Best Luna Ukuleles in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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Luna is one of the trusted brands that has gained much admiration ever since it was established. Their instruments have beautiful designs, great usability, and they are one of the most durable ukuleles you can currently find. 

Also, it is easy to find a suitable Luna ukulele since they offer a wide range of prices. If you are looking for a high-quality Luna ukulele, you are lucky you stumbled upon this article because we have a list of the best Luna ukuleles ready for you. Let’s dive into things a little deeper!

List of the Best Luna Ukuleles:

Our Favorite Picks:

Luna Tattoo Acoustic/ElectricConcertMahoganyRosewood
Luna Vintage MahoganySopranoMahoganyRosewood
Luna Great WaveConcertTrans Blue MahoganyNot Specified
Luna Floral Flamed MapleConcertMapleWalnut
Luna Tattoo PineappleSopranoMahoganyRosewood
Luna Mo’oConcertMahoganywalnut
Luna Exotic Spalted MapleConcertMaplewalnut

The 7 Best Luna Ukuleles in 2021

1. Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele

Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele

We begin the list with one of the best Luna ukuleles for beginners for more than just one reason. For starters, this ukulele has a decent reasonable price that a lot of players will find quite affordable. Moreover, you will get it with a gig bag and a clip-on tuner that is good enough for any beginner to start with. 

The instrument itself has a mahogany body, which gives it its beautiful and warm sound. Besides, mahogany is strong and makes the instrument more durable than a lot of other beginners’ ukuleles in general. 

One thing that you will never fail to notice is the beautiful design of this ukulele. It is truly a piece of art. Everyone loves Luna’s signature tattoo with the chromatic patterns and the Hawaiian inspired ornamentations. Furthermore, they give it a beautiful brown finish with shark teeth inlays, really artistic. 

The Aquila strings on the uke are of high quality. You might need to give them some time to stretch into shape, but they produce a loud and resonant sound, and they are easy to play. 


  • Affordable 
  • Mahogany body 
  • Beautiful, warm, and bright sound 
  • Comes with a padded gig bag and a tuner 


  • The tuning pegs aren’t the best 

Final Verdict 

Luna tattoo concert is Luna’s most popular ukulele. It makes an excellent choice for all the beginners who want to get a great sound out of the instrument without breaking a bank. 

2. Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Luna Vintage Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Soprano ukuleles are the most popular because this is the traditional ukulele size. They are suitable for kids thanks to their small size, which makes them easy to play. 

The vintage design of Luna ukuleles is straightforward and down-to-earth. It has a red satin finish that gives it a bit of a modern look with a fancy touch. 

Because this model is made of mahogany as well, you can expect it to sound just as bright and beautiful as the previous design. It has a reasonable price, and although some players might find the frets a bit too sharp, it makes an excellent instrument for all kinds of players. 


  • Beautiful design 
  • Mahogany construction
  • Easy to tune 
  • Amazing strong sound 


  • The frets are sharp 

Final Verdict 

The Vintage Soprano is one of the best Luna ukuleles that you can find. It is designed to fit every taste and can be played by beginners or professionals; it will always sound great. 

3. Luna Great Wave Concert Ukulele 

Luna Great Wave Concert Ukulele

Luna Great wave design is perhaps the most beautiful ukulele design you will ever see. It is inspired by the Great Wave off Kanagawa, and its print is found in many collections all over the world. It was done by a Japanese artist whose name is Hokusai, and you can find some of his collections in the British Museum in London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 

This design is made of solid mahogany as well, so you shouldn’t worry about the sound or the durability of the instruments. Also, the Aquila strings are great once they are fully stretched, and it comes with a gig bag that adds even more value to your money. 


  • The design is inspired by the Great Wave off Kanagawa 
  • Solid mahogany construction 
  • Great tone 
  • Efficient tuning gears 


  • You may need to round off the fret ends 

Final Verdict 

The Great Wave design isn’t just the best Luna ukulele design, but it is one of the best ukulele designs in comparison to other manufacturers as well. You will be walking around carrying a piece of art.  

4. Luna Floral Flamed Maple Concert Ukulele 

Luna Floral Flamed Maple Concert Ukulele

Another beautiful design from Luna Ukuleles that is inspired by the hibiscus flower, which happens to be the national flower of Hawaii. The instrument comes in a flamed maple body that gives it its unique sound. You should expect this model to have a deeper sound than the other models made of mahogany we talked about earlier. 

One thing that adds to the uniqueness of this instrument is that the fretboard is made of rosewood, which adds more to the clarity of its sound. 

Because Luna knows that the sound of the instrument might not be loud enough for some players who will fall in love with the design, they added a preamp to the bundle so that every player can get the beautiful, powerful sound they aim for. 


  • Beautiful design 
  • Strong construction 
  • Comes with a preamp 


  • Sound is not that loud 
  • A bit expensive

Final Verdict 

The Floral Flamed Maple design is one of Luna’s most impressive designs that will take you away to Hawaii the minute your eyes fall on it. It might cost you more than any of the previous models, but that’s only because it is on the high end. 

5. Luna Tattoo Mahogany Soprano Pineapple Ukulele

Luna Tattoo Mahogany Soprano Pineapple Ukulele

This design of Luna ukuleles is certainly the cutest by far. It looks like a pineapple, obviously this is where it got its name. However, the design is nothing like any of the usual ukulele or guitar designs because it has no cutaways.

