9 Best Ukulele Pickups 2024 – Electrify Your Ukulele

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Looking for a good quality pickup for your ukulele? Well you’re in luck, as we’ve compared some of the best ukulele pickups to make your choice easier.

We generally start with the best first and work our way down, but you may want to have a look at them all in case a different model more suits your needs.

At A Glance:

With that said, let’s look at the first electric ukulele pickup in more detail.

KNA UK-1 Piezo Pickup – Best Ukulele Pickup Overall

KNA UK-1 Piezo Pickup - Best Ukulele Pickup Overall

The KNA UK-1 piezo pickup is a great option for a ukulele pickup. It is a piezo pickup. A piezo pickup does not use a magnet to amplify the sound. Instead, it takes the vibrations of the instrument and converts them through piezo crystals. Additionally, this pickup is “passive,” which means it does not include its own power source.

Piezo pickups are great for nylon strings. They are great for nylon strings because they do not use a magnet. The KNA UK-1 piezo pickup is a versatile little pickup that is great for your Ukulele. It is highly rated and for good reason; while there may be cheaper items, this one is top quality.

The KNA UK-1 Piezo Pickup has several benefits that make it great for your ukulele:

  • Its size. The size of the KNA UK-1 is small. Its dimensions are 8 x 3.5 x 1.25 inches. This makes it easy to apply and is comparable to the size of your ukulele. Due to its size, it is also incredibly lightweight. It weighs only 0.2 pounds.
  • Installation. You do not need to modify your instrument at all to use this pickup. There are some pickups on the market that require you to modify your ukulele to use the pickup. This is not the case with the KNA UK-1. It attaches to your ukulele effortlessly.
  • Sound quality. The KNA UK-1 is designed to produce the natural sound of your ukulele. This means that it will sound crisp and clear without any distortion or other audio noise.
  • Detachable. The KNA UK-1 can is easily detachable. Since you are not modifying your ukulele to install this pickup, it can be taken off as needed. Additionally, you can choose to leave it attached when the ukulele is not in use.
  • Usable with most ukuleles. Another great feature about this pickup is its versatility. It will fit most ukuleles regardless of size. So, if you have a slightly larger ukulele or a slightly smaller one, you know this one will fit.

One of the best ukulele pickups on the market, this one will reproduce the natural sound of your ukulele with ease. Once you attach it to your ukulele, you simply hook it up to your preferred preamp. Additionally, this pickup comes with a ⅛” to ¼” cable.

The Feather Ukulele Pickup – Premium Uke Pickup

he Feather Ukulele Pickup - Premium Uke Pickup

Unlike a lot of the other pickups, this pickup is an “active” pickup. An active pickup has a built-in preamp and does not need external power to work. The Feather ukulele pickup is perfectly suited to enhancing the sound of your ukulele.

This pickup is incredibly lightweight, which is why it is called the Feather. It looks a bit different than other pickups since it has a built-in microphone directed at the strings of your ukulele, and it has a built-in preamp that clips onto the ukulele.

The ukulele does not need to be modified to use this pickup. Installation is quick. Some of the benefits of the Feather ukulele pickup include:

  • Top-quality and tested. The Feather includes a built-in preamp. This means it has its own power source. It will enhance the natural tone of your ukulele clearly and crisply. Additionally, every unit is factory tested before it is shipped out. This ensures that your product is top quality when you receive it.
  • Versatile. This pickup can be used on your ukulele and it clips on easily. Additionally, it can be used on other instruments as well. If you want to switch from a ukulele to a guitar, you can easily switch this pickup from one to the other, too.
  • Ready to use. As soon as you open the box you will be able to use the Feather. Everything you need is included. Moreover, you do not need any additional preamps or mounts.

The Feather is more expensive than other pickups. This is because of its built-in preamp. As you would expect from the price, but it is quality and will last you a long time. Additionally, you do not need to buy a separate preamp, so the price balances itself out. It is a highly-rated item and will serve your ukulele well.

Luvay Acoustic Guitar Pickup – Best Cheap Ukulele Pickup

Luvay Acoustic Guitar Pickup - Best Cheap Ukulele Pickup

As with other pickups for ukuleles, the name may be deceiving. However, many guitar pickups work well with ukuleles, and the Luvay Acoustic Guitar pickup is no exception.

