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Group Specials

We do provide special pricing and bids to clubs, churches, schools, etc.

Please remember that everything on our web site is already discounted far below the "sticker retail price", and there is not as much margin above our cost as many people think. Remember that many of the BiG sellers can buy large quantities are lower prices than we can.

Never forget that your local music store may be a better place for buying instruments for your group because there are no additional shipping costs. In addition, you local music store hope to see other instruments than just ukuleles, and may be able to virtually give you the instruments you need as an advertising gesture.

To seek special pricing for your group's needs, simply send us an e-mail that identifies yourself and indicates what your groups needs are, and where you are located.

When your needs amount to a purchase of $400 or greater, we will prepare you a firm quotation, as best we can to fit your requirements.

Quotations are valid for 14 days, and then expire.

We are reluctant to except Purchase Orders from schools, because our experience has shown that they can be very slow with payments.

And certainly if you are seeking a ukulele for someone with special medical needs, we will continue to give these needs our closest special consideration.