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GOLD TONE Banjolele - Deluxe DLX Banjo Ukulele with Resonator & Custom Deluxe Gig Bag

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GOLD TONE Banjolele - Deluxe DLX Banjo Ukulele with Resonator & Custom Deluxe Gig Bag

ALWAYS SHIPS FROM EAST COAST WAREHOUSE - Goldtone - The Banjolele Deluxe features a ebony fingerboard with snowflake inlay, maple neck, curly maple headstock, maple rim, 8" Remo head, brass tone ring, and no knot tailpiece.

This is a carefully built precision banjo ukulele.... carefully finished in every detail.

Standard Features include

Banjolele-DLX (Banjolele Deluxe) We added a one-piece flange and a full-walled resonator to our standard Banjolele to create the deluxe model which has more volume and sustain.



  • Fingerboard Ebony w/ Snowflake Inlay

  • Head 8" Remo

  • Headstock Curly Maple

  • Neck Material Maple

  • Rim Maple

  • Scale 13-3/4"

  • Tailpiece No knot tailpiece

  • Tone Ring Brass

    Partially made in Far East, finished in the USA.

    We normally ship this item direct from the factory....

    There are a lot of things I like about this banjo ukulele. But let me tell you up front, I think the friction tuners are kinda hoo-hum. So, you might have to change the tuning peg set.....

    Customer sez.... "I’m just reporting that I picked up the banjo at the post office today after work and it’s absolutely beautiful. I am very impressed with the very thorough packing and it arrived in superb condition.

    Of course I couldn’t see the detail on it because I was crying so hard…. Thanks for being part of a beautiful instrument that I will always treasure."

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    • Quality build. Action perfect as received. These are fun and quite loud. Neck/ fretboard feel good, finish and hardware very nice. Were I to do it again, I might skip the resonator back and go with non-deluxe. Not that there's anything wrong with the resonator - it does what it's supposed to do. It's just that with an open back I can get more variations in tone.
      Chris C (cc407@comcast.net)
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    • Nice banjo ukulele... beautifully made. Heavy body construction for dynamite sound.
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    • Fast delivery, right price through Ukulele World. Spoke to Roy a couple of times and he provided all the right answers. The Banjolele is a quality instrument, both in looks and sound. It came ready to play out of the box. Tuned it up and was playing in about 5 minutes.
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