This is one of the cheaper pickups you can get for your ukulele. While you obviously won’t get the same high quality as some of the more expensive choices, there’s still space in the market for a more budget friendly pickup like this. Others agree, it’s highly rated and for good reason. Here are the features:

  • Adjustable volume. The Luvay pickup has a volume knob you can use to control how loud the pickup is. This is great if you want to adjust the sound input from the ukulele without touching your amp or mixer.
  • External. This pickup is attached externally on the ukulele via an adhesive sticker. The Luvay comes with four. These stickers can be reused. Therefore, if you need to move the placement of the sensor you can do so with ease. Additionally, you do not need to modify your ukulele to use it.
  • Connects directly to an amplifier or mixer. Unlike other ukulele pickups, this pickup can connect directly to your mixer or amplifier. The pickup comes with a 10-foot amplifier cable that plugs directly into the sensor. You do not need to apply any additional mounts on the ukulele.
  • Sound quality. The sound quality for this pickup is clear and crisp. You do not have to worry about any unwanted feedback or noise ruining the sound.

With easy installation, adjustable volume, and a direct line to an amplifier, this is a great choice to use to enhance the sound of your ukulele. Whether you are performing or playing for yourself, you will not have to worry about the Luvay pickup becoming loose. You will get top-quality sound for a reasonable price.

K&K Aloha Twin Double-Sensor Pickup

K&K Aloha Twin Double-Sensor Pickup

The next pickup is a special one. This pickup is designed exclusively for use with ukuleles. This means that its specs are suited specifically for your ukulele. A ukulele is a unique instrument that can benefit from a pickup designed to be used with it.

The K&K Aloha Twin Double-Sensor pickup is a top-quality pickup for your ukulele. It is a transducer pickup. It can be installed within the body of the ukulele. However, it can be installed on the exterior of the ukulele. Unlike other pickups with this option, it does not come with an adhesive, so you have to glue it yourself. Regardless, the K&K Aloha is going to give you high-quality sound for your ukulele. Consider these benefits:

  • Passive pickup. The K&K Aloha pickup is passive. Therefore, you do not need a power source to use it. Once you have it installed, you are ready to go.
  • Easy installation. Despite it being installed on the inside of the ukulele, the installation is relatively straightforward. Additionally, K&K offers instructions on how to mount it externally. Installation, with the proper tools, does not take long.
  • Two sensors. The K&K Aloha has two sensors that can be placed anywhere you choose either within the ukulele or externally on the ukulele. This gives you more control over the sound quality.

The K&K Aloha is highly rated. Price wise, it’s middle-of-the-road. However, it is designed specifically for use with a ukulele. This ensures that you will be getting great sound out of the ukulele when you perform.

Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Donner Acoustic Guitar Pickup

Despite its name, this pickup is also used for ukuleles. This pickup is a transducer pickup, which means it is placed inside the soundboard of the ukulele. This type of pickup is different from others that are external only.

However, the Donner pickup can be used both internally and externally, which opens up a range of possibilities for your setup. You can choose to attach the three piezos either within the soundboard or externally next to the bridge of the ukulele.

The Donner pickup has many benefits that come with it:

  • Internal and external use. As mentioned, this pickup can be used internally and externally. It comes with adhesive strips that can be used to attach the pickup to the instrument. Additionally, if used externally, you do not need to modify the ukulele.
  • Balanced sound. The Donner pickup can reproduce the sound of each string on your ukulele. The sound will be crisp and clear. This is because this pickup uses three pickups attached to the instrument to convert the sound to your amplifier.
  • Quality. The Donner pickup will not become loose while you perform. It is safely secured.
  • Versatility. Because the Donner pickup comes with three pickups, you can choose how you want to mount them. You can choose the best configuration for your instrument. No matter how you organize them, the sound will be balanced and clear, free of any “noise.”

The Donner pickup comes at a good price for the quality you get with this pickup. Additionally, the Donner pickup comes with installation instructions and comes with all the items you need to get started, including the adhesive tape and a plastic clip for the connector to rest in.

Fishman AG Undersaddle Ukulele Pickup

Fishman AG Undersaddle Ukulele Pickup

The Fishman AG Undersaddle Pickup is a pickup that is placed underneath the body of the ukulele. Unlike other pickups that are placed within the soundboard or near the bridge, this pickup works in a differently.

The Fishman AG Undersaddle pickup does not need a preamp to work. Once you have it installed, you can plug it directly into your preferred amplifier or mixer.

However, this pickup may require a professional to help install it. You do not need to use a professional, though it is recommended. Regardless, this pickup will get the job done once installed. A few other specifics to take note of include:

  • The Fishman can be paired with a preamp, but you do not need one to use this pickup. This gives you some flexibility with how you use the pickup.
  • Highly rated. The Fishman is a highly-rated product. While it most likely will require professional installation, it is top-quality, which means it will deliver a clear, crisp, and enhanced sound of the natural tone of your ukulele.
  • The Fishman can be paired with an impedance preamp. This is recommended, but, again, is not required. You can use the Fishman without a preamp.

