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Returned Orders

Orders Returned to us by the Post Office Are Costly.... and Frustrating...

Shipping costs are expensive. Shipping for International Orders is very expensive.

International Orders have a much higher rate of Returned Orders than do our domestic shipments. Probably due to the complexity of the shipment, language differences, different procedures in International Post Offices, and custom's Import Duty requirements. Every International orders must be addressed and shipped EXACTLY CORRECT.

Accordingly, many ukulele dealers will not ship to international addresses.... but we try to ship to many places in the world. Sometimes we question the wisdom of our making international shipments of ukuleles.

It really makes no difference at all why the order is returned... unclaimed, insufficient address, wrong address, no body home, custom's charges cannot be paid....the Post Offices have done their part... and even more they have returned the order back to the us, the shipper.

For returned merchandise, SHIPPING COSTS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE BY US, AND WE CHARGE A RESTOCKING FEE FOR THE MERCHANDISE RETURNED... even in unopened packages returned to us.

Everything on our web site is discounted from the retail price. Our margins are not sufficient for us to absorb the cost of reshipping your returned packages.

Recently, we have had an expensive ukulele order to Australia, and the address was to an employee at the school where they were employed. The school's mail room could/would not pay the custom's charges and the package was declined and returned to us. We refunded the customer 90% of the merchandise cost and closed the order. The customer was very distressed and expected us to reship the merchandise again to Australia at our expense. No, we did our job, the post office did their job, we got no postal refund for returned packages by the Post Office. The customer paid shipping both on the order and the return of the second shipment.

This week we had a returned unclaimed from Brazil... customer expected us to reship to Brazil at no cost to him.... We will not reship at our expense.

Wrong and incomplete addresses for International Orders are a similar problem.... package is frequently held by the receiving post office for several weeks for the package to be claimed, then later returned to us via Parcel Post. Generally this happens when something is sent to a another person and the sender does not have the address complete or correct. Customer is always displeased when we will not reship at our expense.

One inquiry showed pretty clearly that the delivering postal carrier did not follow procedures correctly.... yet nothing changed and postal charges were not refunded or credit given on the package returned.

Many times attempted delivery is made only one time, and the postal carrier generally leaves a written form that the package can be picked-up at the local post office..... but the notice is not found, or may not be recognized by the addressee..... the wait time at the destination post office expires... and the package is finally returned to us. Long wait and no package received

On International Orders, our local Post Office generally says 6 -10 days is required for delivery. Yet, when clearance is required by Custom's, this wait time frequently becomes 3 weeks or more. We recommend that if 3 weeks for elapsed since we advised that the package was shipped that you begin an inquiry with your local Post Office. If you no longer have the Custom's Declaration Number that was e-mailed to you... that you contact us via e-mail and we will try to help you check on the status of your order.

The bottom line is..... be sure the address is exactly correct, particularly in shipments to another person..... be sure customs import duty can be paid by recipient.... be sure the recipient knows the order is coming and is available to accept the order..... start making at inquiry when 3 weeks has elapsed since your order was mailed. PLEASE REMEMBER that we cannot reship the package at our expense.