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Chain of Custody

Customers sometimes put instructions in their orders..... "leave on back porch", "leave in bushes", "leave behind gate if I am not home","take to the neighbors","leave at the office".

We require a signature during delivery of any ukulele,. Why? Bad things can happen when ukulele shipments are just LEFT........ Unexpected rain, cold, theft, lost, neighbor's dog, that gang from down the street....

Then, the customer relays the bad news about their shipment to us....

What are we to do???? Simply replace the instrument free? Our insurance does not cover such events.

But the customer says, I may not be a home because I'm at work.

When no one is available to sign for the arrival of your ukulele, the Post Office delivery person leaves a note.... and you can go to the Post Office and take delivery of your ukulele at your convenience.

But even if you forget to receive the ukulele shipment stored at the Post Office... the Post Office simply returns the instrument to us. And we then refund the price of the merchandise only. As the Post Office actually shipped the order to you.... the shipping and handling costs are paid by you.

We require a signature for the delivery of every ukulele from us. This is for your protection, and your ukuleles well-being.