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Vintage Ukuleles

Everything I see about "vintage" points me back to wine and vineyards.... and the year made..... and the situation relating to that year, etc.

But now we have vintage automobiles, vintage houses, vintage and antique are words that are kinda smeared together...

What about vintage musical instruments... first of all, vintage does not have to expensive when built.... vintage does not imply that it has a superior sound... vintage does not imply that it is rare. I see some of the Authur Godfrey plastic ukes and Harmony's that cost less than 5 bucks when built being sold at high prices as "vintage."

Which get me to thinking that vintage ukuleles can be really "just old ukes with a story."

Some vintage ukes sell at very expensive prices, but do they sound that much better, maybe not.... maybe the value comes from the appeal of the "story" that goes with the old uke.... played by the Royal Canadians, belonged to Tiny Tim.

Should a beginner seek for a "vintage uke" as their beginning ukulele.... because it may contain some mystic powers..... No. If the beginner has the bucks handy, and if they are beginning ukulele collectors, then perhaps....

But there are lots of ukes with aches-and-pains sold as vintage..... and a skilled luthier can work magic on many of these babies, but skilled lutiers don't work for peanuts.... at least not any of them that I know. Then there are too many rip-offs at the internet auctions, etc

Roy, do you recommend that a beginner seek an old ukulele? NO!

Our recommendation for beginners is to seek a new name-brand production ukulele costing from $50 to $150. Will this ukulele be the last ukulele they will want to buy.... certainly not.... but the number 1 rule of ukuleles is "YOU CAN'T HAVE TOO MANY UKULELES!"

As your ukulele playing skills mature and get better, and they will.... you just find a child or someone else and teach them to play a few chords and to begin their ukulele journey and simply give them you first ukulele. They will never forget you, I promise.

Simply, beginner uke players do not need an "old uke with a story" to begin the world of fun that the ukulele can bring to every person.. Nope, beginners need a reasonably-good new moderately-priced ukulele (probably made in the Far East). These new ukes can play easier, learning is faster, and the sound is better.

Let the fun begin!