Best Concert Ukulele 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Concert ukuleles are the second smallest in size after sopranos. And although they’re not the most common, they do a great job at providing you with a rich and well-balanced tone.

But finding a reliable concert ukulele can be a little confusing, especially if you’re a beginner.

That’s why I created this list of the best concert ukuleles on the market to help you make a decision more easily.

Concert Ukulele – Comparison Table

Concert Ukulele

Dimensions (inches)


Weight (pounds)

Cordoba 15CM

24 x 6.5 x 10



Kala Satin

24.25 x 8.25 x 2.79



Mitchell MU70

25 x 10.9 x 4.1



Luna Tattoo

24 x 9 x 3



Lanikai LU-21C

26.5 x 13 x 4.5



Ranch UK-23

24.25 x 8.25 x 3.38



The 6 Best Concert Ukuleles for 2020

1. Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele Bundle

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele Bundle

The Cordoba 15CM lives up to Cordoba’s high standards for musical instruments.

It comes with a mahogany top, back, and sides as well as a silk finish to make its construction solid as well as enhance its sound.

On top of that, the Cordoba 15CM comes with premium Aquila Nyglut strings that add to the richness of its sound.

Moreover, it has geared tuners that make it stand out when compared to other ukuleles on the market. The digital chromatic clip-on tuner helps you maintain a tuned ukulele.

Its 4-pound weight might be the only thing that would make me hesitant about dubbing it the best concert ukulele on the list.

The fact that it’s a fully integrated package and that it’s very easy to handle and play makes it a good concert ukulele for beginners and professionals alike.


  • High-quality strings
  • The dynamic range makes the sound of the instrument emotional
  • Affordability
  • The large body enables it to solidly project sounds


  • The sound is relatively dull
  • Thinner top with mahogany veneer lamination

Bottom line:

The Cordoba 15CM is a full package of everything you’ll need in a ukulele. It combines affordability, playability, and sound quality.

And the fact that it’s a whole bundle spares you the need to buy any extras.

2. Kala Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele

Kala Satin Mahogany Ukulele (KA-C)

The Kala KA-C isn’t the most affordable uke on the list but it’s one that will last with you for longer than just a beginner’s phase.

Not only does the mahogany construction make it durable but it also gives it a rich sound and an elegant look –especially with the minimalistic design.

I’ve noticed that some of this model’s items come with fret edges that are not well polished.

So before you decide to take one home, make sure you double-check it. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay more money for maintenance.

What makes it possible for such a ukulele to come at less than 200 bucks is the fact that it doesn’t use any unnecessary hardware.

So what you get is the basic yet functional parts: stable die-cast tuners, a walnut bridge, NuBone nut and saddle, and premium Aquila Nyglut strings.


  • Easy to play
  • Excellent construction
  • Minimalistic design with full sound


  • Requires frequent tuning
  • Fret edges may be too sharp

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for a reliable concert ukulele under 200 bucks, you can’t go wrong with the Kala KA-C.

Although it may require tuning from time to time, it’s very easy to play and quite affordable.

3. Mitchell MU70 12-Fret Concert Ukulele Natural

Mitchell MU70 12-Fret

Resembling the feel of a traditional acoustic guitar and having the same smooth and glossy finish of one, the Mitchell MU70 is the perfect ukulele to get if you’re transitioning from a guitar.

Unlike a lot of the recommendations on the list, this ukulele’s body is made from rosewood and its top from spruce.

This gives it the durability of mahogany but with a more comfortable feeling.

And although the volume is loud and resonating, the sound isn’t as balanced.

On the positive side, the wide neck, deep soundbox, and spruce top allow you to hit all the high and low notes quite well.

On top of that, the Mitchell MU70 comes with premium-quality nylon Aquila nyglut strings that stretch well and maintain their tune perfectly.

While the Mitchell MU70 doesn’t come with a gig back, it’s durable enough to take on gigs without worrying about any damage being inflicted on it.


  • Solid and durable
  • Comes with Aquila strings
  • Produces accurate notes
  • Full sound


  • Some frets may sound a little off

Bottom line:

With a well-constructed body and an awesome headstock, the Mitchell MU70 is a pretty solid and durable concert ukulele that gives you great value for the price.

4. Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele

Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele

The design, swirling waves, and shark-tooth inspired soundhole rosette are where the Luna Tattoo gets its name from.

It’s a great choice for both entry-level players and more experienced ones.

With a body made entirely of satin-finished laminated mahogany, a solid C-shaped mahogany neck, a rosewood fretboard, and 18 frets, it’s as good to play as it looks.

However, it may need a good set-up out of the box to reach the best playability options. Other than that, it’s very comfortable to play.

Moreover, the Luna Tattoo comes with a set of open-gear tuners and Pearloid buttons.

The padded gig bag is a nice touch and a great way to extend the durability of your instrument.

For a medium-budget ukulele, this one is a bang for your buck.


