ArtistWorks Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel Online Ukulele Lessons Review

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If you’re looking to learn ukulele through online lessons, you’ll definitely stumble upon Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel. Available exclusively on ArtistsWorks, their lessons are truly effective as they combine very important components that make an online curriculum solid and extensive.

Both of them are pretty well-versed with both ukuleles and teaching, so you’ll find no better-specialized attention in online classes than theirs. If you’re looking to enhance your ukulele skills as well as progress to perform in public or a professional setting, you’ll definitely learn a lot from this course.

Once you subscribe/sign up and become a student, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to the online lessons as well as all the other study materials.

In addition, you’ll be getting special guests, exclusive interviews, and a lively community of avid ukulele players from different places around the world. This helps you immerse yourself in the ukulele experience.

The Story

Craig Chee was born in Oahu and became a globally recognized instructor and performer. As a musician, he has introduced his unique playing style into various categories of music.

Throughout his career as both a performer and a teacher, Craig was able to instruct people using various styles and has established a name for himself as a ukulele master in the industry circles.

He has also developed collaborations at different music events with different musicians.

Being absolutely passionate about ukuleles makes him deliver one of the best online lessons that suit both beginners and advanced players alike.

On the other hand, Sarah Maisel was born in Alabama. And although she hasn’t always been fascinated with ukuleles, she took a special liking to them when she encountered the instrument at a local ukulele jam.

After that, she worked in San Diego as the lead female draper for the La Jolla Playhouse.

She studied under Frank Leong and found her own passion for teaching and performing with the instrument –she never stopped since.

Both artists together have been showcased around the world for their amazing performances as well as teaching capabilities.

They were able to connect with ukulele players from all over the world, regardless of their playing levels, thanks to their passion for the instrument.

The Curriculum

You can tell that Craig and Sarah put a lot of thought and effort into their lessons. With plenty of musical resources available, students only have to log in to enjoy unlimited access to the video lessons.

Included with the membership, there are also backing tracks, ukulele tablature, and a host of other resources designed to allow students to hone their ukulele skills.

The curriculum suits all levels of players, from beginners and intermediaries to advanced players and professionals.

They range from explaining how a ukulele works and everything related to the basics all the way to more complex things such as “Chord Melody Standards” and much more.

Student experience

The lessons that Craig and Sarah have to offer are broken into small sessions that are easy to grasp and understand.

After all, their main purpose is to get you playing the uke better and with more confidence.

This goes along with students –especially beginners and novices.

You’ll certainly learn every aspect of the instrument, from the basics needed to start, to the tricks required to excel.

On the other hand, intermediary and advanced students will enjoy the challenges found in the store and the detailed resources present.

Whether you want to refresh your knowledge or simply want to start learning and playing the ukulele, you’ll find benefit and learn a lot from these lessons.

Moreover, there’s a unique Video Exchange program that prompts students to record a video of themselves playing the ukulele themselves. They can also create videos of themselves, asking questions that Sarah and Craig will answer.

So not only are the lessons highly beneficial, but they’re also engaging, inclusive, and very entertaining.

What You’ll Get

  • Hundreds of ukulele lessons that you can learn from at your own pace
  • Various lessons available for students of all levels and styles of playing
  • Controllable online lessons that you can loop or play in slow motion
  • Video Exchange Learning


  • Learning from true experts that have a wide base of knowledge and many experiences
  • Videos that are broken down into sessions to make it easier for students to learn and grasp any technical aspects faster
  • High-quality videos
  • The ability to interact with the instructors as students can easily communicate with them directly

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to online lessons, it’s nearly impossible to beat Craig and Sarah.

The best way to learn about a topic is to seek knowledge from someone who’s truly passionate and enthusiastic about it.

And what’s more, Craig and Sarah are very inclined to teach and see their students learn, make progress, and advance.

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