Uke Like The Pros Review 2024 – The Best Ukulele Lessons?

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If you’re looking to learn to play the ukulele or simply looking to refresh your skill set through online ukulele lessons, you’ve probably come across Uke Like The Pros. And since you’re here reading this article, it looks like this platform made it to your shortlist of online ukulele courses. 

In this review, I’ll provide you with the nuts and bolts of Uke Like The Pros based on my experience with the courses and the experiences of some of my closest buddies too. From prices to course format, I made sure to make this review as comprehensive as could be. Keep reading!

Uke Like The Pros
Instructors & Teaching Styles5/5
Prices & Moneyback Guarantees5/5
Lessons’ Variety5/5
Trial Period5/5
Exclusive Features4/5
Overall Score: 4.9/5

A Quick Review of Uke Like The Pros

If I were to single out my favorite feature about Uke Like The Pros, it would be the flexibility it offers in both pricing and course variety. 

Pricing-wise, you can either purchase specific courses à la carte or follow learning paths by opting for either a monthly or yearly membership to access the full library of courses, receive giveaways, attend live calls with instructor Terry Carter, and become part of the Uke Like The Pros community at large. And if you decide to bail at any point in time, you’ll get a refund! 

On that note, the fact that the courses are led by Terry Carter, an accomplished musician based in San Diego with 25+ years worth of expertise in music teaching, is a major plus. Not to mention, he has a demonstrated history of working with award-winning, global musicians, including Weezer and Josh Groban, among others.

I genuinely admire the instruction methods Terry Carter chooses to implement. Because of how passionate he is, being engaged in his classes comes so naturally, and you end up understanding every word he says. 

He explains everything very simply yet in-depth, so you won’t have trouble following through with the content. He also holds webinars and Q&A sessions regularly and does some extremely fun giveaways and challenges from time to time!

Lastly, the lessons’ collection is comprehensive in the literal sense of the word. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn about how to read notes, an intermediate between beginner and advanced looking to learn ukulele playing techniques and how to play songs, or an advanced player looking for specialized courses, you’ll find something for you!

In a nutshell, Uke Like The Pros is there to witness your journey from beginner to master, while catering to your needs at every stage of your learning cycle!


  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Highly interactive courses with weekly webinars and Q&A sessions
  • Professional San Diego based instructor with 25+ years of demonstrated expertise in music teaching
  • Comprehensive course offerings for different player levels


  • Some courses may be relatively pricey 

Buy Uke Like The Pros If:

  • You’re a beginner looking to learn the ukulele from scratch
  • You’re an intermediate level ukulele player looking to master the ukulele
  • You’re an advanced player who wants to improve in a particular genre/style
  • You want to stay updated with the latest ukulele practices
  • You’re looking for a community of ukulele pros to interact with
  • You’re seeking à la carte payment options instead of a subscription plan

What Courses Does Uke Like The Pros Offer? 

As I was saying, with Uke Like The Pros, there’s always something for everyone. This is one of the online ukulele lessons platforms that aren’t solely geared towards one skill set while neglecting the other. Beginners, intermediates, and advanced players will equally find just the right courses to advance their ukulele playing. 

To recap, you can choose to sign up for a monthly or yearly membership to access all the courses Uke Like The Pros offers, or you can alternatively opt for specific courses of your interest. 

And if you’re a beginner who’s unsure of what to do, you can always start with the free ukulele fundamentals course that takes you through the basics, starting with how to hold a ukulele.

In essence, Uke Like The Pros follows a concept I wholeheartedly believe in, lifelong learning. Whatever phase you’re at, no one knows everything, and there’s always something to explore about music. The platform makes that easy by giving it all to you on a gold platter through a user-friendly, easy to navigate platform to make your search process much shorter.

