How To Travel With Your Ukulele

Traveling with your ukulele may sound like a disaster. but, by following these guidelines it’ll turn out to be a simple process.

To all the traveling musicians, here are some tips on the ideal way to travel with your Ukulele safely.

A Hard-Shell Case is the ideal choice

A hard-shell waterproof case with a strong locking latch should be your best friend.

You’ll want to maintain your ukulele safe if it got dropped or banged or even got wrongly man-handed. The hardshell case is the ideal product for safety maintenance if any of this happens.

Moreover, make sure you choose the right size of the case for your ukulele to fit in If there are spaces fill them with rolling t-shirts to keep your ukulele stable and in place.

Get Your Ukulele Prepared

Preparing your ukulele by loosening the strings for less tension is the most common and important tip. As the strings can be affected by the exposition to heat, pressure, climate changes and humidity.

However, these factors lead to the expansion and contraction of the wood which will make the strings snap and may break the saddle or the neck of your ukulele.


Identifying your ukulele is a lifesaver tip. Luggage gets lost from time to time so you want to make sure it comes back to you if you lose it.

Put a label with your name and contact details outside and inside your ukulele’s case.

And for more safety add the label “Fragile, Please keep dry and handle with care” to make sure your ukulele is carefully handed.

Accessories And Extras

We never know what’s going to happen through a trip. So you better take your precautions and bring extra accessories and tools you may need for your ukulele.

Such as extra packets of strings, Nail files, a tuner, Etc.

Pack them separately from your ukulele’s case to avoid suspicious checks at the airport.

Carry On Your Ukulele

Taking your ukulele as a carry on luggage is the ideal decision. Most airlines allow carrying on your musical instrument on board with you.

Therefore, you can keep it underneath your seat as long as it fits or in the overhead cabin.

The last plan that you may fallback to is that you leave you ukulele as checked luggage.

It’s not the ideal plan but if you had to resort to it make sure you lock out your case carefully, Stick your labels with the identification and cautious, Loosen your strings. And you ukulele is all set.

Get On Board Early

The earlier you get on board the easier your process will be. Getting on board early ensures you the priority of having the needed room for your ukulele to be safely stored in the overhead cabin through the flight.

Furthermore, protecting it from being tucked in with other passengers’ luggage.

Most airlines have an option called “Priority Boarding” You may resort to this route if you can’t get on board early, They’ll provide your priority in being one of the first passengers to get on board.

Add Insurance

If you’re going to check your ukulele in then added insurance may be worth looking into. You can take pictures/video of your ukulele before you check it in as an insurance proof of its statue before the flight.

Right after the flight and before you leave the airport check the condition of your ukulele.

In the event that it’s damaged or lost, hand your insurance proof and make a claim immediately.

Road Trips

If you’re heading to a road trip with your ukulele then, fortunately, you have options.

You can use whether the soft gig bag or the hard-shell case according to the room your car has.

Moreover,  you have to cover your ukulele’s case with a colored blanket or towel (avoid using black ones) so you can keep your ukulele away from absorbing heat during exposure to sunlight.

Assuming that, you’re going to step out of your car take your ukulele with you as the temperature can change fast and hit your ukulele with sudden heat leading to unnecessary damage.

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