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Returns Refunds

For questions, problems, or difficulties on any order, Include the ORDER ID number in your email to roy-cone@earthlink.net As we have irregular hours, we are difficult to contact via telephone.

It is not our intention to do you wrong an any way. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes there can be misunderstandings. Please deal with the facts of the problems you have. And we will objectively try to solve you problem to your satisfaction. It is unnecessary to make threats and/or call us cheats, thieves, and other assorted bad names as some people who are upset have done.... and when this happens it is unlikely that we will respond in a very helpful mode.

UkuleleWorld is a lot more of an overgrown hobby than it is a business. We aim for this to be fun for our customers and ourselves. RETURNS
All Return Shipping charges are to be paid by you. We do not have prepaid return tags

All returns must have an Return Authorization (RMA) Number. Please email roy-cone@earthlink.net for an RMA number.

On orders over 30 days old, returns are untimely, and not permitted.

All refunds subject to 15% merchandise restocking charge.

Shipping costs are not refundable. All Refund Return costs are paid by you... we do not have prepaid return tags..

Books, music, DVD's, CD's are copy protected. We can replace if defective, but we cannot refund them.

Neither the Merchant Gateway or PayPal will allow any refund to be larger than the purchase price of the order in question.

Our total responsibility in any situation will not be any amount greater than the Total Purchase Price of the order itself on which the problem occurred. We do not compensate for anxiety, stress, etc.

We process your orders via a Merchant Gateway or PayPal. Your credit card charges are protected from any changed information or alteration by us. Thus WE CANNOT ADD ANY ITEMS TO YOUR ORDER based on your e-mail or phone contact with us.

When you immediately place a 2nd order, please include instructions to combine with your previous order and refund the shipping charges on the 2nd order. Generally, we can combine shipping charges when the orders arrive the same day.

As internet Pricing mistakes and errors sometimes do occur, your order for erroneously priced merchandise may be canceled by us.

Thank you for your order!