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Whose Gig is this?

Hi, I'm Roy T. Cone I would like to personally invite you into UkuleleWorld.Com and thank you for your love of the ukulele.

Our little store offers you an easy way to shop for ukes... and hard to find ukulele goods. We try to have some of everything for ukulele enthusiasts and musicians. Our commitment is simple, we sell good stuff guaranteed to help you enjoy the ukulele, along with your family and friends.

Lemme know if you plow into a stump.... roy-cone@earthlink.net.

Gee, writing from here on is about as much fun as going to the dentist.... but I was scolded today for having no personal bio information here..... so here goes.

I am an ole coot, currently 85. In the navy a couple of time during the later part of WWII and the Korean Police Action. Got outa engineering school finally.... Worked engineering assignments in the oil and petrochemical business for 34 years.

Company reorganized and I was out on the bricks in my late 50's.

My Wife and I.... We were not much of a musicians, yet in spite of that my wife and I were invited into a senior adult ukulele band of 30 members that was located at our church. Saw and heard a banjo uke at a band practice, and wanted one badly, but felt the cost was more than my Scotch, Irish, German, Jew blood could stand.

I mouthed-off (I do a lot of that...) at a uke band practice that I could build one of them.... having absolutely no intentions at all of ever doing so.... A week or so later, people kept asking "Roy, how are your coming along on building your banjo ukulele?"

Well, either I had to confess to a church group "I am the biggest liar in Texas", or start to build a banjo uke. I chose the later.... Mercy! I sure did make a lot of fast-burning fire-wood that winter, but finally got a banjo uke done. Yes, it was playable, but sounded like death-warmed-over. So made some improvements.... and some more.... and another until I finally had something playable I thought.

Of course, had to make a banjo uke for my wife.... They looked like little bitty banjos... but were ukuleles.

Some people in our uke band asked.... "Roy, can you make me one of those?".... Yea, I answered.

Then someone sat on their uke and asked.... "Roy, can you fix my uke?".... Yea, I answered.

Then string tuning pegs broke on other of our band's ukes... but there were NO PARTS OR STRINGS FOR UKULELES ANYWHERE... so I scounged up sources of uke stuff.

Next thing, almost all of our 30 members in the uke band was playing my Talina banjo ukes. Our uke band met with other uke bands, so I made some more Talina banjo ukes.....

A bit earlier, we had started messing with home computers with the Radio Shack Model One.... so before long, we had a tiny web site... where I offered a few ukulele parts and my Talina Banjo Ukes on the web for sale. It was a pitiful website, but a few ukers found us. I began buying vintage ukes and fixing them up and reselling them on the web. And it grew.... and grew...

Until I had a nasty little bout with throat cancer, and closed my uke shop. (Good news is that the cancer has been gone for years.... the hated radiation killed it all.)

Anyway, today.... we UkuleleWorld.Com is our 4th generation web site. We sell some 20 brands of uke, could sell more, but I get to pick and choose what I like to mess with.... We sell boo-coo other uke stuff too.

Our ukulele web site is a lousy business!..... probably because I run it poorly.... but it is a great hobby... I get to meet nice people like you on the web every day. Now, I and our two children... help with UkuleleWorld.Com. My wife, Faon went to be with the Lord 3 years ago.... she ran outa heart and could not get well....

In closing, we say.... thank you for loving the ukulele....

Keep Strumming.... Keep Smiling....

Roy T. Cone