9 Best Fender Ukuleles 2024 – Expert Hands-On Comparison

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Fender is one of the top brand names in guitars, but many people don’t realize that this company also makes some of the best ukuleles in the world. A ukulele is a four-stringed instrument that’s similar to a guitar, but comes in a much smaller size.

Below you’ll find a list of thirteen of the best Fender ukuleles on the market. Fender makes plenty of different models, so you’re sure to find at least one or two ukuleles that match your personal style.

Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele

Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele

Fender is best known for its electric guitars, but the company is often underestimated when it comes to their ability to build an instrument like an acoustic ukulele. Fender Venice Sopranos feature a standard design that’s a good choice for a basic beginner’s ukulele. It’s a manageable size for most ukulele players regardless of their experience level.

The Venice Soprano features a very minimal design, with a cream-colored highlight around the outside trim. This is the only cosmetic feature other than the basic laminate basswood. The cost of the Venice Soprano is on the lower end for a ukulele, making it a good choice for novice players who don’t want to invest the money in a more expensive model.

Here are some of the best features of the Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele:

  • Even dark tone: The stain on the Venice Soprano has a deep, rich color and a dark tone throughout, with no patchy appearance to the wood.

  • Easy to play: The Venice Soprano comes with nylon strings that are easy to play for novice and veteran players alike.

  • Sturdy core construction: While the Venice Soprano isn’t one of the fanciest ukuleles that Fender makes, but the basic build of the ukulele is strong.

For musicians who are interested in playing the ukulele but aren’t sure where to start, the Venice Soprano is a good jumping-off point into the world of ukuleles.

Fender Grace Vanderwaal Moonlight Soprano Ukulele

Fender Grace Vanderwaal Moonlight Soprano Ukulele

The Fender Grace Vanderwall Moonlight Soprano Ukulele is another soprano-sized ukulele offering from Fender, though this model is quite a bit fancier than the Venice model with gold-plated hardware, a sparkly gold rosette, and a deep moonlight blue color to the wood.

The Grace Vanderwaal ukulele line is named after the singer-songwriter Grace Vanderwaal who specializes in performing her songs with ukulele accompaniment. The custom floral sound hole label is directly inspired by the album art of Grace Vanderwall’s album Just the Beginning. This gives the ukulele a more delicate, feminine aesthetic. 

Here are some of the best features of the Grace Vanderwaal Moonlight Soprano Ukulele:

  • Electric capability: The Grace Vanderwaal Moonlight Soprano is capable of being played as an electric ukulele. This gives it a distinctive sound that is different (and louder) than most acoustic ukuleles.

  • Good tuning: This ukulele is good for beginners because it stays in tune without much fiddling and comes with a built-in tuner.

  • Slightly oversized: Even though this ukulele is classified as a soprano, it is slightly larger than other soprano ukuleles. This gives it a richer sound and a louder tone than most, making it a suitable option for live performances.

This ukulele is a bit more expensive than some other soprano ukuleles in the Fender line. However, the extra cosmetic touches and the improved tone can easily make up for the extra cost of the instrument.

Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele

Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele

The Fender Montecito Tenor Ukulele is one of the pricier ukuleles that Fender has on offer, but this jump in cost is for a reason. Rather than being constructed with simple basswood, Montecito Tenor ukuleles are constructed out of koa wood.

Koa is one of the most popular hardwoods in the world and is as prized for its tonal qualities as it is for its blowing chatoyancy, or cat’s eye effect caused by imperfections and shifts in the grain of the wood. This wood also gives Montecito Tenor ukuleles a warm, glowing golden color.

Along with giving the Montecito a beautiful appearance, koa wood gives this model of ukulele a bright, unique tone that can’t be replicated by the resonation in other types of wood.

Here are some of the other useful features of the Montecito Tenor Ukulele:

  • No-tie bridge: No-tie bridges make it much easier for players to change strings on the ukulele compared to traditional ukulele bridges that require special knotting skills to string the instrument correctly.

  • Fender Play support: Fender offers a support software application called Fender Play that can act as technical support for your ukulele and also provide basic tutorials to help you learn how to play it.

  • Telecaster head and tuners: The Telecaster style head and tuners of the ukulele are a visual callback to the Fender brand that gives this ukulele a sophisticated yet tropical feel.

For ukulele players who are interested in investing a little bit more in their hobby, the Montecito is a beautiful and strong tenor koa ukulele for the money.

Fender Seaside Soprano Ukulele

Fender Seaside Soprano Ukulele

The Fender Seaside Soprano Ukulele is another soprano-sized ukulele, this time in attractive mahogany. Like the Montecito, the Seaside Soprano also features the Telecaster head and tuners as well as its convenient no-tie bridge.