We already mentioned that mahogany is one of the toughest and best sounding ukulele woods, so there is nothing to worry about in terms of these two features.

It has the same tattoo the rest of the ukuleles included in the Tattoo Series have. We should also point out that it comes as a bundle that includes the instrument, a gig bag, a clip-on tuner, a polishing cloth, and some other useful accessories. 

All in all, it makes a great option for any beginner who is looking for a decent design, to begin with. 


  • Unique design 
  • Amazing sound 
  • Comes with some extra accessories 


  • Sharp frets 

Final Verdict 

The pineapple soprano is the best Luna ukulele for all the kids who want to start learning to play the uke. It is small, so they won’t have any issues with holding it, and it has a reasonable price.

6. Luna Mahogany Series Mo’o Acoustic-Electric Concert 

Luna Mahogany Series Mo’o Acoustic Electric Concert

Here goes another Luna design with a rather interesting story. The Mo’o ukulele has a unique laser-etched lizard motif that was symbolic of good fortune to ancient Hawaiians. 

The instrument won’t disappoint anyone when it comes to the standard soprano ukulele sound, and the Aquila strings that come with it are top-notch. 

We were surprised that Luna includes a gig bag with the instrument because it is pretty affordable; however, it’s not per se what you might call high-quality. 


  • Unique Lizard design 
  • Comes with a gig bag 
  • Clear, beautiful sound 


  • The gig bag isn’t the best you can get 

Final Verdict 

What makes Luna Mo’o ukulele unique is the ancient symbolic print that gives it a mysterious and interesting appearance. It has a beautiful and clear sound, just like most of Luna’s ukulele models. 

7. Luna Exotic Series Spalt Maple Concert Ukulele with Crescent Moon Soundhole 

Luna Exotic Series Spalt Maple Concert Ukulele with Crescent Moon Soundhole

It won’t be a surprise if we say that this one has a unique design as well. By far, it is clear that each Luna design has its own idea, and they exert much effort to make sure that each design stands out. 

This instrument has one of the most vibrant and crisp ukulele sounds we’ve ever come across, which is so satisfying. It has no plastic laminate, so the sound stays clear and resonant. 

Maple makes the instrument sturdy but, at the same time, soft on your hands, which gives you so much pleasure and satisfaction while playing the instrument. 


  • Looks classic 
  • Sounds crisp and vibrant 
  • Comes with a protective gig bag 


  • Some might find the frets a bit sharp 

Final Verdict

Luna Exotic Spalt Maple Uke with a Crescent Moon Soundhole has one of the loudest sounds that you will instantly love, and it looks so classic and traditional, so it will give others the vibes that you are a professional even if you are not.     

Why Buy a Luna Ukulele

Luna instruments are quite impressive. A lot of ukulele manufacturers only care for the money, but Luna’s first concern is innovation. Their instruments are all handcrafted, which is why they look so exquisite. Moreover, they put many thoughts into their designs, so you will find that each design has its own beauty and uniqueness. 

One other reason why you should consider buying a Luna ukulele is that they are decently priced. Luna believes that no music instrument should be out of reach for the majority so, despite the high quality, the price of the ukulele is always reasonable and affordable for most players. 

What to Look for When Buying a Ukulele

1. Body Size 

You probably already know this one, but it is too important, so we should always point it out. The traditional ukulele size is a soprano, which is the smallest of all four sizes. For people with large hands, sizes like concert and tenor are more convenient. 

One thing that we should highlight is that while baritones are the largest, they sound a lot like guitars. So, if you are a guitarist who thinks that they should get a baritone cause they are easier to play, you might need to think twice because this option will leave you with a sound that is too familiar, it won’t really feel like you are playing a new instrument. 

2. Price Range 

Just like any other instrument, there is a wide range of ukulele prices on the market. You should think about your budget to limit your options, but let us agree that when it comes to ukuleles, you don’t really need a very expensive instrument to get a decent sound. Most of the budget options will sound amazing once you get the hangs of things and start mastering the instrument. 

However, as you spend more, you should expect a little improvement in playability and fancy designs and a better tone. Another thing to mention is that having an electronic option to play through an amp will cost you more, of course. 

Also, as we do agree that getting an expensive instrument is not really necessary, cheap ones are off the list too. It might be a little tempting for some people to save a couple of bucks and buy a cheap ukulele. Still, you will most certainly have issues with the quality, and you might even end up with serious issues that will affect the playability and ruin the whole thing for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Where are Luna Brand Ukuleles Made? 

The company is based in Florida and is founded by Yvonne de Villiers and Alex Morgan in the UK. The manufactures are in China and Korea. 

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Luna VS. Kala: Which Is Better? 

This is one of the questions players ask all the time, but the thing is, there will never be a single right answer. If you think about it, it is all dependent on the model. Some Luna ukuleles are way better than some Kala ukuleles and vice versa. You will just have to go through the models and look for the specs that suit you. 

Final Thoughts

Luna Ukuleles are so unique. A lot of players admire them because they have a fantastic sound, beautiful designs, and they are affordable. Moreover, they are handcrafted, which explains why they are on the top of the list of high-quality ukuleles. This list has the best Luna ukuleles you can find nowadays. We are sure you can find whatever you need between these seven popular models. Happy strumming!

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