Imelod Contact Microphone Pickup

Imelod Contact Microphone Pickup

The Imelod contact microphone pickup is a super affordable pickup for your ukulele. This pickup is cheap, but it is still a very reliable pickup despite its low price. It is also highly rated across online stores. Many people enjoy using this pickup.

The Imelod contact microphone pickup is also a piezo pickup. It is attached to the ukulele’s body and converts the sound to be transferred to the preamp or mixer of your choice. The Imelod contact microphone pickup has several benefits:

  • Installation. The installation of the Imelod is very easy. Using a double-sided adhesive tape, the pickup is placed on the body of the ukulele near the bridge. The tape is easily removed, and the adhesive does not remain on the body of the ukulele. There is a velcro strap that holds the connector in place.
  • Eliminates other noises. This microphone pickup can eliminate external sounds so that the sound of your ukulele is crisp and clear. There will not be any interference when using this pickup.
  • Versatility. For its low price, the Imelod is very versatile. The pickup and the connector can be placed in various places on the ukulele due to the adhesive tape, and it can be attached to a preamp or a mixer of your choice.
  • Size. This pickup is also very small. It can fit into your pocket. Moreover, it is perfect for your ukulele. You do not have to worry about a bulky unit on your instrument.

This pickup is the perfect addition to a musician’s kit. It is small, lightweight, and versatile. Additionally, it does not require any modification to the instrument to use it.

PAGOW 3-in-1 Transducer Pickup

PAGOW 3-in-1 Transducer Pickup

The PAGOW 3-in-1 transducer pickup is a quality pickup for your ukulele. It can be installed either within the soundboard of the ukulele or externally. As with other transducer pickups, you may have to modify your ukulele to install it. However, if you have adhesive tape, you can apply it externally as well.

The PAGOW 3-in-1 is made from quality ABS plastic and is small and lightweight. This makes it a perfect option, especially if you travel a lot with your ukulele. You do not want a large, bulky pickup that is difficult to pack.

The PAGOW 3-in-1 offers several specifications worth looking at:

  • Does not need a preamp. Despite being a passive pickup, the PAGOW can work without one. Of course, you can always use a preamp if you desire.
  • Comes with everything you need. When you get the PAGOW, you get the cables, the adhesive tape, and a plastic mount for the wire.
  • Versatile. This pickup has three sensors that can be strategically placed either within the soundboard or near the bridge of the ukulele, which gives you control over how the sound is delivered to your amplifier or mixer.

The PAGOW 3-in-1 is a great budget option when choosing a pickup for your ukulele. For a low price, you can enhance the sound of your ukulele with ease.

LALAOKS Piezo Pickup

LALAOKS Piezo Pickup

A super-affordable option, the LALAOKS Piezo Pickup is a great option if you are on a budget but still need a good, quality pickup for your ukulele.

This pickup is very simple in its design. It is applied externally on the body of your ukulele near the bridge. The sensor will detect the sound and send it to the amplifier. The connector, where the amplifier cord will be plugged into, is fastened to the body of the ukulele with an adhesive velcro strip.

This pickup is a passive and does not need a preamp. Once you have it applied to your ukulele, which is very quick, you are ready to go. Additionally, some benefits come with using the LALAOKS pickup:

  • Installation. As mentioned, the installation of the LALAOKS pickup is super quick. Once you get the pickup all you have to do is mount it where you want with the adhesive stickers and velcro and you are ready to go.
  • Versatility. As with other ukulele pickups, you have some flexibility with how you use this pickup. You can position near the bridge in different places. Remember, where you place it can affect the sound you get from the ukulele, which you can adjust as you go.
  • Sound quality. The sound quality is high because it can cut out external sounds easily. The microphone in the sensor picks up the sound of the ukulele directly thereby eliminating any other external noise factors. This produces a clean, crisp sound.
  • Does not need a preamp. This is a passive pickup. You do not need a preamp to use it. Once it is installed, it is ready to plug into a mixer or amplifier.

The LALAOKS pickup is a great budget pickup. It is compact and lightweight, so it can be transported easily.

Top Ukulele Pickups, Finishing Thoughts

So there you have it, some of the finest ukulele pickups around. Regardless of whether you’re after the absolute best money can buy, or you’d prefer to opt for a more budget version at the sacrifice of quality, you’ll find something on this list for you.

Whichever option you go with, I’m sure it’ll work out just fine. 🙂

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