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Don't buy here if

Important reasons NOT to buy from us...

1). If you are looking for the cheapest uke on the planet, look elsewhere, even maybe ebay.... or maybe some of the mega guitar stores can sell some instruments for less that we can... and everything in the music business is not on an equal playing. The big guys can buy 'em cheaper sometimes with a truck load of guitars.

2). If you expect us to meet everyone's price, we don't. We don't pawn off Grade B's instruments or distressed stock for Grade A's. We discount everything as far as we can....

3). If you are looking for a "box" store to just slap a label directly on a ukulele's triangular box and ship it, we ain't one. We open tune, play inspect every instrument for defects prior to shipping. We try to help you avoid trouble by our inspection procedures..

4). If you are wanting every instrument from every manufacturer.... We consider any uke we offer to be a musical instrument. If we find a brand inconsistent in quality, we don't sell it. Also,..if we have found the uke supplier to be pain or goes back on his word, we don't sell their products.

5). If you are looking for "free shipping", buy from others. Every time we ship something the shipper's want money. There ain't no such thing as "free shipping". We don't have phoney inflated prices, then brag "free shipping".

6.) If you want cheap "motor freight shipping", buy elsewhere. We don't want our ukes bounced around on the back of a mixed freight truck with a Chevy engine block dumped on top of our ukes. We ship via air... that costs more... to keep the rough bouncing around off of our ukes. Generally ukes players appreciate the time savings with Priority and Express mailings.

7). If you want us to falsify the Custom's forms for your country, you do well go buy elsewhere. We will not risk the good reputation of UkuleleWorld with the US Post Office in an attempt to lie to your country's customs people

We learned a long time ago that we cannot please everyone with our ukuleles and associated products. That is O.K. as there are plenty of places that can help you, and our selling ukes is not an essential service that must be provided to everyone.

... but remember this.... We really want to help you if we can....