Beginning Ukulele Bootcamp

If you’re past the free ukulele fundamentals course and looking for the next step, the Beginning Ukulele Bootcamp is your next go-to. Currently enjoying a 20% discount and listed at just $16, this course includes 25 core video lessons to establish your ukulele foundations, learn the essential chords, and master the essential strumming patterns. 

This is the ideal option for you if you’re an absolute beginner looking to gain the confidence you need to start publicly playing on your ukulele! Watch the online videos in HD, or download them if your internet is playing tricks all the time.

Master the Ukulele 1 and Master the Ukulele 2

The Master the Ukulele courses are the most popular courses offered by Uke Like The Pros, and for the right reasons. These flagship courses go several steps beyond the basics to start introducing you to advanced ukulele playing techniques, and gradually, you start practicing different song styles.

So, if you’re looking to be a ukulele pro, your search ends here. Master the Ukulele 1 will guide beginners through fingerpicking techniques, strumming patterns, and song playing, to ensure the fundamentals are engraved in their hearts once and for all. If you’re a beginner, you’ll become an intermediate ukulele player upon completing this course.

Once you’re ready, Master the Ukulele 2 will welcome you with open arms and take you on a journey of music styles exploration and learning, including genres such as pop, country, blues, reggae, and more!

Before I forget, these two courses are also enjoying a 20% discount at the moment. You can get your hands on them at just approximately $100 and get lifetime unlimited access to all video lessons along with downloadable music sheets and backing tracks!

Music Reading Course

Learning to read music is just crucial for every musician, not just ukulele players. If you’re looking to boost your music reading skills or just learn how to read music from the beginning, Uke Like The Pros has your back! 

The Music Reading course includes 45+ 4K videos accompanied by printable music sheets to learn from and practice with, in addition to downloadable backing tracks, both fast and slow. Forget about tabs and their hassle and enjoy playing music with your buddies from now on. 

You know what I loved most about this course? The fact that Uke Like The Pros goes the extra mile to give you a customized experience! Throughout the course, you practice music that’s written by Terry for aspiring ukulele players with classics like Ode to Joy, Amazing Grace, Wildwood Flower, and Aura Lee.

And by the way, when you register for this course, you get a copy of the music reading book by mail, and it’s yours to keep forever. All at $57 instead of $97!

Other Courses: Beginning Baritone Ukulele Bootcamp, Fingerstyle Ukulele, Guitarlele, and Much More

Remember when I said that Uke Like The Pros has something for everyone? That’s why I can never review each course, especially that the content library is updated very frequently! 

Despite that, a couple of courses stood out to me, especially the Fingerstyle Ukulele Mastery Course that truly makes a difference in your ukulele playing. Not to mention, it’s super enjoyable to learn fingerstyle pieces, and more so if they’re original ones by Terry! There are 16 of those, and you get a fingerstyle mastery workbook, challenge workbook, and engage in a 15-day fingerstyle challenge course followed by a 6-week fingerstyle live Q&A.  

A lot of ukulele players are also fascinated by guitars, which is why I also admired the inclusion of a Guitarlele for Ukulele and Guitar Players Course, quite rare to come across, to be honest. 

These are just a few of the many courses offered on the website, with the majority including live sessions with Terry on Youtube and Instagram, challenges for everyone, including ukulele players with free access, and ukulele giveaways!

What Are the Courses Like? 

Uke Like The Pros’ online ukulele courses are a breeze to watch. The experience is super smooth, with the course videos being in HD quality and accompanied by backing tracks to put your learning into practice immediately and introduce you to practicing and playing with your ukulele buddies.

What makes Uke Like The Pros videos unique, in my opinion, is how the videos are shot. I noticed that each course includes closeup shots with chord diagrams and music, which certainly come in handy! That’s in addition to notation, TAB, and general closeup footage.

Regardless of your course choice, there’s a unified menu with set elements, including the online ukulele video, the backing track which you can play separately, downloadable music sheets and backing tracks, quick links to other lessons within the course, and a comment box with feedback from ukulele players who took the course/lesson with room for you to add your feedback too.

