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Order Not Finished

Your Order Was "NOT FINISHED".

We are sorry you are having trouble placing an order with us.

As part of credit card security, we are allowed to see nothing of your Credit Card information and the "Allocation" process which reserves payment until order shipment when we can capture the funds for deposit to us.

Generally, this is seamless.... you place payment information with the certified merchant gateway, the gateway contacts the credit card processing database, and allocations to your credit card all occur in less than 90 seconds.... and the approved "authorized" order is placed in our web site.

BUT when the authorization does not occur within 90 seconds then our web site sees a dummy order that is marked "not finished".

Many times the "authorization" takes place with in a couple of minutes longer. When this occurs, the status of the order placed with us is changed to "received" and an e-mail of this new information is automatically sent to you.

Yet, there are times when the "authorization" does not occur promptly.... (
sometimes a debit card delay happens,
sometimes a credit card is hung-up,
sometimes there is a security delay as when several orders occur almost the same time.
sometimes the internet itself is sluggish or slow.)

NOTE: International Orders sometimes are difficult to place due to the internet being slow.

As the source of these "delays" may be your personal business, this year we no longer can tell what the problem really was. (To help reduce credit card fraud... all the credit-card rules have really tightened this year.... and we certainly do support security of personal information.)

All I can see from here is that you tried to place an order

Certainly, we will do what you tell me to do....

1. You can replace the order using another credit card, or try to place the order again with the same card.... or

2. You can mail us your personal check or money order for the order amount and we can ship you the items you selected.

These delays do not happen often.... and I am sorry you got tangled up in this..... But the reason behind it all is to give the customers more security.

Please advise what is best for you.....