JamPlay vs. Jamorama

Gone are the days when you had to attend a one-on-one or group class to learn a new musical instrument like the guitar. 

There are tons of online resources at your fingertips that can help you kickstart your guitar learning journey, but hey, don’t get all hyped up just yet! You still have to choose the right guitar platform for your experience level, budget, and preferred learning ways.

In this guide, we’ve picked two of the most popular online guitar lessons and put them head-to-head in our JamPlay vs. Jamorama comparison. So, let’s get started right away!

JamPlay vs. Jamorama – Feature for Feature Comparison

Before we get into the tiniest details, here’s a quick overview of how the two platforms fare against each other on the main aspects.

Ideal ForIntermediate-AdvancedBeginners
Price$19.95/month$99.95 (one-time fee)
Free Trial Period30 daysLifetime (limited features)
Money-back Guarantee30 days120 days
Private Online LessonsNoNo
Active ForumYesYes
HD Video LessonsYesYes
Lessons Variety7,000+275+
Song Library450+Limited

JamPlay vs. Jamorama – In-detail Comparison 

Your level of experience is the most critical factor you need to keep in mind when deciding between JamPlay and Jamorama. Let’s look at what the two platforms have to offer for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.


Jamorama is one of the most beginner-friendly guitar learning platforms out there. The lessons are super easy to grasp, and the instructor, Mark McKenzie, knows how to explain music without making everything unnecessarily complicated. The lessons are also structured in a logical sequence that absolute beginners will love.

The lessons start with an introduction to music theory and guitar anatomy, followed by teaching you the right way to hold the guitar. You’ll then be introduced to how to play some open chords, inversions, power chords, and more, like the basics of chord progressions and lead guitar. 

Plus, you’ll also get to practice with some songs in the genre you choose, including jazz, rock, and country. 

JamPlay vs. Jamorama – In-detail Comparison 

On the other hand, JamPlay isn’t really targeted at beginners. A lot of content is also tailored for guitar players who already know the basics as a bare minimum. 

Winner: Jamorama. Beginners will definitely like Jamorama’s learning approach with easy to comprehend lessons and a well-structured learning progression.

Intermediate Players

If you’ve already been practicing the guitar for a while, you probably want to expand your skill set by learning new techniques, and that’s precisely what JamPlay will help you do. With a lesson library that exceeds 7000 lessons taught by over 120 instructors, it’s nearly impossible for experienced players not to find what they’re looking for.

On top of that, JamPlay offers a one-on-one review that allows you to record yourself playing to let teachers evaluate your progress. As an intermediate player, this makes it easier for you to develop your skills quickly.

On the flip side, Jamorama’s content covers the basics that can get you up and running with the guitar, making it a less attractive choice for experienced players who need to learn new things. Not to mention, almost all of the content is taught by one instructor: Mark Mckenzie, an excellent instructor with many years of experience. 

Not to mention, his teaching methods are very engaging and enjoyable. Still, though, the fact that the website gives you no chance to choose your instructor isn’t something that we’re very fond of for intermediate players looking to go beyond the basics.

Winner: JamPlay. JamPlay’s wide variety of lessons covering virtually everything related to the guitar makes it an excellent choice for intermediate players. Its one-on-one review system is also very beneficial.

Advanced Players 

This is where your choice becomes pretty obvious. Compared to Jamorama’s limited number of lessons, JamPlay’s library provides experienced players with an unbeaten number of lessons that teach advanced techniques like using pedals, improvisation, and chord extensions

Advanced Players 

Some of the most notable instructors on JamPlay include Pantera’s longtime bassist Rex Brown and Robb Flynn from the heavy metal band Machinehead.

You won’t find such a variety of lessons and instructors on Jamorama’s beginner-oriented course.

Winner: JamPlay. With more than 7000 guitar lessons, it’s hard to find a platform that’s on par with what JamPlay has to offer for advanced players.

Bass Guitarists

If you’re into bass guitar, you’d be happy with what JamPlay has to offer. It offers bass lessons by more than 20 instructors, including names like David Ellefson, one of Megadeth’s founding members, an American thrash metal band. The only downside is that bass lessons require a separate subscription on JamPlay.

On the flip side, Jamorama doesn’t have any bass lessons, which can be a huge letdown for bass enthusiasts. 

Winner: JamPlay. While Jamorama doesn’t offer any bass lessons, JamPlay offers 10+ dedicated bass guitar lessons from several instructors.

The Detailed Breakdown of Each Platform

Now that we’ve covered what you should expect from each platform based on your current level of experience, let’s dive deeper into the features that make each platform stand out.

Video Player

JamPlay’s video player is quite sophisticated. It allows you to watch the lessons in full-screen mode, and you can speed the video playback up or down according to your preference when practicing. It even lets you watch the videos at 4K resolution, a feature that’s rare to find on other guitar learning platforms.

Our only complaint with it is that it doesn’t give you the option to download the videos, which is quite a bummer, especially for those who have a tight schedule and need to watch the videos on multiple devices on the go. 

