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Cannot select Shipping Methods?

Certain events occur during checkout.... Whenever the web site will not show payment information.... the web site does not understand the shipping address given for your order. When your shipping address is uncertain, the web site reports No Shipping Method Is Available.

As you check out, our web site passes to the USPS post office web site your shipping address.... when the post office web site understands your shipping address, the post office web site responds with the 4 digit zip code suffiix.... but when the post office web site does not understand the shipping address, it tells our web site "I don't know where to ship this...."

When that occurs, our web site says.... if the post office does not know where to ship this order, we cannot determine what to do and hangs up...

The easy way to fix is to put the exact address to ship your order to you that the utility bills use, and it should work fine..... utility addresses are already cleared by the Postal computers.

We know sometimes this is frustrating, but it is far better than your order ending up at the Dead Letter Office.