Because of their small size, soprano ukuleles like the Seaside Soprano feature a bright, clean sound that can be somewhat softer than larger ukuleles. Their size also makes them a great option for younger ukulele players since they’re easier to manage than larger ukulele models.

  • High-quality materials: The materials you find in this ukulele are attractive and strong, such as ivory bindings and mother-of-pearl purfling.

  • Good sound: This ukulele has the bright sound of a soprano instrument, but it has solid mid-range sound with strong sustain and intonation.

  • Easy to tune: This ukulele is easy to tune with pre-wound nylon strings, and it has the tendency to stay in tune for a few days after use so it doesn’t have to be re-tuned every session.

If you’re looking for a soprano ukulele but the Venice is too plain for you, the Seaside Soprano from Fender is a higher-end version of the instrument that might be more to your taste.

Fender Rincon Tenor Ukulele

Fender Rincon Tenor Ukulele

For those who are looking for an electric ukulele, look no further than the Fender Rincon Tenor Ukulele. The Rincon Tenor is constructed from ovangkol wood, an evergreen tree from Western Africa. This wood has a beautiful striped appearance, but is most prized for its tonal qualities when it comes to instrument making.

This ukulele has a Fishman Kula preamp already built in, so you’re ready to plug into an amp as soon as you get it tuned up. Along with the high-quality wood, other construction materials include abalone and bone in the nut and saddle.

Here are some of the other notable features of the Fender Rincon Tenor Ukulele:

  • Solid top: The solid design of this ukulele gives it a richer sound and a louder volume than thinner ukuleles.

  • Gig bag: This ukulele comes with a gig bag that makes it easy to carry your ukulele from place to place with you if you want to perform at a party or in public.

  • Great sound: The thick wood construction and resonant build on this ukulele give it a full-bodied ringing chime that is great for performances or just a household jam session that sounds fantastic.

Electric ukuleles aren’t everyone’s gig, but if you want to be able to plug your ukulele up to an amp for a louder volume and a stronger sound when you play, you can do a lot worse than the Rincon Tenor.

Fender Zuma Classic Concert Ukulele

Fender Zuma Classic Concert Ukulele

The Zuma Classic Concert Ukulele is named after the beach of the same name in southern California, and this concert ukulele definitely maintains the West Coast vibe that many of Fender’s other ukulele offerings have. This instrument is constructed with sapele wood, a tonal wood that gives the music a deep and almost earthy resonance.

Even though this instrument was designed with concerts in mind, it’s still just at home at a beachside campfire as it is on the stage. This ukulele either comes in basic wood grain or in three color variants – pink, blue, and candy apple red.

Here are some of the other unique features of the Zuma Classic:

  • High-quality detailing: A ring of faux abalone around the sound hole and a sparkly gloss finish give this ukulele a classy look more in line with the Montecito than lower-end soprano ukuleles like the Venice

  • Beautiful aesthetics: Even though the Zuma is a mid-range ukulele in terms of cost, it has a lot of finishing work put into the instrument that makes it feel refined and sophisticated

  • Pleasant tone: The Zuma has a rich and attractive tone that gives it a pretty sound even when played by amateur ukulele players

If you’re looking for a ukulele that contains high-quality construction materials but is still on the affordable end of the spectrum, the Zuma is right up your alley. In many ways this model is a halfway point between low-end workhorse ukuleles and pricey top-shelf models.

Fender Fullerton Telecaster Ukulele

Fender Fullerton Telecaster Ukulele

Fullerton Telecaster Ukuleles look nothing like a traditional ukulele, and for some musicians who are in love with Fender for their electric guitar aesthetics, that’s definitely a good thing. These Fullerton ukuleles feature the classic Telecaster guitar body shape rather than a conventional ukulele shape. This makes them look almost like miniature electric guitars.

Like Fender’s other electrified ukulele offerings, the Fullerton Telecaster comes with a built-in preamp system that makes it easy to plug and play. And like Fender’s other ukuleles, this Fullerton Telecaster comes complete with Fender Play, an app that helps both new and returning ukulele players pick the instrument up quickly and easily.

Here are some of the other distinguishing features of the Fullerton Telecaster Ukulele:

  • Quality design: The sturdy spruce construction of this ukulele makes it a good workhorse for both concerts and home performance.

  • Digital tuner: The Fullerton comes with a color-screen digital tuner that is highly accurate, allowing the instrument to be tuned fast each and every time you play it without requiring much fiddling or playing by ear.

