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Moku Ukulele SALE

Moku Ukulele SALE
About Moku Ukuleles

The Hawaiian word “Moku” means Island, which was the original inspiration for these beautiful Ukuleles. There is just something so simple and beautiful about the Ukulele –just like the Polynesian Islands they originated from. Play one yourself and bring your self back to the Islands.

Moku Ukuleles are amazing sounding instruments that have the craftsmanship of higher-grade instruments but with an affordable price tag. All Instruments are designed and spec’d here in San Francisco then manufactured with Top Notch Workshops overseas. When you play our Ukuleles you can’t put one down, it’s quite contagious! The Tone, the higher-grade wood used, the attention to detail, and the overall playability of these fine Ukes is what makes these instruments stand out.

Moku Ukuleles — Follow your passion!!!

Ole Roy here...

Lemme say we have been looking for thee MOKU UKULELES for more than a year. They are arriving... and what a wonderful instrument they are.... perfectly built, perfectly finished, with beautiful sounds... bringing back wonderful memories of all the beauty of the islands.

We give these instruments our "4 thumb's-up recommendation."

Moku's latest VIDEO at NAMM 2013


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Every Moku Ukulele is grade "A" pristine merchandise.

This sale is not...

was $369.99
MOKU MSC-80C Choice Series SOLID SPRUCE TOP / Rosewood body CONCERT Ukulele..... Use coupon MOKU for 20% OFF discount
MOKU MSC-80C Choice Series SOLID SPRUCE TOP / Rosewood body CONCERT Ukulele..... NOW $265


Moku Choice Series MSC-80C CONCERT Ukulele features..

  • SOLID SPRUCE Soundboard
  • Rosewood back and sides...