We ship with USPS and consult their shipping methods and costs live. Delivery estimates are estimates only, not guarantees, unless otherwise noted.

Cannot select Shipping Methods?

Certain events occur during checkout.... Whenever the web site will not show payment information.... the web site does not understand the shipping address given for your order. When your shipping address is uncertain, the web site reports No Shipping Method Is Available.

As you check out, our web site passes to the USPS post office web site your shipping address.... when the post office web site understands your shipping address, the post office web site responds with the 4 digit zip code suffiix.... but when the post office web site does not understand the shipping address, it tells our web site "I don't know where to ship this...."

When that occurs, our web site says.... if the post office does not know where to ship this order, we cannot determine what to do and hangs up...

The easy way to fix is to put the exact address to ship your order to you that the utility bills use, and it should work fine..... utility addresses are already cleared by the Postal computers.

We know sometimes this is frustrating, but it is far better than your order ending up at the Dead Letter Office.

For Placing International Orders...

Yes, we ship ukuleles world-wide to many countries. Yet, there are some countries where shipping of ukuleles is too risky.
Many Countries have import duty or tariffs or VAT on incoming goods. We do not know the import rules in your country. The import duty, if any, is paid directly by you to your post office delivery person. We know nothing of the amount of the duty as it varies with individual countries

We do not falsify Custom's Declarations documentation in an effort to reduce custom's charges..

How to Place your order

* Register on the web site with your international address....
* Select the items you like and place them into the shopping cart...
* Enter any valid coupons you have at the very bottom of the shopping cart page...
* Begin Check-out procedure...
* International Shipping and Handling costs are automatically calculated to your international address.... our web site contacts the Post Office web site live and calculates the shipping and handling costs for the items in your shopping cart.
* You can select Global Express Mail or Priority International Mail for shipping your order..
* Your order is packaged by us for export shipping ... and is fully insured.
* During final check-out you will be asked for your credit card information. This is a secure web site... and your credit card information is held in complete confidence.

Yes, International Shipping is expensive. We do not ship anything via "letter-mail" -- it is not secure that your order will arrive to you safely..

If you have problems, or additional questions, please e-mail me.