In contrast, Jamorama’s video player is very basic, and it doesn’t let you slow down the playback. The resolution is also capped at 720p, which isn’t bad but definitely outdated by today’s standards. Nevertheless, the video player is very responsive, which makes watching the lessons a delightful experience.

The Detailed Breakdown of Each Platform

Like JamPlay, Jamorama doesn’t let you download the video lessons, but you can download the TAB for each lesson to help you practice.

Winner: JamPlay. Both platforms have smooth video players, but JamPlay goes above and beyond with 4K capabilities compared to Jamorama’s 720p video player.

User Interface 

Once you open the JamPlay website, you’ll be presented with a dashboard that gives you a summary of your learning progress so far. We really like this feature because it gives you a sense of achievement whenever the trackbar moves even slightly. 

Our only problem with the website is that the user interface feels quite cluttered, and it takes some time to get used to.

Jamorama’s website is also quite sleek, and we’ve found it pretty easy to navigate. It also looks modern and polished. The navigation bar at the top gives you quick access to the courses and song lessons using drop-down lists. It also lets you go back to your dashboard no matter where you are on the website. 

Winner: Jamorama. While both websites have a sleek user interface, we’ve found Jamorama’s website to be more appealing and easier to navigate, especially for new users.

Song Library

Playing songs is the most fun part of the guitar learning journey because it gives you a sense of achievement and a chance to showcase your progress to friends and families. With more than 450 songs, JamPlay’s song library is pretty massive. From blues to funk and jazz, the library covers various genres. You’re guaranteed to find your favorite genres here.

Conversely, Jamorama doesn’t have a fully-fledged song library for its users. There’s a limited number of them, but nothing similar to what JamPlay has to offer. It’s a technique-focused website that emphasizes teaching the students how to play the guitar instead of a song-oriented learning approach.

Winner: JamPlay. JamPlay’s massive song library is one of the best we’ve seen on an online guitar learning platform, covering a wide range of genres and styles to suit all tastes.


Jamorama markets itself as a community-based learning platform, and we can definitely see that throughout the website. The platform is very similar to how a social media network functions. Each member has a profile that they can update and post on like they would on Facebook. 

You can also add friends and join groups. The website also has a dedicated forum that allows members to discuss whatever they want with each other and the instructor.


On the other hand, JamPlay has an active forum and a Facebook group with more than 30,000 members. You can even join live Q&A sessions with the instructors to ask about anything you want.

Winner: Jamorama. Jamorama’s social network experience is far ahead of what JamPlay has to offer in terms of community-based learning.


JamPlay is one of the most affordable online guitar lessons out there. At just $19.95/month, the platform delivers insane value for the price. Alternatively, you can opt for the annual membership that costs $159.95/year and comes with a free guitarist toolkit that gives you access to 47 individual courses, 600 pages of tab, 686 lessons, and 441 jam tracks. 

Additionally, JamPlay offers a free membership that gives you a taste of the platform’s features. The icing on top is that the website has a 30-day free trial for those who want to give it a shot before committing to a monthly subscription. Plus, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you’ve already subscribed and changed your mind later.

In contrast, Jamorama takes a different take by only charging you a one-time fee of $99.95, making it a more economical option in the long run. We were impressed that they offer a 120-day money-back guarantee, the longest customer protection period we’ve ever seen on an online guitar learning platform. 

Jamorama also has a free plan that gives you access to the website’s blog, several beginner-level courses, and member support.

Winner: Jamorama. While it has a higher upfront cost than JamPlay, it’s the more economical option in the long run since you only have to pay once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Any of JamPlay or Jamorama Have Mobile Apps?

JamPlay has an Android & iOS app that lets you access your content on the go. You can also view your content using a mobile web browser. Jamorama doesn’t have a mobile app, but you can access the website from any mobile browser.

Is Jamorama Worth It?

Yes! It’s definitely worth it, especially for complete beginners who literally got their new guitar a few hours ago.

Is JamPlay Worth the Money? 

Yes! At $19.95/month, JamPlay’s subscription plan is an excellent bang for your buck, considering that you get an insane amount of content for a low price, including lots of different skills, styles, and songs. 

Does Jamorama’s Membership Have an Expiration Date?

No. Once you subscribe to any of Jamorama’s plans, you get lifetime access to the website’s content and blog, whether it’s a free or paid membership.

Final Verdict

To sum up our JamPlay vs. Jamorama comparison, we’ll give you a couple of hints that can help you decide which of them to try first.

It’s a no-brainer that Jamorama is an excellent pick for beginners just stepping into the guitar world. And while the content is somewhat limited, it’ll take a while before a beginner goes through all of it anyway.

Not to mention, the free lifetime access to some of the platform’s content makes it suitable for those still exploring different instruments and aren’t sure that they want to invest a lot of time, money, and effort into learning the guitar.

On the other hand, JamPlay is the go-to choice for more experienced guitar players. It offers thousands of lessons by more than 120 instructors and a vast song library with over 450 songs; it’s a whole planet of guitar enthusiasts! There’s nothing out there that comes close to JamPlay’s variety of content. 

It also has dedicated courses for bass guitarists. However, keep in mind that the platform has monthly subscription fees compared to Jamorama’s one-time payment.

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