Populele 2 Pro Smart Ukulele Review 2022

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So you’ve heard about the Populele 2 Pro, but want more details on what exactly it does. In this article we’re going to look at what this ‘smart ukulele’ does and weather or not it’s right for you. So read on for the details.

Quick note, Populele are running a crowdfunding campaign for the Populele 2 Pro smart ukulele right now. At the time of writing this there are over 3,000 uke lovers who have backed the campaign, all of which will get a Populele 2 Pro and related accessories. You can learn more and get your hands on one here at a deeply discounted price.

What is the Populele 2 Pro Ukulele?

The Populele 2 Pro is a ukulele with a difference. Instead of simply being an instrument like regular ukuleles, this is more like an all-in-one ukulele teacher.

Through gamification Populele 2 Pro will help you learn the ukulele faster. It does that through a number of features:

  • Smart LED lights on the fretboard will show you where your fingers should be when.
  • They have an accompanying app with a wide range of video lessons and songs to play your uke along to. These lessons are suitable for beginners, all the way up to experienced ukuleleist.
  • They also have games to help learning the ukulele remain an enjoyable experience.
  • And more.

The Populele 2 Pro also has a build in pre-amp for great sounds all the while. You can get a look at what exactly this smart ukulele offers here:

You can also get full details on this page.

Populele 2 Pro Color Variations

Populele 2 Pro Smart Ukulele 4 color options

At the time of writing this there are four different color options:

  • Midnight Black.
  • Snow White.
  • Mint Green.
  • Light Pink.

I largely like the names, but would’ve named the pink Candy Floss Pink or something similar. 🙂

While color choice will come down to personal preference, I personally like the black one shown in most of their marketing materials.

Price; how much does Populele 2 Pro Cost?

If you get the Populele 2 Pro inside the current Indiegogo crowdfunding launch, the Populele 2 Pro costs $159. This is 43% saving over the regular price of $279.

If you buy this ukulele bundled up with some of their other gear you can see even bigger savings.

Populele 2 Pro Ukulele Review, Conclusion

Tune the Populele 2 Pro Ukulele

This is a quick review of the Populele 2 Pro Ukulele; I hope you found it helpful. Remember, right now Populele are doing a funding campaign over Indiegogo which you can check out here.

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