  • Compatible with acoustic amp: This electric ukulele is compatible with acoustic amps, which can amplify the instrument’s natural sound without altering or distorting it.

Even though the Fullerton Telecaster is on the pricier end of the cost range for Fender ukuleles, this model gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Fender Billie Eilish Signature Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Fender Billie Eilish Signature Acoustic-Electric Ukulele

Billie Eilish is a musical sensation that has taken North America by storm, and the signature Fender acoustic-electric ukulele that bears her name is no exception to the rule. This stylish ukulele is decorated with the “blohsh” symbol from Eilish’s first major album Blohsh, and the design gives this ukulele some cool electropop flair.

The Billie Eilish ukulele is constructed out of sturdy sapele and walnut, so while it isn’t made out of the most expensive tonal wood on the market, it is still built to have a rich and almost sparkling sound.

Here are some of the other features of the Billie Eilish Signature Acoustic-Electric Ukulele:

  • Versatile playstyles: The acoustic-electric design of this ukulele means it sounds rich and resonant whether you plug it into an amp or not.

  • Low action: The low action and strong tones on this ukulele make it well worth the higher price tag, and it can outplay cheaper ukuleles in way that is obvious the first time you pick it up.

  • Great for fans: Since this is Billie Eilish’s signature instrument line, it’s the perfect gift for any musician who is interested in her music.

For seasoned Fender ukulele players who are just wanting to expand their collection of signature instruments or for new players who want a sleek cool beginner’s uke, these Billie Eilish ukuleles are a great choice. A real limited edition Fender ukulele.

Fender Jazzmaster Ukulele

Fender Jazzmaster Ukulele

For players who want a ukulele but want to keep the cool looks of a Fender electric guitar in their instrument, the Jazzmaster has a more Space Age vibe than the Telecaster line of guitar and ukulele builds. This gives the uke a retro look that sets it apart from more traditional-looking ukuleles.

Unlike some ukuleles, which can be cheap novelty instruments without a good sound, these instruments by Fender are well-crafted enough that they can be used by novices and professional musicians alike. It’s also more comfortable to play than some other ukulele models since it is a larger concert size.

Here are some of the other standout features of the Jassmaster Ukulele:

  • Electronic accessories: The Jazzmaster comes with a jack for the amp, tone controls, volume controls, and a built-in tuner that makes it easy for playing the ukulele on an electric amplifier.

  • Great effects: This ukulele sounds awesome plugged in, with strong reverberation and a clean sound with interesting distortion and delay.

  • Cool style: The electric guitar aesthetics of this ukulele make it stand out from other ukelele models, and it’s a great gift for seasoned ukulele players who might want to try out an electric model or just a fancier instrument.

One of the only major downsides of this ukulele model is that it doesn’t come with a place to attach a strap. This might make it a little less easy for newer ukulele players to use it. But if you’re okay with not using one, the other advantages of this ukulele could very well outweigh the disadvantage of not being able to strap it on.

Choosing A Fender Ukulele

When you’re trying to decide which ukulele is right for you, there’s a few different factors you need to consider. Here are some of the things you should think about before committing to a ukulele purchase:

  • What is your budget like? Some people might be comfortable investing in a high-end ukulele right off the bat if they’re already familiar with stringed instruments, but if you’re not sure whether you’ll like playing the ukulele, learning on a cheaper model might be a better bet for your money’s worth.

  • Electric or acoustic? Just like guitars, Fender ukuleles come in acoustic versions, electric versions, and acoustic-electric hybrids. If you want to amplify the volume of your ukulele for live performances, an electric uke is usually the way to go if you can afford it.

  • Visual style: Ukuleles come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and tonal woods. Some exotic instrument-making woods like koa will cost you a lot more to purchase than cheaper ukeleles made out of basswood, but you’ll be able to tell the difference in the sound once you play them side by side.

If you’ve never purchased a ukulele before, reading the user reviews (both the highs and the lows) can help point out different features on a ukulele which may significantly influence your purchase decision. Be sure to read about each model you’re considering and maybe even listen to the sound of them played in a video clip to make sure you end up with a ukelele you like.

Best Fender Ukuleles, Closing Thoughts

So there you have it, the best Fender ukuleles you can buy. I hope our comparison and reviews were useful with your buying decision.

While ukuleles aren’t the instrument that most people think about when they think of Fender products, the truth is that this company makes a wide range of ukuleles for every budget and personal aesthetic.

Whether you want a mini rocker like the Jazzmaster or a more conventional-looking koa ukulele like the Montecito, Fender has a little something for every ukulele player.