If you tend to forget where you stopped, like myself, there’s an option allowing you to mark the lesson as “complete” so you can remember to rewatch incomplete ones for further practicing. Even if you mark a lesson as complete, you can still rewatch it at any point in time.

All Uke Like The Pros videos are available for lifetime access after you’ve paid for a membership or for the course. Self-paced learning at its finest!

Uke Like the Pros Memberships – What Do You Get? 

Uke Like The Pros offers three different membership options to cater to as many uke pros as possible. Below, I’ll give you an overview of each and what you get with the membership.

Standard Monthly Membership

At just $13 per month, Uke Like The Pros’ Standard Monthly Membership comes with a free 7-day trial and a free Uke Like The Pros t-shirt at the end of that trial. Should you continue, you get access to the Beginning Bootcamp Course, Master The Ukulele 1 Course, Master The Ukulele 2 Course, and access to downloadable backing tracks and sheets.

Additionally, you enjoy a live weekly video call on ukulele Q&A with Terry and become a part of the Uke Like The Pros forum where you network with uke players from all over the world. 

What if you’re unsatisfied? Cancel anytime with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Premium Membership Monthly

What if I told you that Uke Like The Pros is willing to let you own all current and future offerings by the platform? Yes, that’s the case with the Premium Membership Monthly

Just like that, you get access to 300+ ukulele video lessons, including the flagship courses and the infamous 23 Ultimate Chord Progressions course. That’s along with downloadable sheets and tracks.

You even have access to courses that are coming soon! In addition, you receive a free Uke Like The Pros t-shirt, take part in monthly ukulele giveaways, attend live weekly ukulele and guitarlele Q&A video calls with Terry, and become part of the Uke Like The Pros community. 

Like the case with the standard package, you still get to benefit from the 100% money-back guarantee and cancel your membership anytime. Premium doesn’t mean you’re stuck!

Premium Membership Yearly

The Premium Membership Yearly is the most popular on Uke Like The Pros. Can you guess why? It’s because it offers the most savings and the best benefits! You literally get the best of both worlds.

Like the Premium Membership Monthly, you’re already entitled to ownership of all existing and yet to exist material on Uke Like The Pros. That includes 300+ video lessons (which increase by the day), including once again, the flagship courses, the 23 Ultimate Chord Progressions course, Jazz Swing Mastery course, and many more, along with their downloadable sheets and tracks!

Naturally, you also receive the free Uke Like The Pros t-shirt, participate in the monthly ukulele KoAloha giveaways, attend live weekly ukulele, and guitarlele Q&A video calls with Terry, and become part of the Uke Like The Pros community forum. 

Plus, you get to take part in a Music Theory workshop and a Dominate Major Scales workshop, which other memberships don’t include. Additionally, you get a 10% coupon on to shop for the best ukuleles!   

Okay, so this is probably the one that you can’t opt-out of once you pay, you’re probably thinking. Surprise, no! Just like any other membership, the 100% money-back guarantee applies to this too. Cancel anytime, but I guarantee you won’t want to.

Uke Like The Pros Memberships – How Much Do They Cost?

The memberships are subject to change, especially that Uke Like The Pros almost always offers some sort of offers or discounts. However, here are the current prices for you to use as a reference.

MembershipStandard MembershipPremium Membership MonthlyPremium Membership Yearly

And don’t forget, all of the courses are available as a stand-alone purchase. If you don’t feel ready for a membership just yet, purchase one course at a time until you’re ready. However, remember that all of the courses you’re interested in are part of the memberships except for the standard subscription. They’re really worth it!

Uke Like The Pros – Alternatives

Deep inside your mind, you’re probably wondering how Uke Like The Pros matches up against other online platforms for ukulele lessons. Undoubtedly, you know that it’s one of the top picks, but a few names also popped up more than once along with it, right? That’s why I decided to give you a review of how Uke Like The Pros compares with the other top platforms for ukulele lessons.

