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Order Changes

Yes, we know... it seems so easy to send us an e-mail asking us to add additional items to your order, to make changes, to alter addresses, etc.

Nothing is as easy as it seems these days. Credit card fraud is a major problem on the internet. We maintain a Secure Website, and a Secure Merchant Gateway, in compliance with current major credit card recommendations.

What does that mean?..... we never have access to your credit card information from the Merchant Gateway we use, and we do not have authorization to either change order status or alter your order in any way. This added security is for your protection and reduces our risk by preventing a hacker from finding sensitive customer's credit card information in our web site information.

In the event that we have canceled your order.... we immediately release the allocation to your credit card through the Merchant Gateway.... Your past order is no longer valid as an order and can not be renewed or altered.

I know this seems unnecessary, but believe me this added security has saved a lot of people a ton of money.

Our mail goal is to be secure in our web site n every way so to keep your trust by our protecting your valuable credit card information, just like we protect our own credit card information.