  • Attractive design
  • Solid construction
  • Excellent tuners
  • Comes with a padded gig bag for extra protection


  • Low-quality tuning pegs

Bottom line:

For a concert ukulele under 100 bucks, the Luna Tattoo performs and looks quite wonderful.

While Luna doesn’t usually combine well between affordability and play-ability, they did very well on this model.

5. Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele Bundle

Concert Ukulele Ranch 23 Ukulele

At the price of a standalone ukulele, the Lanikai LU-21C bundle gives you a whole set.

It comes with a tuner, a gig bag, a manual DVD, a polishing cloth, and it’s still extremely affordable which makes it a great ukulele for beginners.

Unlike the popular Koa and mahogany, the Lanikai LU-21C uses Nato for the top, back, and sides and rosewood for the fretboard.

I know this may raise some concerns for the sound, it also did for me.

However, when I played it, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Make sure to file the frets before you get down to playing as they’re pretty sharp –as is the case with most budget models.

Another pleasant surprise is that the strings are Aquila Nygult, which isn’t something I expected on such an affordable uke.

On top of that, you get a quality gig back that keeps your uke safe when you’re not using it.


  • Appealing design
  • Comes with Aquila strings
  • Gig bag included
  • Comes with a clip-on geared tuner
  • Great bang for your buck


  • Instructions for the tuner could be a little complicated for a beginner to decipher

Bottom line:

With a striking redwood finish and white binding, the Lanikai LU-21C looks as good as it performs.

It’s a real bargain when you consider the fact that it comes with all the extras that you’ll need as well as a solid construction and high-quality strings.

6. Concert Ukulele Ranch 23 inch

Concert Ukulele Ranch 23 Ukulele

This kit comes with everything you need to get your ukulele-playing journey started.

Apart from the Ranch UK-23 Concert ukulele with the Aquila strings you also get a gig bag, a digital tuner with batteries, an extra set of Aquila strings, a strap, a polishing cloth, and on top of it all, 30-day money-back guarantee.

Although the Sapele top, back, and sides aren’t the usual mahogany found on most ukes, it’s still capable of producing a warm and dark tone.

The Ranch UK-23 provides you with the highest affordability and a professional sound. And you’ve got more than enough time to make sure of it.


  • A fully-integrated bundle
  • Mahogany neck
  • Superb treble end


  • Micro-fiber cloth doesn’t stop the corners from fraying

Bottom line:

A bundle that gives you everything you need to play, a sweet-sounding ukulele, and a very low-budget price tag? Only the Ranch UK-23 makes that kind of combination possible.

It’s simply the best ukulele you can get for under 100 bucks.

How to Buy a Good Concert Ukulele?

The Quality of The Wood

Some types of wood are more popular with certain ukuleles over others. For example, the best concert ukuleles will usually be made from Hawaiian koa, Sitka spruce, and mahogany.

They’re all high-quality woods that affect the sound production of the instrument.

Moreover, the type of wood used in the construction of the ukulele affects not just the sound but also the durability and the price of ukulele.

Steer away from low-quality wood, plastic, and laminate as they’d probably have problems with stability, tone, and pitch.

Sound Quality

Concert ukuleles are distinctly made, so you should always try yours out before you make a purchase.

Strum some strings at the store to get comfortable with the instrument. This helps you tune it more easily later on as well.


You can’t expect to buy a cheap concert ukulele and have it produce the best sound. However, it doesn’t mean it has to cost an arm and a leg.

A laminated top may suit you well and comes at an affordable price.

Moreover, if you’re going to perform solo or just jam with friends, there’s no need to get a high-end, expensive uke.

What Is a Concert Ukulele?

Concert ukuleles come second in the hierarchy of size after sopranos.

They typically have 15 to 20 frets and a larger body, enabling you to play a larger range of notes with a fuller sound.

Like the tenor ukuleles, concert ones are usually tuned to the standard GCEA tuning.

What Are the Different Ukulele Sizes?

Ukuleles come in 4 sizes: Soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone.

Soprano ukuleles are the most popular ones as they’re small and easy to play.

They usually have 12 to 15 frets and are tuned to the standard GCEA tuning.

Concerts and tenors are bigger, with 15 to 20 frets. They’re also fuller, and louder as they have more resonating space.

Finally, baritone ukuleles are the largest of the bunch. They have the fullest and richest sound.

Typically, baritones are tuned like a guitar (DGBE).

Final Thoughts

Reaching a final decision as to which of these options is the best concert ukulele was a little hard, but there are some that are superior to others in certain aspects.

The Kala Satin Mahogany Concert Ukulele with White Binding (KA-C) is an elegant-looking choice that is very portable and lightweight.

It’s not the cheapest, but it’s definitely one of the best-sounding ukuleles you can get for less than 200 bucks.

If you’re open to trying out unconventional innovations, the Lanikai LU-21C Concert Ukulele is made from Nato as opposed to the popular mahogany.

Another good choice for the same medium-price range is the Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele.

Finally, the Concert Ukulele Ranch 23 inch Professional Wooden ukulele Instrument Kit is an amazing value bundle that I think would serve as the best option for a beginner.

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