Rocket Ukulele Review 2024, The Top Ukulele Lessons Around?

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There are a ton of resources for learning the ukulele online, and Rocket Ukulele is a fine choice for those looking for a cost-effective and useful tool for understanding the basics of the instrument. In this Rocket Ukulele review we’ll show you why.

What Is Rocket Ukulele?

Learning the ukulele in thirty days is the main promise that Rocket Ukulele makes for its users. By playing along with videos, Rocket Ukulele will teach you how to read and understand music tablature, as well as teach you ear training so you can pick up and play along with any tune you hear.

There are certain drawbacks as well. Plenty of online resources will make big promises and guarantee things that are hard to deliver on. Learning an instrument takes a fair amount of practice, and the fact that Rocket Ukulele places little emphasis on developing a practice regimen is not ideal.


Rocket Ukulele has a few great aspects to its teaching approach:

  • All of the learning takes place by watching well-produced videos. It is always easier to learn an instrument by a mixture of listening, watching, and doing yourself, which makes playing along to videos a perfect way to learn.
  • It makes learning fun. Rocket Ukulele prides itself on making the process of learning the uke into a fun and interactive experience. You will be taught ear training as well as how to read music and even write your own.
  • There are a ton of songs and genres that you can learn. From classic rock numbers to contemporary pop jams, there is no shortage of songs to learn on Rocket Ukulele. Each song is broken down into easy-to-learn tutorials, which will give you a well-rounded repertoire to impress your friends and family.
  • It’s affordable. There are a ton of learning resources out there, but few are as affordable as Rocket Ukulele. If you take advantage of their special deal, the normal price of $80 is slashed to $27! Rocket Ukulele also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to worry if the uke doesn’t turn out to be your thing.


Despite there being plenty of reasons to try out Rocket Ukulele, there are a few things that make it a less than ideal learning tool:

  • There is not enough value placed on daily practice. Despite what Rocket Ukulele says, practice really does make perfect. There is no magic antidote to committing to a daily practice regimen, even if it is tiresome. Rocket Ukulele promises to lessen the amount you must practice, but this will inhibit your playing in the long term.
  • The instruction is one size fits all. Rocket Ukulele teaches in a specific way that might not work for everyone. Unfortunately, if the video instruction is not your thing, you will be out of luck, as that is the only type of instruction they offer.
  • The instruction is not totally necessary. With the right songbook or by watching a few videos on Youtube, you can get the same quality of instruction that Rocket Ukulele provides without having to pay a dime. The methods are not unique or overly specialized, which means you can probably supplement your learning on your own terms.

Rocket Ukulele Vs. the Competition

Rocket Ukulele

There are a ton of resources that teach the ukulele. You will have plenty of options with price, teaching methods, and instructional tools to choose from. Here’s how Rocket Ukulele stacks up compared to some of its competitors.

Rocket Ukulele Vs. Uke Like the Pros

Uke Like The Pros is an online-based learning course founded by San Diego-based musician Terry Carter. Built from Carter’s long tenure as a professional musician, Uke Like the Pros is an immersive experience that offers numerous courses in different styles of music and on various instruments.

Uke Like The Pros is a bit more expensive than Rocket Ukulele but offers a lot more in terms of learning resources. Carter has worked with famous bands, made music for TV and commercials, and even has played with the LA Philharmonic. This expertise is clear in the quality of the training material, which is in-depth and varied in a way that Rocket Ukulele is not.

  • Uke Like The Pros offers three different membership tiers and over 15 one-off courses, way more than the one option of Rocket Ukulele.
  • Uke Like The Pros provides lessons for ukulele, baritone ukulele, guitar, and guitarlele.
  • You can learn different techniques like fingerstyle that are not offered on Rocket Ukulele.
  • There are numerous different ways to learn on Uke Like The Pros. There is a boot camp option for those who want a more concentrated and intense style of learning, or you can opt for a membership where you can learn and practice for the whole year.
  • Uke Like The Pros has free resources and even a free starting class, so you can get the feel for it before putting down any money.
  • The store at Uke Like The Pros is filled with great deals on ukes and uke accessories, so you can jam on a new uke while you’re learning the ropes.

Verdict: Uke Like the Pros is a better service than Rocket Ukulele.

The only knock on Uke Like The Pros is that it is a bit more expensive if you want to really learn the instrument. A yearly premium subscription is going to run you about $16 a month compared to the one-time payment of $27 for Rocket Ukulele.

But the step-up in price is well worth it, as you are getting so much more in terms of learning resources and valuable instruction from a proven source.

Rocket Ukulele Vs. Ukulele Buddy

Ukulele Buddy is another online lesson platform for learning ukulele. Like Uke Like The Pros, there is a ton here that is missing from Rocket Ukulele’s offerings. A real selling point is that you have a teacher who will lead you through each lesson.

Ukulele Buddy covers a host of genres and techniques that will help you learn the basics and improve your existing form and technique.

JP Allen is the founder of Ukulele Buddy, a professional musician and music educator. His teaching methods are based around the idea of Deliberate Practice, a way of shaving down the time spent practicing while fully retaining what you learn.

It is a proven method that is a great basis for a teaching strategy. Here’s more on what makes Ukulele Buddy a worthwhile investment:

  • Ukulele Buddy is effective in teaching music theory and technique by simply watching three 7 minute videos per week.
  • Rocket Ukulele lacks the theory-based teaching curriculum that Ukulele Buddy boasts.
  • Ukulele Buddy gives you access to four digital learning booklets to supplement the video instruction.
  • There is also a uke toolkit with a chord chart, metronome, and digital songbooks that come with your subscription.
  • The teacher on Ukulele Buddy, Mitch, gives a more personalized and in-depth feel to the instruction. You will learn how to use the internet to unlock how to play just about any song.
  • Ukulele Buddy focuses on strumming technique and other things that Rocket Ukulele seems to miss, like muting and tuning.

Verdict: Ukulele Buddy is superior to Rocket Ukulele. (but not better than Uke Like The Pros).

This decision was easy! Rocket Ukulele doesn’t compare to the detailed and focused instruction provided by Ukulele Buddy.

Vs Other Ukulele Courses

There are plenty of other courses available, such as the Ukulele Curriculum System, which shows you how to teach the uke. But essentially, you have to choose which is right for you.

Rocket Ukulele Review, Final Thoughts

That’s it for this Rocket Ukulele review. There is more to trust in the Ukulele Buddy curriculum, as its founder has years of experience in music education, and the basis of the lessons is built around a proven method for optimizing practice time. Expect a more effective lesson plan with Ukulele Buddy than the less informative Rocket Ukulele offerings. That said, Uke Like The Pros still offers the best Ukulele lessons online.