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Humidity Needed

Ukuleles are basically wooden instruments, and wood reacts to the relative humidity of its environment. Since ukuleles are generally small instruments, ukes may not have the humidity issues that some of the larger guitars or other stringed instruments can have.

The best atmosphere for ukuleles (or any stringed instrument) is between 45% and 55%, and instruments living within this range rarely have trouble.

In very high humidity situations, wood begins to swell, the ukulele can become uncomfortable, and frequently so are you feel uncomfortable.

NEVER store you ukulele in the trunk of your car!

When the relative humidity drops to 40% of below, the ukulele's wood can begin to shrink. Sometimes the fretboard contracts a little and the frets can stick out over the edge.

Prolonged storage of your ukulele at 35% or less relative humidity, the fret ends are starting to feel uncomfortable.

And when your ukulele has to live in relative humidity below 30% you may start to see tiny finish cracks or grazing of the finish of the instrument.

If you live in very dry, or very cold areas, a simple humidifier inside the ukulele case is an inexpensive way to help protect your uke. Even a mild cleaning of your ukulele with a stringed instrument polish/cleaner can help.

When you begin to have serious low humidity problems with your ukulele, you begin to ask "where is the my warranty information? The bad news is that humidity issues are not covered under the warranty of most ukulele manufacturers.