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Ukulele Sizes and Dimensions

Ukulele Sizes and Dimensions
Ukulele Dimensions... There are four different sizes, and as the size increases, obviously the tone and volume increase.

Yes, you did absolutely the right thing to check ukulele sizes to see what size instrument best meets your needs.

SOPRANO UKULELE - The Soprano (often called "standard" in Hawaii) is the smallest, and the original size 'ukulele. Most beginners start with soprano ukuleles because they look and sound cute.... yet, the soprano ukulele is a fine musical instrument, easy to learn, easy to play, and FUN!

CONCERT UKULELE - In the 1920's the Concert size was developed, and designed to be an enhanced Soprano, being slightly larger and thus slightly louder and deeper sounding tone even when tuned to the same note. Many people with larger hands prefer the concert ukulelle.

TENOR UKULELE - And a few years later the Tenor was created, being much larger than both the Soprano and Concert, and thus more volume and deeper bass tone. The Tenor size often has one or two wound bass strings, producing even more deep resonance. Many professional musicians play tenor ukuleles as these instrument's sound is louder and bolder.

BARITONE UKULELE - The largest size 'ukulele is the Baritone. With a 10" body width, and tuned DGBE (the same as a guitar), it is considered a miniature 4-string guitar..... like the 4-string Parlor Guitar, only smaller in size.

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Dimensions of Ukulele Sizes and Scaling Dimensions
These are the manufacturer's basic standards for ukulele sizes and scaling dimensions. Now and then, a manufacturer moves from these standard sizes a bit.

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