Uke Like The Pros vs. Ukulele Buddy

Ukulele Buddy is also among the leading platforms for ukulele learning, but there are quite a few distinctions between Uke Like The Pros and Ukulele Buddy. For one, Ukulele Buddy doesn’t offer any trial options. However, it does have a money-back guarantee in place just like Uke Like The Pros.

When it comes to skill set, Ukulele Buddy is significantly tailored for beginners; advanced players wouldn’t have a rich experience. On the other hand, Uke Like The Pros targets all ukulele players alike. 

As for membership plans, Ukulele Buddy has just one subscription model, being a one-time purchase of $67 for full access to all courses. Contrarily, Uke Like The Pros has several subscription models ranging from completely free to $19.95 or based on single course prices.

Finally, Ukulele Buddy doesn’t provide an opportunity for interaction with the instructors, although they’re quite excellent. In comparison, Uke Like The Pros heavily focuses on engagement and interaction through live videos, Q&A sessions, webinars, challenges, and giveaways.

So, if you’re a beginner looking for pre-recorded ukulele lessons with minimal interaction with your instructor, Ukulele Buddy would suit you. The lessons are short and enable you to learn at your pace, and the instructors are ukulele masters! On the other hand, if you desire interaction and want different courses for different skill levels, Uke Like The Pros is your go-to.

Uke Like The Pros vs. ArtistWorks

Like Ukulele Buddy, ArtistWorks Ukulele Certificate (course) also doesn’t offer any trial options. However, it does have different subscription models, including three, six, and twelve-month subscription plans. Then again, it doesn’t have a money-back guarantee, which is a major letdown. 

Pricing wise, ArtistWorks’ plans range between $23.25/month to $35/month, putting Uke Like The Pros on the front row time and time again.

While Ukulele Buddy targeted beginners, ArtistWorks is similar to Uke Like The Pros in that it offers courses for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

On the interaction front, ArtistWorks gives you the opportunity to send videos of yourself playing the ukulele to share with your instructor, who provides you with personalized feedback. You can also choose to opt for one-on-one lessons with the instructors, which is a feature not available with Uke Like The Pros. 

However, ArtistWorks shares the community aspect with Uke Like The Pros, both enjoying an online community for ukulele players to come together and share their tricks and techniques.

Last but not least, ArtistWorks is preferred by many for its diverse instrument offerings. The platform provides courses for many different instruments, not just the ukulele, while Uke Like The Pros specializes in ukuleles. 

All in all, ArtistWorks should be your go-to if you prioritize personalized feedback and are interested in taking more lessons beyond the ukulele. If that’s not the case, stick to Uke Like The Pros.


Is Uke Like The Pros Expensive Compared to Other Sites?

Absolutely not! It’s the middle ground between the cheapest alternatives and the most expensive ones. And it makes sure to provide you with value for every penny! 

Is Uke Like The Pros Good for Beginners?

Certainly! There are numerous resources and lessons targeting beginners, along with a free fundamentals course.

Can I Cancel My Membership if I Change My Mind?

Anytime you wish!

Does Uke Like The Pros Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

An amazing one, actually! And it applies to all courses and memberships.

Final Thoughts

Through this review, I hope you now know why Uke Like The Pros is almost on every list related to online ukulele lessons. While I don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” models by any means, Uke Like The Pros truly is a platform that fits all. There’s just plenty of content for everyone. 

Terry is among the leading instructors in the ukulele space; I personally get impressed by how he’s always trying to innovate with his techniques over time to keep everyone engaged. Whether it’s through challenges, giveaways, workshops, live videos, or more, he always has new tricks up his sleeve.

Give Uke Like The Pros a try, and I know you won’t regret it! Starting with the easy navigation and all the way to the flexible pricing options, I’m sure you’ll be hooked as much as I am. And even if that isn’t the case, you can get your money back, so why not give it a shot?