallest styles.

Many top ukulele players in the world favor tenor ukes for their versatility and rich and expressive tone, reminiscent of a classical guitar. Tenor models also have as many as 19 frets, which provides a significantly more extensive tonal range than soprano or concert ukes.


Baritone ukuleles are the largest type, offering a much deeper and more bass-heavy sound than the others. These models have a 19” scale length, and at 30”, they’re about the size of a ¾ scale guitar.

The longer scale length makes baritone guitars the easiest to play for adults. This style is also popular with guitar players, as the D-G-B-E tuning of a bari ukulele mirrors that of the guitar’s top four strings. Baritones also have up to 21 frets, which is another way that they reflect a typical acoustic guitar.

Body Shape

Ukuleles are available in two different body shapes, each producing slightly different tones.

You’ll see standard figure-8 ukuleles, whose shape mirrors an acoustic guitar, and “pineapple” shaped models, more akin to stringed instruments of the Renaissance period.

Figure-8 ukuleles are available in every size configuration, including sopranino and baritone, and their more ergonomic shape allows you to play the instrument comfortably, standing or seated.

The oval-shaped “pineapple” body style was invented in the 1920s by the Kamaka Ukulele Company in Hawaii. This body style is reminiscent of a lute and produces a warm and mellow tone that’s a bit louder than a figure-8 model. The sound and look of this instrument are distinctly Hawaiian, but it can be more challenging to play in a seated position.

Wood Type

The type of wood the instrument is made from has a profound impact on its look, tone, and overall quality. The tonewoods used during construction can tell you a great deal about the build and overall quality of the instrument.


Koa is the most popular wood used in ukulele construction. This wood is native to Hawaii, which helps explain its popularity as a ukulele tonewood. Koa is an exceptionally dense tropical wood that features a gorgeous grain pattern. Koa can range from light to very dark, and it’s common for the wood to be beautifully figured with a flamed or quilted texture.

Koa has a balanced tone with a focused low end that adds body to the sound of the ukulele. Many of the best ukuleles on the market are made with koa.


Acacia is quite similar to koa, and the two species are closely related. Acacia is another dense tropical tonewood, and while its grain patterns are a bit more subdued than koa, it still offers a gorgeous look and a beautiful tone.

Compared to koa, acacia wood produces a brighter tone with more treble, which makes it a popular option for soprano and concert ukuleles. Many players attest that acacia ukuleles deliver a quintessentially Hawaiian tone.


Mahogany is an exceptionally dense wood that’s used to build a variety of string instruments. When used in body construction, it delivers a warm, somewhat dark tone. For this reason, it’s less popular for building ukuleles than other tonewoods. But, it still provides a beautiful sound that many ukulele players prefer.

However, the density and strength mahogany provides makes it the most compelling choice for crafting the neck of a ukulele or guitar. Quality ukuleles will commonly feature a mahogany neck, an indicator of strength and quality.


As more guitar companies have entered the ukulele space, they’ve brought many of the construction methods and materials standard in the guitar world. Spruce has long been used as a tonewood to construct the top and sometimes the back and sides of the instrument.

Spruce features a dense and tight grain, producing a focused and punchy tone with plenty of high ends.


Cedar offers a beautiful red coloration and an unmistakable aroma unique among tonewoods. This soft wood provides a softer and rounder sound than spruce or koa.

The excellent bass response of cedar makes it a popular choice for tenor and baritone ukuleles. Because cedar is so soft, you’ll want to take special care with a cedar uke as the wood is more prone to damage than harder tonewoods.


Rosewood is an incredibly dense and hard tonewood used most often for the fretboards on stringed instruments. Rosewood can also be used to craft an instrument’s top, back, and sides, but this is rarely seen.


Maple is another exceptionally hard and dense tonewood that finds similar uses as rosewood in musical instruments. It’s commonly used as a fretboard material and is also widely used for necks, bridges, and tailpieces. Maple is a light-colored wood that often features beautiful figures, and it’s commonly found on more expensive instruments.

Hardwood vs. Laminate

When shopping for your next instrument, you’ll notice that some ukes feature hardwood construction while others use laminated construction.

With hardwood, the instrument pieces are each made from a solid piece of wood before they’re assembled. With laminate construction, the instrument pieces are made of multiple veneers of wood that are glued together before assembly.

Laminate construction allows instrument makers to produce beautiful instruments while dramatically reducing building costs since laminate wood is much cheaper than hardwood.

The trade-off is that laminate instruments don’t deliver the same tonal qualities as hardwood instruments. A laminate uke can still sound pretty good, but it will always fall short of a hardwood ukulele of similar quality.

Serious musicians will always want to look towards a hardwood instrument. But, if you’re looking for a budget instrument that looks as good as the premium options on the market, a laminate ukulele can still be a good choice.

Cosmetic Features

Many of the nicest ukes on the market offer beautiful aesthetic add-ons, such as fretboard inlay, binding, and colorful rosettes. Many of Luna’s ukuleles, over $100, all feature gorgeous details that elevate the instrument’s look significantly, and many other manufacturers offer similar cosmetic features on their high-end models.

All of these bells and whistles are just that, and they do nothing to improve the sound or playability of an instrument. But, if your budget allows, these decorative embellishments add substantial beauty to your ukulele.


The final characteristic you’ll want to consider as you shop for your new ukulele is whether or not the instrument is amplified. Most ukuleles are acoustic instruments that derive their volume from the instrument itself. Many of the high-end ukes (and even some budget-friendly models) have an onboard pickup and preamp that allows you to amplify the instrument.

If you’re playing your new uke in a live setting, the ability to amplify the instrument is critical. An acoustic/electric uke is less necessary when you aren’t playing for an audience, but it’s still a fun feature.

Top Luna Ukuleles, Final Thoughts

With the most robust product catalog on the market, it’s easy to see why Luna has developed such an avid following among ukulele players. As hard as it was to narrow their offerings down to the best Luna ukuleles, the above instruments represent the best.

Now that you know what you’ll need to select the best Luna ukulele, you can make a more informed decision about which instrument is best for you!